How To Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad

how to watch BBC I player to in this
video I’m gonna show you how I watch BBC I player when I’m how out of the UK. At the moment
I’m in France let me show you exactly how to do it okay here we are on the BBC I player I’m in
France at the moment and you wouldn’t know what’s gonna
happen E don’t you I’m going to I can navigate the site no problem let’s
say on a service call them i watch this film are click on that’s and I get this error
message come up not and missus what its free keep you
out and me ok not good and so Am I buildings shooting on plastic no hopeful I behind miles it’s okay I’m so I’m gonna show you this out that’s
the current state of play now watch this I’m gonna bring up my H and make powell
ohio I’ll mark enough to me will cool piece
thank you basil very much for the background noise
I was gonna do this connect to VPN and the great thing is I might salute all that technical proxy
server stuff you can do if you technically minded unlike me I’m supremely technically
challenged but if you are technically minded you
can put them through this another way ‘it’s think this is so easy you note so
here we are look lie I’m committed now so owner not quite still loading um August 9 connection is
a bit slow today but this does work on PCs Macs phones tablets I pants you name it once
you’ve downloaded this you cool man hey we all your so got the
message up on now as follows: anybody’s concerns I mean London okay so parties minimizes window how leaf which this page and now we can see looks like I’ll go back says let’s check
on cool there we go I it’s that simple my theme such as pools thats and that’s how fast
it idiots hum it’s just great and it
doesn’t just apply to BTC high player ITV has an I play which lets
you watch ITV 123 informed channel for he for one I’ll sorry channel 4 play allows you to do that channel 5
non-player amber on his family’s a godsend because I
travel a lot spent a lot of time in France miss my UK TV programs don’t always have the
time to catch them during the day when the evening and I
want to be able to watch them whenever I want so that say
and what makes this all possible is the hide my ass a system so if for example you were
going away on holiday will you do come before you go on
holiday is getting a laptop sign up to HA each inmate per 0 because she’s certain quit if it is get
months six unclear if you’re months access I’m not
comfy how’ve three holiday analyze the to
watch you know what maybe wanna watch on UK TV but if like me he spent a lot of time it
would then I suggest you get the I six-monthly all the yearly package the
easy pack it saves me nearly 50 percent and on paying about
three pound a month access all UK TV channels law UKTV iPad’s so not say it’s a simple has trapped not click the link below and them gets okay some sort it out with up my ass not come because it’s
fantastic not been using them since 2010 and I’ve never had an issue the only
issues I’ve had is when I’m screwed up and not be paid twice a lot done
something stupid and their support people are really
great this is a professional company it’s not just because it’s all about proxies in
hiding behind boxes don’t think it’s some sort of the family is don’t cheat set up its not
this is a professional company name they will look after you I paid by
Google Checkout which is really seculow where paying you can cancel anytime we
gonna 30-day refund policy its just great and I am if you wanna watch BBC I player or any iPad when you’re how the UK and this is definitely one should be
people okay that’s me and my Stoke over now up up up mmm do good 0 do dumb mom 0 mom 0 mom more moment good 0 in

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