How to start a Window Cleaning Business with no money - 6 Tips

How to start a Window Cleaning Business with no money – 6 Tips

what's going on there this is Keith Kalfas founder of the window cleaning blueprint and author of the book how to make $500 a day cleaning windows in this video I want to talk about some very important things six things that I believe are the most important thing you have to consider before getting into the window cleaning business this can be lucrative it could be simple it could be easy or it could be extremely frustrating and you can bang your head against the wall the window cleaning business is a business that from the outside looks easy like a piece of cake but from the inside it can be the exact opposite and there's some misconceptions so what I want to talk about is these six things and I'll get right into it number one is the current state of the window cleaning business is that forty billion dollars a year in the United States alone is spent on cleaning services there are people who are you know middle to upper middle class to high-class people who are busy working and they don't have time to clean their houses they don't have to climb to time to clean their windows or to clean their carpets and they're spending all types of buku bucks on cleaning services in order to save time and there are literally windows everywhere that you look everywhere you go once you start thinking about this and your brain starts to see it you go oh my god there's windows in this office right now there's windows on those buildings there's windows everywhere you look and that means that there's windows that need to be clean there's money everywhere you look when you are in the window cleaning business especially when you're looking through windows so that means there's a huge opportunity all around us when I first got started in cleaning windows I was like dude there's too much competition oh my god there's no money no one's going to want their windows clean and when you understand marketing and how to get your foot in the door then you learn that the opposite is absolutely true so but there's one more thing that I want to I want to talk about is we're in an entirely new world here number two there's a new world there's a new reality to this whole thing you know for 50 60 70 years people clean windows that was it but now with this whole new internet and internet marketing paradigm there's an entirely new reality and that reality is really based on authenticity congruence transparency and presenting yourself as a top notch or top shelf type of person company solopreneur whatever it may be like if your solo going around cleaning windows that because you're cleaning people's windows you are representing the company you're going inside of people's homes which is you know license insurance some people want to get bonded I can't give out any legal advice or anything like that here but this new world is transparency everywhere people will go on Google and they will leave a bad review about your company if you do the smallest thing that is unprofessional freaks them out it's happened to me recently in my own company where I had to resolve an issue with a customer because they left a bad review we get tons of positive reviews and that made me even see more that whoa and that the smallest thing so we're in a whole new reality a new world and this whole internet shift means that just passing out door hangers and flyers and putting an ad in the newspaper is not necessarily going to work anymore like it used to because now people are on their phones they're on the internet they go they look for cleaning service they're in a hurry okay this guy okay they look really credible okay they got a lot of five-star reviews their website looks legit okay positive clean friendly they were in and out of the house in a jiffy but did a phenomenal job reasonable price call now click one button vote so-and-so window cleaning services how can I help you right actually have an entire telephone script that you can file a word by word and inside of my book but this new reality is comes with some more stuff because I'm going to tell you some good news my sloppy handwriting the good news is that when you're aware of the stuff you can take full advantage with windows being everywhere in understanding the internet internet marketing and understanding how to conduct yourself on the Internet and show that is very good news because that means you can get into it and you can start making money from fairly quickly by learning about social media marketing strategies a signpost Twitter I can name off all the social medias all day you know what they are and these awesome marketing companies like signpost and Angie's List and homeadvisor and yodel you pay these people couple hundred bucks a month and it's like hiring virtual assistant professionals that market your business for you and bring you in pre-qualified leads and that's really good when you understand that all but there's bad news the bad news about this all is if you don't know what you're doing and these other companies do or these other people do or these other solo entrepreneurs do you know what they're doing and you don't you're going to run around and bang your head against the wall you're not going to make a penny and it's going to seem impossible yours your sunshiny dream of making money cleaning windows they're growing a window cleaning business is going to instantly turn dark and you're going to come home frustrated I first started this business I came home with I would make 40 bucks an entire day I thought it was impossible the amount of rejection that you're going to go through is hell you better have a very thick skin because when you walk into a storefront with some squeegees on or you leave them in the truck whatever some business cards you say hi it's a cell phone store there's an employee of the counter you say hi my name is Keith I own a local window cleaning business and we're currently expanding in this area we're out cleaning windows um and your windows are dirty is the owner in oh he's not here right now and you see the owner in the back the owner back there can I talk to him send him away he's trying to sell us something that's why I wouldn't bring the squeegees in it depends on where you go you know I'm saying the owner okay can I help you hi my name's Keith I own a local window cleaning business or my name is Joe I own a local window cleaning business and we're expanding in this area and notice your windows are dirty and they don't want to hear it right you say well we're currently expanding this area your windows are dirty and dude I'll clean them all right now 15 bucks no no we already have a guy who cleans the windows okay so when is the last time he was here oh he comes every two weeks well I'm looking at your windows they look like having a big cleanin months do I clean them right now for 15 bucks no no no no we're good we're all set well tell you what good reliable window cleaners are hard to come by if you need your windows clean I understand you're busy here's my card I'm in the area every two weeks you do to make this stuff up if you're just getting started okay well whatever