42 thoughts on “How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — Apple Support

  1. Hi, I have iphone 4, but i cannot update the ios of my phone, even downloading applications it requires ios 10.0 but my phone has 7.3.5 ios only. Please help. Thank you

  2. I don’t understand why Apple is putting a bunch apps on my iPad that I will never use, or did not want, or have deleted before, then want to charge me storage for them on the iCloud, This is not your Steve Jobs Apple.

  3. I hate iOS 12!!! The multitasking is such a pain in the ass! Why change it to function like the home button when there is a flipping home button!!! It was’t broken why fuck with it!?!?!? In fact I preferred the version before the last one, when you swiped from the right, it wasn’t broken then either!!!!!! Now if you swipe too fast it closes down whatever app you want to keep open, so stupid! Should have just left it alone!!!!

  4. Don’t get me wrong, the device works. But all these people notice that it worked better before. There’s got to be some middle ground between the guts of the machine working well, and where the user isn’t having a war with the buttons.

  5. It does not work at all. I don't have a computer so I cannot connect to ITunes. Please respond, any website to download the updates?

  6. I can't do so on my Ipad, it says the software is 9.3.5 and is up to date.
    Also, is there a website where I can download the iOS updates?

  7. Someone help, I spent the past 6 hours trying to update my iOS to 10.0 it kept saying my thing's on date 🙁

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