How to Vote on Instagram - Instagram Polls and Instagram Emoji Slider

How to Vote on Instagram – Instagram Polls and Instagram Emoji Slider

Hey everyone. In this quick video, I just wanted to show you how you could vote on Instagram and you could use couple of different filters in Instagram stories to do it. One is Instagram polls and then there is a new one I also wanted to show you. If it's your first time here, I make social media and Instagram videos five times a week and I have over 40 Instagram videos on my channel so please consider subscribing. Let's go ahead and jump into Instagram story. So I'm gonna click my logo icon here to go to a story and here, we need to take a picture. So let me go ahead and take a picture and then we want to click the sticker icon right on top. Let's go ahead and press that and then there's couple ways to vote on Instagram. One is Instagram poll. So let me show you that and the one on the right of it is a new one, I'm gonna show you that too. On Instagram poll, go ahead and press poll and you basically ask a question. And basically, you have a yes or no option, so you could type in your question and then when you're done, press done on top and then people could go ahead and vote on that question. So you can move this around to make it more readable. So I'll just put it up here. And then all I have to do is press send to and I could send it to my story or I could add other elements, I could add more stickers, more text. But I'm just gonna go ahead and send and I'm gonna share it to my story and then press down here. So now, if I click my story it's here and this is how people could vote by pressing yes or no. So I'm gonna press yes for example, and I'm the first vote. So it's showing my results right there. So I'm gonna exit that. Let me show you the other way to do it. Let's jump into Instagram story one more time. Let me just do it this way this time and I'll take a picture and this time, I'm gonna press the sticker icon on top again. And this time, I'll pick the thing next to the poll. So on the right. Again, it's the same process. You could ask a question and then people could vote by liking or by laughing, by a smiley face, by crying emoji. Basically, they could use this slider to show how much they liked something or how much they hate something or how much something is making them angry. You could change the emoji, so right now, I'm just clicking the emojis on the bottom to change those and the slider goes left and right and then you could type in the question. Do you like this? And let's see, if I press A, I could change the color of that background. Right now, it's purple. But if I press blue, it will change it to blue, if I press green, it will change it to green. And if I don't have A selected, it will change the color of the text. Now I know some people on Android in the past videos have had a problem with this. So if it doesn't work for you, it might be a issue with Android. You should work on the iPhone though. So if you have A not selected and you change the colors on the bottom, like I'm pressing the color icons on the bottom, it's changing the color of text. If you have A selected, it's gonna change the background color. So let me go ahead and go with this one. I'll press the emoji one more time and I'll change the emoji to the heart. And I'll bring it here and press done and then I could send that to my story and share and done. So now if I go to my story again, this is my previous poll to take a vote. And this is the one where I could use this slider to take a poll. I hope you found this video useful and you could use Instagram poll in Instagram stories to get votes and really increase your engagement on your Instagram. I hope you consider subscribing and I hope to see you on the next video. Thanks so much for watching.

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  2. All the oldies watching this like where's that button , oh there it is, but wait what does dis do?👴👵😂

  3. I've gottem the new questions feature but still haven't gotten the slider!! However different accounts on the SAME phone have it.

  4. Thank you very much you helped me a lot I love your channel and you tricks thank you again 😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️

  5. Is there a way to take your poll back. If you want to change your choice or end up not wanting to vote and have to take it off?

  6. I don’t have the scroll emoji thing and I’ve tried everything. I have an iPhone 8 and my instagram is updated

  7. I don't have poll or swip emoji in my compte but my other compte I have it but this I don't have why just tell me the problème

  8. I have a Samsung S9+ what's one of the latest devices and I don't have it😑but my brother(who has a S8+ have it WTF) help please if you know how to fix it!?!?

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