how much you said 15 bucks to clean them you pull the cookie away you know now you might have to go through five six seven stores to do this pull the cook away ah you know what they are pretty clean just just go ahead and clean them cash yeah cash going your truck get your squeegees clean all the windows wipe down the sills make sure you have a receipt book Nessus Andy from like the dollar store or Walmart or staples or office max this is all inside of my book in writing my receipt hey I'll be in the area in two weeks you want your windows clean two weeks or once a month and we'll think about it next time stop and say how you did a good job and when I first started I was scared I was using paper towel I was so nervous and it showed but that's kind of how you do it but the bad news is that if you don't know how to do any of these stuff you don't understand the strategies and you can't handle rejection then you're not going to make a penny and you might as well go get a job it's very frustrating as much as it could be very lucrative and as much as you can have a great day is just the amount that you can have a horrible day and make no money and go home frustrated to the point of disbelief we're going to talk about who wins who wins in this new reality in this new paradigm those who win who are the ones in the people who apply information technology into their businesses those who win are those who really focus on focus on building a whole professional business in a professional attitude a professional environment and a professional experience for their customers around their window cleaning business because you are actually in the people business you just happen to be cleaning windows and I learned some of the stuff too from Joshua Latimer automate grow sell calm dude is making 150,000 a month in his window cleaning business and I'm friends with this guy and I say dude how did you do it how in hell did you do that right because we do probably 150 grand a year in our business and we also do landscaping as well those you know the me that we do that but our average day out cleaning windows is over $500 but I talked to this guy he's like listen we provided an experience for the customer that was exceptional and they felt a certain way I was like oh and he teaches how to do all that in his programs and so like that as awesome but who wins are the people who understand certain things about marketing psychology the psychology of customers the psychology of what that window cleaning is a luxury service if you're running around trying to convince people to let you clean their windows it's different and it's not going to work as much as going out and attracting the people who already want their windows cleaned right you want people that maybe have been through a window cleaner too and then now you can go and knock their socks off because they already want the service and the only way to do that is through marketing through profiling your customers through building a customer avatar and actually going and seeing you know what zip code what neighborhoods what this what that now if you never clean windows before I suggest you get started doing strip malls and plazas stuff outside concrete right obviously you would lay down a drop cloth we actually lay down blue Huck towel so I'll just put six of them in a row in front of the windows were cleaning then I pick them up what was I going to say I'm going to try using drop cloths right I'm gonna get some drop cloths now because I see a lot of window cleaners doing that but I just lay down blue Huck towels or something that there's white carpet right but on concrete at strip malls applauses the water drips on the concrete no big deal get started get in where you fit in immediately but we're going to talk about who loses who loses in this game are the people who refuse to learn they refuse to adopt information technology they refuse to build a nice mobile-friendly website with the optimized WordPress blog a tumblr blog advertising a Twitter Facebook Likes page with boosting the posts making sure you get a five-star review from every single customer and thanking them so they could post it publicly those who lose are the people who don't adopt this new way who are still stuck in the brainwashing that our parents are telling us that you got to get a job or there's an doing I'm telling you right now I'll be completely honest that I'm seeing it happen and change so fast I have these uh this popular video twelve craigslist ads a day you go on Craigslist now dude it's saturated we post craigslist ads all the time most people who are looking for luxury services and window cleaning are not looking on Craigslist to have their windows clean that's the huge difference between if you're doing a different type of service business I still I found people to clean our carpets off Craigslist people still use it it still works but nowhere near as much as it used to now just think of yourself when you look at your phone and you're looking at a business where are you looking people who don't have their business on Yelp who don't have there yet business on Yahoo on being a different search and aren't investing a percentage of their income into their marketing campaign that aren't reinvesting into their businesses and don't have you know lettering on their trucks and don't are there so there's so much that plays into the perception that I'm still even learning in my own window cleaning business from the moment the customer picks up the phone to call you until totally done writing you the check and then after you leave how you're following up with those customers through email autoresponder campaigns like MailChimp get response Infusionsoft sending them coupons testimonial reviews a percentage off their next window cleaning if they refer you to a customer to in them in their neighbor discounts there it's so deep man I can't even explain it all in this video how different the paradigm in this reality has changed and those who don't adopt this and understand this you can think you're out hustling and working hard but that's not going to make your business grow any more you can go work your ass off and you might be able to make enough money to support just you but you won't be able to you know grow and be able to show a substantial income to even grow a lifestyle business at all until you really understand what's going on in the magnitude of the change in this marketplace so we're in interesting times and I explain a lot of the stuff in my new book how to make $500 a day cleaning windows just some people that's uh absolutely what I'm saying if some people might watch us if you see you think 500 bucks a day whoa because there was a time when I first started my business I thought that was impossible 500 dollars a day you might as well said to me how to make twenty thousand dollars a day cleaning windows but it's absolutely possible we cleaned houses just yesterday seven hundred and twenty dollars cleaning windows I would client pays 850 dollars every time to clean the windows our average window cleaning job is about a hundred and eighty dollars per job three of those in a day is over five hundred bucks the other day we did three hundred