How to Write Catchy Headlines That Convert 5 GREAT Headlines You Can Steal

How to Write Catchy Headlines That Convert 5 GREAT Headlines You Can Steal

In this video I’m gonna show you how to write catchy headlines just like a pro. It’s not that hard There’s formulas to all of this stuff and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it But before I do make sure you come over to funnel hacker pro. That’s funnel hacker pro Dot-com this is my private Facebook group. I’ll give up tons of information Lots of people would pay to be in a group like this. That’s funnel hacker, bro. Let’s go So welcome back if you are new to the channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button If you like this video click the thumbs up man, hit the bell to get notifications If you don’t like it, you could always take it back at the end So how is it possible? To write catchy headlines I can tell you now I used to think when I first started copywriting that all of this stuff like man I like how do you figure this stuff out but and I’ll tell you I’ve studied The Grapes but there’s one person that I can tell you and that’s Frank Kern man He is amazing at putting together formulas and I took a couple of Frank currents courses and he put together formulas so well, and he says people think that I’m really good at copywriting, but I just follow The greats so I took all the books that he read and I saw exactly what he was talking about So what I want to do is give you a few Formulas and you don’t have to be The John Carlton you don’t have to be Gary Ben Savannah. You don’t have to be all of these bleeding aids Copywriters a simple curiosity based headline will do you good, right. So the first kind of headline that we always See is come straight out of Cosmo magazines. Now. You can go what I did was googled cosmetology Cosmo Talented magazine cover. I can’t talk. Alright, so and then I just looked at the covers and you can see right here where it says 50 kinky sex moves they always have sex on their mind here or Here you have seven new energy boosting tricks, okay And what these are are listicle headlines and you’ve seen them a lot five ways to do this seven ways to do that There’s probably one here ten skin rules you see right here so those are if you look inside of your readers digest and most Tabloid type magazines those listicles work and you’ve seen them all over the internet You can go google it right now on the internet and you’re gonna see five ways to do this Seven ways to do that and odd numbers are the best and just put in whatever it is So seven, seven ways to lose weight tomorrow and then obviously we have to put in the Promised lead, right so we can add the how to on the end of that so how to form your own corporate operation corporation without the hard work so without a lawyer for under fifty dollars, right so forming a corporation, so Seven ways to form your own corporation for under $50. Okay so now you start to see how you can add on so we took a listicle and we added on a how to There right. So now you can freak it even more so now The other tabloid Headline that you always see was the amazing diet secret of a desperate housewife remember Gary Gary Halbert use this for the amazing marketing secrets of a Ohio nerd or something like that. He reuses headlines several times. This is John Carlton’s way He does had headlines Amazing secret discovered by one-legged golfer he calls this to hook which is the one-legged golfer but the amazing secret discovered by That is a tabloid Headline right he does those really well and so I have a few of his Headlines here. Let me go back here See the astonishing sex secrets of the most satisfied most knowledgeable and the most respected lovers in the world So you see here the astonishing the amazing, you know, whatever you add here Whatever word you add here is fine, but it’s gonna be a secret and those he’s really good at those Headlines, and that’s what you call your tabloid headline and you can just keep copying those Over and over and over and over and over again, right? That’s just gonna be The common thread that you’ll see and if you look on tabloids remember the than on the globe, but you know so people were coming from out of space or a woman with three phases or A man that had two heads or whatever the case may be You can always see this astonishing or amazing or a secret discovered our secret Secret society society discovered on the south side of the moon or whatever right? Those those are gonna always be work I was gonna work for you, right so Then again you can add on right so remember you can try to add time to this so seven minutes to get Your face cleaned every morning like women cleaning their face. I don’t know how to do it But seven minutes for your seven minute workout routine to get flatter. Tummy flatter tummy, right and then you can add the promise without starving yourself Okay. So now you can add that same list to go and put time on to it which always works as well So those are five or six headline techniques But what I wanted to do is I have this swipe file and having a swipe file is really important There’s hundreds and hundreds of headlines here all from what I’m talking about. I’m gonna give that to you for a free download Just click down below and you can get that totally free and start looking through these headlines, but I promise you this though the how to get Whatever it is They want to get without the pain that you normally have to go through to get that is the best Headline you could ever use So then you can say this discover the amazing secret on how I Formed my own corporation without a lawyer