How to update the Sony A7iii – Firmware 3.0

How to update the Sony A7iii – Firmware 3.0

so finally their firmware 3.0 for the
Sony a7 3 is here I’m gonna quickly show you how to upload it onto your camera
and then I’m going to show you what we’ve got in this new firmware I’ve put
a link in the description below that’ll take you to the firmware update page
make sure you download the correct one for the operating system that you’re
using I know with a last firmware update there are a few problems with different
operating systems so make sure you have access to different computers and
different operating systems just in case they should be ok but I’m just saying
that because I know there were a few issues with different operating systems
especially on the Mac you’ll also need your multi port cable that came with the
camera I think this is the one that came with mine but I’m gonna try it anyway
first things first make sure your battery is fully charged I use the Sony
one that came with a camera remove the SD card if there’s one in your camera if
you use third-party batteries I’ve heard that there’s not too much of a problem
with those it just flashes up the warning when you put the battery in the
camera and turn it on i’ve got links in the description to each operating system
so if you’re using windows go to the windows link if you’re using a Mac click
on the Mac link I’m using the 10.14 operating system on a Mac you need 600
megabytes of space on your hard drive and 512 megabytes of RAM these specs are
pretty low so most computers will work with your camera make sure the USB
connection on setup page 4 of 7 is on mass storage so I’m using a Mac so I’m
gonna click on this one that says version 3 Mac on this page it gives you
the benefits and improvements in this list down here and also it has a written
out way to upload the firmware to your camera so click on the download button
scroll to the bottom of this and then click on download so it looks like they
have an additional stage to download the new firmware I haven’t got an account
with Sony so I’m gonna create account for download now if you already have an
account on the Sony pay sign in and then it’ll let you download
the new firmware once you’ve created an account and verified it with an email
it’ll start to download the firmware all you need to do is wait for this to
download now once the file is downloaded find out where it’s gone and then
double-click on the dmg file so I’m going to double click on this and expand
it if you’re on a PC you might have to extract it next thing we’re going to do
is click on this update setting tool sometimes your Mac will give you this
warning yeah I know who I’ve downloaded it from a reputable source so I’m gonna
open and put in your password then it asked you to connect the device to the
computer with the USB cable you need to make sure you’re using the micro USB
port not the USB C port on your camera if it doesn’t show up try disconnecting
and reconnecting or use a different USB port if this still doesn’t work try a
different USB cable I’ve got a Mac with USB C ports so I have to use one of
these annoying adapters I then use the cable that came with a camera and plug
it into this adapter now it’s plugged in I’ll click on OK if that doesn’t do
anything then click on resources and then click on system software updater
then click on open and this will open the updater program so in this program
it goes through the stages again I’ve done all this so I’m gonna click on next
next it’s kind of try and find the camera as you can see my current version
is 2.0 I didn’t actually update the firmware to the 2.1 one last thing i
need to do before uploading is make sure that the sleek mode is turned off on my
computer so i’m going to go into system preferences energy saver and it’s
already there so i’m never going to let my display go to sleep and i’m going to
keep it there so I’m gonna click on next you’ll see on your camera it says follow
computer instructions then the screen will go blank now I’m running the update
this will take around about 10 minute so all you need to do is wait until this
process is done it’s really important to leave everything alone at this point I
always make sure my laptop is plugged in and that nothing can knock any of the
cables out once it’s completed it’ll put this message up on the screen and it
will say finish the update so I’ll just click on finish and I’m done the camera
will switch off at the end of the process and switch back on and then it
will just have the USB mode mass-storage on the back of the camera so now it’s
safe to unplug so I’m going to unplug it and there we go as instructed I don’t
have a memory card inserted now I’ll just check the version so I’ll go to
setup page seven and click on version as you can see here it says version 3.0
hell ok that and come out so now I’m just going to have a quick flick through
the menus just to see what’s different that looks all the same there we go so
in tab one page four or 14 you have interval shoot function in here you got
interval shooting should start time the interval number of shots auto exposure
tracking sensitivity which is interesting
silent shoot in interval mode then shoot interval priority the next one that’s
new is this face I oughta focus set here you can change between human and animal
I’m going to keep it on human for now face detect frame display animal eye
display on face eye priority in autofocus I’m guessing this is where you
switch it on and off so when you press your shutter button it automatically
tries to detect eyes in the shot or maybe a face in the shot as well this
week I’m gonna test for stability in the firmware update and I’m also going to
have a play around with the intervalometer so hopefully next week
we’ll have a video on this built-in intervalometer I’m gonna try it in a few
different situations and see how well it works one thing I want to know is
whether I can leave my intervalometer at home now with this update whether I
still have to bring it along that’s about it firmware 3.0 does have
quite a few changes let’s just hope it’s more stable than the firmware 2.0 that
was released last year but only time will tell
as always if you like what you see give me a thumbs up if you didn’t give me a
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100 thoughts on “How to update the Sony A7iii – Firmware 3.0