and twenty dollar window cleaning job then we did one for 225 we only did a couple that day but that was already five hundred and something dollars and your profit every day cleaning windows if you're out cleaning windows all by yourself you can make three four hundred dollars a day if you've got a worker working with you you can clear four hundred dollars a day cleaning windows you really hustle and work till dark and you get some big jobs you can make a five six seven hundred dollars a day cleaning windows I have a buddy who makes a thousand dollars a day revenue in his business every single day whether he's working or driving or answering the phone no matter what he's doing he's averaging $100 an hour every hour that he's working that's what we try to shoot for when you're when we're cleaning windows is $100 an hour you don't always get that sometimes you take on jobs you're like oh we're you know we work the whole job and you're there three hours and you only made like 60 bucks and there's some jobs you work two hours and you're in and out of the house and you're like dude I just made 180 dollars profit profit after all expenses and we're already on our way to the next job I look all the time I cash checks we'll do three window cleaning jobs in a day a big job a medium job and a little tiny job and I'd like dude I just made four hundred and thirty dollars profit today off the cleaning windows so five hundred dollars a day is totally uh that's easy and I explain all of it inside of my book click the link in the description below to get a copy of my book at the time of this video it's only $19 on paperback you can also get the eBook version or the Kindle version have it delivered directly to your smartphone and be reading it right now as soon as you're done watching this video the audiobook version also will be out soon at the time of this video it's not done yet I'm in a studio recording it if it's in the link in the description below then it's ready you so up hey battery died on my camera but I'm back anyways I go very deep into this in this book it's 19 bucks but it goes up to $37 the book is a little bit pricey because I don't want to put out this type of information in the window cleaning industry that a lot of business owners in the window cleaning industry kind of hold these secrets they're not absolutely secrets but they are to them and to just be putting out information like this it's such a cheap price for people that hold so much value to this information of how to make $500 a day cleaning windows this must be a $37 book because the infirm in this book will make you $500 a day cleaning windows this is literally no joke you're looking at 160 pages in 17 chapters the audiobook will be several hours long a very in-depth about what to what to charge pricing the mindset behind pricing strategies and how to acquire customers and get your foot in the door and high in homes and nice aber neighborhoods search engine optimization where you can print and get marketing medias resources an entire chapter dedicated to the water fed pole system and how the science and technology of it works and how to use it a step by step protocol what to do inside a customer's homes of how to actually like clean the windows about branding how to go legit and pay taxes how to actually register your business online and how to find a CPA to start paying taxes when to go and how to get insured which you should be insured immediately the 30% rule about how to save money so you'll never ever be broke and how you can afford to pay all your taxes and be legit in this business split testing an entire telephone script of how to speak to customers absolute no-brainer a truck a van or a car a total conclusion to this I put my heart and soul into writing this book and it took me a good two months well if you include all the editing and everything that happened you're not a 15 edit of this book and I did write and edit myself I spent several years studying and how to be an author I'm very passionate about doing this and putting out this information even a Joshua Latimer put a blurb on the front of it there is still a couple run-on sentences in misspelled words out of I think it's something like a hundred and twenty eight thousand words or in this book but as far as everything else it's very structured and organized Detroit Sponge Mike were away there's resources in there so you can order equipment window cleaning resource Chris Alain Bernie DS that Eckhoff I'll also be speaking on stage at the huge invention in Washington DC as an author of the window cleaning blueprint talking about social media domination really excited about that if you want to meet me there I can if you have the book I can sign a copy for you and chapter 9 you will see it when you believe it first you must actually believe that you can make a fortune cleaning windows think about that when you get into high-end homes and rich neighborhoods not only are people willing but they want to pay top dollar for the highest quality service and my own window cleaning business probably one out of every five jobs is $400 or higher I'm not lying when I tell you that I've clean windows for four five six seven eight and even nine hundred dollars to clean a 12,000 square foot mansion the mansion was glass only outside I tell them entire story it's a classic struggle to victory story mixed with a how-to guide on how to make $500 a day cleaning windows very excited about this in the near future it might already be out the time of this video an entire video training course called the window cleaning blueprint will be out it'll be about 20 hours of jam content packed information on how and everything in this book plus you get a digital copy of the book an audio copy of the book an interview several interviews actually with window cleaning experts and 20 hours of video on going inside of homes and I got permission to go inside of some customers homes and show you everything about the window cleaning business you can even it's I believe that my video training course coming out will be the most in-depth on this topic but for now you can get the book shipped directly to your house shows up open up and start reading it awesome just I'm very excited about this click link in the description below and get your copy of how to make $500 a day cleaning windows and until then go on keep negative thoughts out of your brain only allow positive positive thoughts and create your reality you can create your reality thank you very much

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  1. I've been self employed window cleaner since 1981,, that's 36 years straight, my dad was a window cleaner before me. Window cleaning is a simply business, but people over complicate it. Get your round together, and look after it, treat your customers how you would like to be treated, and don't rip them of, do little jobs for free, like checking the gutters, or putting a gutter clip back in,,, it will benefit you in the long term. Be professional, print slips of to say the windows have been cleaned,, or if you are going on holiday, tell your customers. Keep it simple and you will do well

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