Okay, you see how you can kind of add things up right are the number one way are two different ways or whatever You can add that on so you see how you can mix and match these headlines, right? So and here’s another one right here, right? how to form your own corporation in under thirty minutes without a lawyer for under $50 Headline right. So now you can say how to get a flat tummy in Under 30 minutes a day without starving yourself Headline done don’t overthink it just kind of mix and match what you see here. So if you come here and you see something See here 56 hot sex tips, right? So that’s a good headline, right? But how can you add your set your tips on here without being sex being without having me sex, right? So seven foods to feed your face okay, the glowy skin diet seven foods to feed your face, right so Seven foods, you can eat to have great skin So now you kind of work with that right and then keep saying that and then you can change it around right? So seven natural ways to have glowing skin With obviously without Eating I don’t know chemicals or some shit doesn’t matter work out the headlines and the listicles are the way to start with Right, so seven minutes seven days seven ways seven secrets Start with that three secrets five secrets five headlines, right? You can start like that And then what I want you to do is take five or six of these Combinations and just kind of look at them and they just come here and start looking at what you can find, right? Download this sheet that I have here and look at what you see there and then start mixing and matching But remember it’s how to get something Without the pain that it takes to do it, right? So I always like to use losing weight, right? Because that’s not one of my Achilles heel So how to lose weight without exercising how to lose weight and still eat cake I hate how to lose weight and still do whatever it is that you want to do eat Whatever it is, you want to eat? You’ve seen those headlines before right? And so that right there I’ve given you five different ways that you can start writing headlines I highly suggest that you use The amazing diet secret are the amazing whatever secret discovered And those those work really well are revealed that works really well as well so Revealed this amazing diet secret On how How I lost? 55 pounds and ate pizza every day, right? Those are headlines and they work right? So you’ll work with the headlines see what it is that you like what you don’t like and then run a search, right? And run your headline in a search. That’s the biggest thing that people don’t do They don’t run a search and I used to think it was cheating, but it’s not cheating You’re looking to see what headlines you ran will are like turning up first on Google What got the most hits? look on other places like read it and see what what eye pops up and Anything close to your headline then kind of tweak it and see what you see I also run it on YouTube and see what people ran on YouTube. So to give you an example I looked at what headline I was gonna run for this video and I saw I was just gonna run my original headline was five Five catchy headlines guaranteed to convert are five proven headlines guaranteed to convert but I changed it to how to write catchy Headlines and whatever else I put in there because I took a look on YouTube and I saw some some Some titles that were already kind of coming up and getting good search search hits and getting a lot of good views So I changed it so I can try to get more views. So you come up with an idea go through these five little these five types of headlines that I’ve given you today Go through those and I’m gonna give you one last one and I’m glad I remember it and it’s called the benefit headline it’s just three benefits and Here it is. So And I want you to take off the amazing secrets, right? So how do how to hit the ball how to add 50 yards to your drives? Eliminate hooks and slices and slash up the 10 strokes from your game almost overnight You could just put a how-to at the beginning of this and it’s just three benefits it’s called the benefit headline and you could just add on there how to lose weight have good skin and I don’t know sit up straight and thirty days or less, right? So those are just three benefits that you can get from this golf right here But at benefits to your product and just put them together how to and then put three benefits all together That’s a really good headline because that just gives people a really good look at what the product is gonna be It’s gonna catch their eyes and it’s something that they want and there’s three benefits that they want altogether Like I always use you losing weight because it’s easy target So, how can I lose weight eat? Whatever I want to eat and do no exercise right Wow. What is that? So that’s three heads. That’s three benefits that you can add all together You could do two benefits one benefit, but three benefits works really good and a couple of quick tips Serif fonts look better and putting the fonts in quotes and and red headlines. All of those do really well Don’t spew away from those. So in future videos, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start showing you how to do more headlines I’m gonna show you how to do fascinations, which we call bullet points and start to show you how to Put together your sales letter. Remember man, whatever you decide to do with this online marketing with headlines With copywriting you could even have to do it every day. You’re gonna have to put the work in every day. No excuses No explanations. Don’t get it done

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