  1. GREAT VIDEO. looking forward to the interval video. i have never done a proper time lapse, just hyperlapse on my phone

  2. Why are you telling people not to use the USB C port on the a7iii!? The USB C port works perfectly fine. I would hate to think how many people might go out and buy an expensive adapter that they don't need, based on your video.

  3. **CORRECTION** – if you have a computer with USB-C ports, you CAN use the USB-C port on your camera to upgrade the firmware. I just tested it with mine and it connects up just fine. (Probably should have done this yesterday…my bad…).

  4. Sometimes I have trouble with the updater recognising the camera being connected. What seems to work all the time for me is once I open the dmg file, instead of clicking on the updater app, go to the resources folder and click on the Updater link in there, works every time.

  5. Good, clear video, Thank you!
    I downloaded the update and everything works till the point of the "System Software Updater". I can click "Next" but nothing happens at all.
    I also tried disconnecting the camera and rebooting my Mac, but always the same problem.
    Pls help.

  6. Thanks for running through the update. My only criticism was that you didn't mention if it wiped custom settings or not. Just did the update now and noticed that it kept them all which is rather nice.

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    Keep it up buddy 🙂

  8. I never updated to the last firmware, do I need to do that first before doing 3.0 or does this standalone cover that one as well?

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  10. Thanks for the heads up again Mike, never realized how my new sony a7iii was went from ver1.00 to ver3.00 without any problem .
    Nice one

  11. Once the update is complete what mode do you switch back to from mass storage or do you just keep it at mass storage?

  12. hey mike, my camera does not support this update….softaware showing THE UPDATE IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOUR MODEL

  13. So if I’m running the old version 2.00 it’s not going to give me any problems downloading the newest firmware ?

  14. Mike, Thanks for the great video! Do you know if this update erases any custom functions I have previously set?

  15. Hey Mike, when you do the firmware update, does it restore the camera back to its default settings? Or will it keep all of the custom function buttons/custom picture profiles you have set up? Thanks.

  16. The update was fine but for some reason, I did not see to turn on mass storage but the update went fine – any ramifications for doing this? I called Sony and they said it was ok if the update worked no worries. But I still did not do it exactly as asked. I just somehow missed that. Argh.

  17. Have enjoyed each of your clear & precise videos since recently subscribing. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these!

  18. thanks as always for putting this together.. IMPORTANT: check to make sure your cable says "Sony Corp." on it, otherwise the connection won't work. something to keep in mind for those folks trying to update

  19. I am not able to run the 3.0 update. When i start the update, i always have a message that said : update impossible. My computer run under Mac OS 10.14.4 , last firmware on my camera is 2.01. I tried to run a several time this update and I always have the same issue? Someone can help me ?

  20. Before camera is connected to PC/Mac, make sure USB connection type is chosen as "Mass Storage" inside camera setting.

  21. When i try to update it, the program says that it wasn't able to connect to the camera, i've tried it about 15 times already and still have no luck. Im running on mac os 10.14.4 can anyone help?? I've also used USB-C and micro usb as well.

  22. Hi Mike, I've followed your instructions until 3:46 but for some reason on my Sony a7riii after connecting the camera and computer (Mac 10.14.2) I get a message saying "the update is not available for your model. Update aborted." I'm not sure how that can be the case and how I can solve it? I haven't updated firmware since purchasing the camera last year, could it be that version 3.0 is too big a jump?

  23. I’m leaving a comment and giving a thumb’s up not just because I thought the video was useful and good (which I really did) but because I never heard a Youtuber suggest leaving a thumb’s down if the viewer was in any way displeased. Usually the either don’t include that option or invite the viewer to run their criticism by the video maker before making any rash decision. Great video

  24. Soooo….anyone know what people who don't use Windows or Mac OS are supposed to do? Like all the people who use Chrome, Linux, Android, etc.? No way to update firmware? I bought this camera like two days ago so I find it a bit frustrating that having bought this camera brand new it wouldn't already have the latest firmware installed already. Is sony just shipping stuff out with old software and then making it the consumer's job to figure it out? I didn't even think to look into this until I stubbled down a youtube rabbit hole. I never had to update the firmware on a camera before so I didn't even think about it but I have a brand new camera that is using super out-dated firmware. This is kind of ridiculous. I imagine most consumers who buy this camera today are just using it as is without even knowing that they need to do all this to get the features they are paying for.

