How to update the software on your Mac — Apple Support

How to update the software on your Mac — Apple Support

Upgrading the operating system
on your Mac gives you access
to the next release of macOS. In this video, we’ll upgrade from macOS Sierra
to High Sierra. High Sierra is
the latest release that brings new technologies
and refinements to apps you use every day. Before you upgrade, make sure you have
a Time Machine backup. Time Machine is a backup utility
built into your Mac. It automatically backs up
all of your files to an external storage device, so you can restore them later. If you need help
using Time Machine, look for a link
in the description below. You can access
the latest macOS release from the App Store in your Dock, or by clicking the Apple logo in the upper-left corner
of your screen. In the App Store
under the Updates tab, you’ll see all available
software and app updates. If you haven’t installed
macOS High Sierra, a banner will appear
at the top of the Updates pane in the Mac App Store. To begin installing
the latest operating system, click the Free Upgrade button. Once the download is complete,
the installer will launch and guide you through
the installation process. Once your computer restarts, you may be prompted to enable
new features by Setup Assistant. ♪ Music playing ♪ Then macOS High Sierra
will launch, and you can start enjoying
all the new technologies and app refinements. You can change
your Mac App Store settings to ensure you get updates
to High Sierra and your apps automatically. Installing updates
is one of the best ways to keep your Mac secure and ensure you have
the latest features. To get updates automatically,
click System Preferences, then click the App Store. Then select
“Install app updates” and “Install macOS updates.” If those preferences
are not available, first choose to automatically
check for updates and choose to download newly available updates
in the background. And now, you can always keep
macOS High Sierra up-to-date. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to the
Apple Support Channel or click a video
to keep watching. ♪

11 thoughts on “How to update the software on your Mac — Apple Support

  1. I wanted to download Microsoft word onto my ipad, which told me I had to update the ipad in order to proceed with the word download. So I attempted an update, then it told me I needed to plug my ipad into the computer and go to the itunes store in order to update the ipad, so I did. Then it told me I needed to update my Mac computer in order to update my ipad so that I could download word, so I tried doing that, but the Appstore says there isn't a single update available.

  2. My mac is 2010 and it doesn't give me updates or even when i try to download apps from the App Store it just says you need a higher version to download apps… I don't even know what to do.

  3. Can you do another one with a MacBook Pro. (The old ones) my MacBook is very old when I try to download stuff it doesn’t work I need help. Please answer me.

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