How to Update to iOS 12 - Tips Before Installing

How to Update to iOS 12 – Tips Before Installing

what's up guys my name is Brandon and today I'll be showing you how to update to Apple's latest major iOS release iOS 12 so I'm gonna be giving you guys some important tips to know before you update to iOS 12 as well as what to expect from iOS 12 and more so the first thing you want to do is make sure that your phone is actually eligible to update to iOS 12 and this is actually going to be really easy to determine because if your phone could run iOS 11 then it can run iOS 12 so you can see right here my iPhone 7 plus is running version iOS 11-point 4.1 so of course that will be able to update to iOS 12 as you would expect from a semi newer device alright so the next thing is the most important step before updating to iOS 12 and that is to make sure that you have a backup of all of your data via iCloud or iTunes and I personally prefer iCloud and I recommend iCloud to everybody just because it's so much easier and quicker and it's also a lot easier to transfer to different phones without having to hook it up to your computer and plus a lot of people don't even have access to a computer on a regular basis so it just makes sense to use iCloud I so what you want to do is go into settings and click on the iCloud part right up in the very top and from here you want to go to iCloud and you want to make sure that you have whatever you want to be backed up selected right here so I want my photos backed up I want mail contacts notes all these things I have selected I do want backup and so once you figure that out go to iCloud backup and this is where you actually go to backup your phone now so where you can see all your iCloud backups as well as when your last successful backup was so you can see mine was all the way back in April at 10:23 p.m. it's now September so obviously I want to do a backup there's a lot of stuff that'll be on my phone now that wasn't on there in April so you just want to click on backup now and this could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes just depending on your speed as well as what it's actually backing up so you can see mine is only gonna take about one minute I so just finished backing up to iCloud so let's move on to the next step which is to make sure that you have enough storage space to actually install the iOS 12 update and you can check this of course by going to general iPhone storage and making sure you have a good amount of space left now this won't be an issue for most people with newer devices but if you have an older device like an iPhone 5s when i phone 6 with maybe 16 or 32 gigabytes of storage this could be an issue for you and you should definitely check it out but of course with me I have a 256 gig device here so obviously I'm going to have enough space for these software updates so now we can go back all way to settings and then we're gonna go into general software update and this is where you should see the iOS 12 update populate so you can see it says iOS 12 brings performance improvements and exciting new features to iPhone and iPad and it runs down some of the mainstream new features here with iOS 12 which you can read on the screen alright so once you get to this page you can go ahead down and click on download and install then you will have to put in your passcode and keep in mind I only have 22% of battery you will need 50% or more to do this update so make sure you are plugged into a charger so you can see it will let you download the update you can see mine's about 2 minutes but it will not let me install it unless I have 50% so once it's downloading I'm gonna get my cord out and start hooking it up so it can be charging alright so you can see it's almost done downloading and my phone is charging now I did hook it up to a portable charger here as you can see mine is preparing to update now I did finish downloading now it's in the preparing stage and I will just say that the length of time that it's going to take you to download and prepare this update and actually install the update is going to vary it's gonna vary based on your device your download speed your upload speed it's gonna vary on the server if everybody's trying to download iOS 12 at the same time it's going to be slower for you so it's really just going to depend on when you do the update and how quick your internet is and of course if you have a newer device it is going to move along quicker as well because it does have a faster CPU so it is preparing the update now and then it will install iOS 12 on my device and I'm expecting this to take another 10 to 15 minutes so I will be back when it is complete so we are now back from the installation of iOS 12 you can see it says update completed and there are just a few more steps to follow and then you're done go and click on continue you of course have to agree to the new terms and conditions and here is a new feature in iOS 12 to automatically download and install software updates you can enable this or install updates manually I'm going to go ahead and continue to turn that on it also shows the new screen time feature right here which you definitely want to continue and have that set up and then we get welcome to iPhone and get started and we are now on iOS 12 so if I go into settings general about you can see we are on iOS 12 right there and there are a lot of new features and changes in iOS 12 and actually made a whole video talking about the new features and changes in iOS 12 as well as an overall just review of the operating system as a whole so if you want to see that video check it out it's in the cards right now and also down in the description below but that is pretty much it I'm gonna go ahead and put the new wallpaper on the new iOS 12 wallpaper on if we go to stills you can see that is the new iOS 12 wallpaper right there I'm gonna go ahead and set that as both the lockscreen and the home screen wallpaper it just looks so so nice anyways guys there you have it that is just a simple guide on how to update to iOS 12 without losing any data I know a lot of my subscribers already know how to do this it's pretty basic but I know there's a lot of people out there that don't really know and what to have you know some tips to make sure they don't lose anything and just overall an overview of updating to iOS 12 so I wanted to make this video for those people out there that needed it so again I hope you enjoyed the video if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up also make sure to subscribe for a lot more content on iOS 12 as well as the new iPhones coming out and all that good stuff so thanks you for watching guys and I'll see you soon

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  1. iOS 12 has been officially released worldwide! Hope this video helps you make a clean transition from iOS 11 to iOS 12!

  2. how that fast update bit my iphone 6 slow about 1 hour the change again to 2 hour how did you fast updating

  3. great video,just some additional help on how to update your Iphone.Click the link for more,helped me too.

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  5. Im sacred updated mine bc last time I updated my IPhone 5 its wasn’t working an I hade to get a new phone so I’m scared updating mine 🙁😫

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  7. It says that I’m not connected to the internet any longer… but i am, is something wrong with my iPhone or am I missing something ?

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