  25. Addendum to your video description where you already corrected one thing: you can ALSO use USB-A to USB-C, does not have to be USB-C on the computer. (And yes, I did it with my α7-III and yes, of course, it did work fine 😉 )

  26. The best instructional video. Straightforward and very clear. two thumbs up for you Mike! cheeers and thank you

  27. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you for this! One thing I did come across was a security block on my MacBook. I had to allow access to something, not quite sure what it was, but was permission was granted, all worked accordingly.

  28. Since I upgraded to this firmware version my Yongnup 622N TX will not communicate with the Sony anymore… the shutter release does not trigger the yongnuo transmitter anymore which is darn annoying giving the fact that I just come back from a wedding where I could not use my flashes off camera. it sucks.

  29. Thanks! Just received my A7iii yesterday. The link for the PC version doesn't seem to be working?

  30. Hello there 🙂 and THANKS A LOT for your video !! I just have a short question – I forgot to remove the SD card when updating.. Do you think this is bad ? Actually I don't really understand why should we remove it before updating ? Thanks for your answer 🙂 Cheers !

  31. Mike,
    Thanks, I spent hours to make it work. You added couple of steps and worked like magic. I have Mac now, I used to have PC and had no issues with the firmware.

  32. Thanks for this no-nonsense guide. This was my first firmware update for my a7iii and it worked a treat thanks to your video. The 128GB SanDisk (95MB/s) card finally works in the camera!

  33. Hi, I just got my A7iii and its on the version 2.1 . and I cant find the links to version 3.0. please help

  34. I tried it several times, it does not work… It tells me that the update could not be installed and that I should restart the camera etc. I did that 3 times now, it still shows me the same message every time. Does anyone know what I should/could do? Shall I contact Sony? Thank you and kind regards 🙂

  35. Thank you Mike, Your the best by not having to BS around. I have one request and if you've shot with Canon the skin tones seem better than Sony. My wife said she likes Canon images better. I just switched over to Sony and was wondering if there are ways of matching creamer Canon skin tones. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. I Love my new Sony!

  36. Right after I click the 'UpdateSettingTool' my Mac tells me to 'Check the Security & Privacy Setting' but doesn't tell me what to do in it… Is anyone else having this issue, and what can I do to open up accessibility within the Security and Privacy Settings:(

  37. Thanks again Mike!!! It worked great! I had to watch your video a couple of times to get it right!!! Thanks for the easy explanation!!!

  38. Great video. After I update and go to Interval Mode I try to turn it on but says "The Operation Or Setting not available as follows Shoot Mode Manual Exposure."

  39. Hi Mike, thanks for the video. Unfortunately, it is not working for me. Two options, either I need the original Sony cable, or my operative system is above Sony recommendation. I am using Mojave 14.6. Is there another way to update the firmware, wireless, via the remote control app? Thanks

  40. Hey man! I just came across your channel, quick question… I recently shot a wedding and I shot some backlit images with the sun and I’m noticing a stripping lines and then I found many articles about this issues with the Sony 7iii. Does this firmware update fixes that? Thanks!!

  41. mine keep saying the update is not available for your model . aborded and does not let me continue. help please

  42. After trying several times to run the updater, I found this video. Unfortunately, the updater still didn’t work for me on MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave—after confirming that I wanted to run software downloaded from the Internet, I was still receiving an error about changing security settings (the heading was in English but the body of the message was in Japanese, which I can’t read)—but the video at least confirmed that the updater actually works. That encouraged me to keep looking on my system for the security setting. I finally figured out that the updater was opening up the wrong tab on the Security & Privacy preferences. Once I clicked over to the General tab, I saw that MacOS was blocking the updater from running. After clicking on “Allow,” the updater ran, and my a7iii is now updated to version 3.01. 😀

  43. Finally got around to doing the update. Tried numerous times but computer would not recognize the camera. Tried my iMac and my MacAir and finally tried a generic USB cable. The cable was the problem. After that worked real smooth.

  44. I did follow this and it never let you update! very strange. I connected the camera ad it was showig "Mass Storage" Nothing happened after that

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