How to Start a Podcast Free with Anchor

How to Start a Podcast Free with Anchor

– It's not clickbait,
this one app will let you make a podcast for free
on your smartphone. Hey everybody, this is Roberto
Blake of, helping you create
something awesome today. So in today's video, I'm going
to be talking about Anchor FM and I'm gonna talk
about how you can use it to make a free podcast,
using just your smartphone. As a creative entrepreneur,
I constantly stress the importance of building
your personal brand, putting online content out there and engaging with people in social media. And there are a lot of great tools that can help you do that. Some of them are really expensive gear that I like to review here on the channel but there are also great budget
and free solutions out there for just about anything you wanna do, whether it's online video or
audio in the form of a podcast, pretty much everything, and a lot of it can be done
with just your smartphone if you know what apps
and platforms to use. Anchor FM is a really cool platform and I've actually been
an early adopter of this, probably a year ago when Gary Vaynerchuk was talking about it
and it just started up but at the time it was
new and the interface was a little bit harder to navigate but they've since really
done an excellent job, the UI and UX design is better. I think of this as the
Snapchat of audio at this point and so it's a great tool
for you to be able to start competing in an arena
that's not as saturated as YouTube or Instagram or Snapchat and you can break out here
and it's a great platform because audio is passive engagement. The reason that I keep stressing
podcast is because when you sit down and you watch a
YouTube video like this, you kinda have to commit. If you're gonna read an
article, you have to commit. Those are things called lean in content and television is lean back content. But podcast, you put in your
earbuds and it's passive. You can be working,
jogging, flying, driving, and you can still enjoy the content. So, I think that audio
really should be part of your overall content
strategy if you're building a personal brand or if
you're doing a business, I think that audio matters
and Anchor is a good way to get into the audio game really easily and it's because the
feature set is, again, I think it's the Snapchat of audio. The way that Anchor set things up is that whatever audio
you decide to record, you can go ahead and
you can distribute that not only in other social media platforms but right now they're pushing
it to Apple's iTunes platform and to the Google Play
store in terms of you wanting to have a podcast
listening experience. But there's so many
great features about this that are different than
a traditional podcast. For me, it would be very
hard to have people call in to the show and that's
something that Anchor provides, they have this great call-in feature and I can go ahead and get
questions from you guys as my audience and
feature you in the podcast instead of me having to
just do a single interview. But if I did wanna do an interview, I can call anyone in my phone book, I can call anyone of my contacts, and I can go ahead and bring
them in as an interview, record it, and I can go ahead
and put that into the show and I think that that is amazing, you can do a whole interview. In fact, Sara Dietschy did an interview with the founder of Anchor
and I thought it was a really cool interview and it
was just something different and it was a different
experience and it didn't require a lot of fancy audio equipment to do that. Sara Dietschy's actually
one of the stations that I listen to on Anchor
along with Shan Boody and Gary Vaynerchuk and
I just really think that there's a lot of interesting,
unique, different content that's coming out here. Star Wars Explained is doing stuff in here which you guys know how big a fan I am so, you know, there is just
a lot of opportunity here for you as a content
creator but also as someone who just wants to enjoy
something different than a traditional podcast. People are doing creative
stuff in this platform and that's why I like new platforms, I like new platforms and new technology because they challenge us
and they let us get something different as consumers too. In fact, even though I'm doing the Create Something Awesome Today podcast and I put that pretty
much in all the platforms, I started a different show
called Ask For Awesome here in Anchor and part of the reason was that I wanted a conversation. In the same way that I'm doing my vLogs and I'm doing Creative Thoughts and I want you guys heavily
engaged in the comments there, I wanted to do something that
wasn't as educationally based, I wanted to do something
much more community-based, hub content, and so, this
is a great way for you guys to go ahead and go to my Anchor station, I'll like it down below,
and you guys can ask me whatever you want in
audio and I can go ahead and feature it in that show
and here's the other cool part, I can actually download
the archives of these audio and I can actually put
them into something else. So, if I wanted to start
incorporating some of these call-ins into my main
show and then go deeper or use that as the prompt for
