25 thoughts on “How to Start a Business with No Money

  1. What is your help on mental confusion? I mean when you want to start, have the experience, have some cash but you don't know the "what" . Also, can you speak about time. How long did it take, does it take, and the right steps to choose. thank you

  2. What if you have a disability. People say you can't make it in life, and give up? I would love to own my own retro video game store for fun. Is it possible? Do you need to go to school or how would it work?

  3. To make a long story short. Starting a business is a journey. As a business owner you will be in Pursuit of perfection.

  4. my biggest problem is, how to sell service or product without having store or some thing. I dont know, just knock on the door of every body and ask them to buy???

  5. So I started a construction business because of you and this year we will do more than a million in business! Thanks so much for sharing:) ps I didn't have any money either!

  6. not doing good at school because of ADHD but thinking out of the box and letting my mind run free lead me to bussiness ideas and such videos and deep researchers helped me alot and this also is really pure gold!! Mindset of '' Fake it till you make it,, will help the early bussines alot. Have a great day everbody!!

  7. Trent is spot on. Something that one will discover when one takes action to do anything, is that opportunity that one didn't know about will appear, whether it's buying a car, house, or starting a business.

  8. As a business owner of more than 35 businesses over 30 years, this is some of the best advice ever

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