How To Update Theme Forest WordPress Themes & Codecanyon Plugins

How To Update Theme Forest WordPress Themes & Codecanyon Plugins

In this video to show you how to update your
themeforest your codecanyon themes and plug-ins that you may have purchased and added to your
website now the problem with applying themes or plug-ins from themeforest will steam forcing
CodeCanyon the problem with buying it from them is there’s no real easy way or obviously
easy way of updating them so when you download the theme or the plug-in you add it to your
WordPress site it doesn’t automatically tell you when there’s an update you click a button
and it updates and people don’t realize that Envato who owns ThemeForest and CodeCanyon has actually made a very easy way to do this but it’s not well publicized so I’m
going to show you exactly how to do it and by following the instructions in this video you
will be able to update your ThemeForest themes your CodeCanyon plug-ins all automatically
when there’s an update you’ll be able to do it automatically from within WordPress so
Envato has made is something called the in Envato toolkit and what we first need
to do is download and install this Envato toolkit now if they wanted to make it easy
for you they put a nice big link somewhere on their site but I’ve never found that so
if you went to Google and you typed in Envato toolkit you will eventually find us all
to put a link on where to download this down below if you’re watching this on YouTube or
if you’re on my website will be a download link below is essentially just a plug-in so
if you did that search you would come right here to it it looks very technical it’s called
github and this is where most developers of anything they store all their code so it’s
very geeky all right but if you did find this page and you scroll down a bit there is all
this information about it it’s actually was renamed it Envato market instead of Envato
toolkit and when you scroll down here is his installation and you’ll find the actual download
link so I will give you a direct link to this download if Envato changes that are just
notify me and I’ll update the link and all it says is that I downloaded and install it
like you would any other plug-in so working to do that was going to do that right now
as a matter fact so to log into a WordPress site here on the dashboard is going to go
to add new just your typical plug-in installation, click upload plug-in and I’ve already downloaded
it so many just drag-and-drop it right there I’m going to click install now and then I I’m going to go ahead
and then click on activate plug-in and now we have this new link right here it says in
vital market now the prior method of doing this was with a plug-in called the Envato
toolkit and it was a little more simple to use it would involve logging in and creating
some kind of a key copy and pasted and they change that now it’s called in bottle market
to industry there some business reasons why they done that all we have to do now is follow
the instructions right here to get it connected to our ThemeForest account or are Envato
account so all we have to do is go here or scroll down and we need to click on this link
that says generate a personal token so I’m a go-ahead in open that in the staff here
so I’m already logged in if you are not its can ask you for your login so you would just
put in your ThemeForest login if that’s what you use for purchasing or your CodeCanyon
login a lot of times it’s the same for both and that’s how it is for me summary logged
in and it’s gonna be at the screen that says create a token now all we need to do is create
a token and give it some silly name so I’m going to name it WPCrafter it doesn’t I think
really matter at all it says pick something cool short and catchy and then there’s these
permissions that are going to be given to this token name now I would not adjust any
that link already prefilled it out in the ones that are needed in order to enable automatic
updates for you and then go ahead and check this box is as I read and I understood the
and agreed to the terms conditions whatever click on create token and then it’s gonna
go ahead and the screen screens gonna pop up and it’s going to give you your API key
which all you need to do is highlight and copy so I made a copy that into my clipboard
and then I’m in a check this box to confirm that I did put it in my clipboard and then
you click on this white button here that says got it okay so now you have this API key in
your clipboard you might want to save that on a notepad someplace if you’re using your
purchased products on other websites so that you don’t have to create it keep creating
API keys you got it now okay so I go back to my WordPress site and you just pasted in
here in enemy click on save changes okay so now that I have saved my changes it is showing
me the different themes and plug-ins that I have purchased on this account now if I
had say for instance right here I have the salient theme that I purchased if that was
the theme that was installed on this website and it noticed there was an older version
it would give me an option to update it but right here you can see I can basically click
on the install button for any of these themes that I purchased before and it will install
it for you and that this is actually an easier method to install a purchased theme or plug-in
that you have from Envato is just to do it through the Envato market plug
and I think that’s kinda what they’re going after is making it a lot simpler and more
easy for you so when I scroll down here these are a bunch of the themes that I have purchased
let’s go on plug-ins I haven’t purchased a lot of different plug-ins just a very few
and then there’s also the settings tab where you can change that API key that you just
generated and this is going to be such an easy way for you to now keep your purchase
themes and plug-ins that you purchase from ThemeForest and CodeCanyon fully updated
and one last thing I know I’ve interchangeably said Envato ThemeForest CodeCanyon
let me go back over to ThemeForest right here this is ThemeForest website now ThemeForest owned by a company called Envato and Envato owned ThemeForest CodeCanyon and
all these other sites that you see listed here at the top so if you have a login for
ThemeForest is gonna work on all of these different sites that they own it’s their family
of sites where you can purchase software you can purchase video stock video and audio graphics
a whole bunch of things you can purchase from them so what I’m saying ThemeForest or CodeCanyon I’m really just talking about using your Envato log in and
don’t one last thing if you are gonna purchase anything from ThemeForest or CodeCanyon
head on over to my website and click on the recommended tab and I’ve got a link that will
take you over there when you do purchase after having clicked on my link they give me a couple
dollars and what’s nice about that as I can use it to purchase things that I can then
review for you that’s it for today’s video I love to hear your thoughts on it in the
comment section down below please also give me a thumbs up on YouTube that really helps
me out and if you haven’t subscribed it to the channel go ahead and click on that subscribe
on that also helps me out now I don’t want you to ever leave empty-handed and that’s
why I put together a free video course and just for my subscribers called the three steps
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click right here on the right thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

65 thoughts on “How To Update Theme Forest WordPress Themes & Codecanyon Plugins

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  3. Do I even need to purchase a theme though because Visual Composer is all custom built anyhow, and most theme's just add it to them. I already purchased it by itself through WP Bakery. I don't know how to create a menu using Visual Composer any suggestions on it's own? I am currently creating one in the pages section, I created individual rows in the row settings to break up the individual rows to be linked to create a top bar and header section for the language translation as well as currency converter since they are added through a plug in I uploaded to file manager in the public html. I also uploaded the plug in the widget section in apperance added it to the sidebar but it only shows there so not sure how any header and footer sections seperate from the individual page using a mega menu.

  4. With most themes they require you to copy a shortcode into header PHP or the you drag and drop the widget into the sidebar menu. That just goes there not to the Header the Footer is done the same way, so I don't see how the theme helps with that at all.

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    Is there a reason for this? How can I install the update that I got? Thanks!

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  13. Thanks Adam for this excellent tip. It seems very convinient, but I have a problem with one plugin. Envato market list it among the ones I own, but the the only action allowed is "Install". This is a problem since it's already installed on this website. Would you have a suggestion? If not, does Envato provide support about the Envato Market plugin? Thanks

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  25. The best way to update any Envato themes or any WordPress additions is to install the Envato Market plugin, which comes with many of the Premium themes available. Then, all you have to do is go to your dashboard and click on the Envato sign on the left-hand side toolbar. In there, you will see a list of your purchased products, and if it is time to update, it will say that right at the top of that themes box. Click on update and it will load and then say successfully updated. This certainly saves a lot of time rather than having to do it manually every time there is an update. Hop that helps!

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