something in my other show or even bring it here into the
YouTube channel in some way, then I think that it's
a really good platform for just doing more
things with your content and just expanding. The other cool thing is that
you can put background music into this without having to be an editor and that's something that
I think a lot of people are gonna find interesting and
are gonna wanna make use of because one of the challenges,
one of the big challenges when it comes to doing anything like this, when it comes to creating content, is the fact that you have to edit it, that's why people like Instagram, that's why people like Snapchat, that's why people like live
streaming on their phone is because it cuts out the
process of what you have to go through to get a finished product, it just cuts all that
stuff out of the equation, you can actually just execute. So, for all of you who have
been hesitating to do a podcast, for all of you who have
wanted to experiment with audio content or like, you know, it kind of informally
can let you be a DJ too with the music features
in here, I just think that it is a very interesting space to play in and they're looking at monetizing this, they're looking at monetizing this so in the same way that
we manage to make money creating content here on YouTube, we'll have an audio
platform native to our phone where we can actually
create monetized content and that's something different. I want more of these
online creation platforms to make it easier for
creators to make an income, make a living on them,
because that's something we don't have in the other platforms. You have to do sponsored
deals if you're in Snapchat or Instagram, there's not
a way for you to actively make money there, Facebook,
there's not an active way for you to make money right now unless you go outside the platform. So going ahead and putting some kind of monetization feature in
there, I think that's gonna be killer and I think that's the next step. If you wanna make a podcast with Anchor, it's actually really straightforward, probably one of the
straightforward process for this I've seen. You go ahead and you record whatever it is that you wanna make in terms of your audio and the you can assemble
those pieces of audio including your call-ins,
your background music, everything, into an episode and then that gets distributed as an
episode for your podcast and that's gonna go to Apple
and it's gonna go to iTunes, it's actually really simple
and it's easy to walk through. It literally took me
less than five minutes to get this thing up and running. You can go ahead and use a phone or image from your photo
library, you can make something in Canvas, save that to
your phone and upload it, and you're off to the races and you have a functioning podcast. It does take a few days
for that to get approved but once it does, that's it, you're done, and you've got a podcast in syndication and every time you put out
a new episode, there it is. Overall, I think Anchor is one
of the better user interfaces and experience that I've seen. Initially, when it was in beta,
it was literally one of the more clunkier interfaces I've ever seen, they've come a long way and
so, I really appreciate that because part of the reason
that I prefer Instagram and Instagram Stories to
Snapchat is specifically the UI and UX design, I've actually
been thinking about making videos critiquing the design of different social media platforms, let
me know if that's a video you're interested in me making. Also, I think that I'm
going to add another video to this that will be a complete tutorial on how to use Anchor itself,
using all the features, so definitely make sure you're subscribed and staying tuned for that. In the comment section let
me know, do you guys have a podcast yet and where are
you putting your podcast? Are you putting your podcast on YouTube? Are you putting it in
SoundCloud, in iTunes? Where are you putting your podcast or where are you thinking
about putting your podcast and why? I'd really love some feedback on that, I wanna do some more videos
specifically around podcasting and audio content because
I think it's gonna become more and more important as time goes on and that's something I'd
love to have a conversation with you guys about. Big shout out to Mike and the Anchor team for being a partner with
me and also for having me as a featured station
on the Anchor platform, I think that's just really cool to be a featured station there
so thanks so much, you guys, I really appreciate that
and I love that you guys are supporting what
I'm doing with my show. For the rest of you guys,
I will link down below, you guys can check out
my show over on Anchor, it's called Ask for Awesome
and it is a call-in show so you guys, feel free
to ask me pretty much whatever you want. It's a much more casual show
than I do on this channel. Anyway, like this video if you like it, don't forget to subscribe, check out the other awesome
stuff on the channel. As always you guys, thanks
so very much for watching and don't forget, create
something awesome today. With your smartphone. It really is almost all you need. Take care. (upbeat music)

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