22 thoughts on “How to Start a Business or Podcast From Scratch | Tim Ferriss

  1. 16:56 is golden advice. Thank you Tim! This is what I have been missing the past few years of my life.

  2. Appreciate the recommendations. Been following your podcast for sometime now and have gotten a lot from it. Some day maybe we will team up for a video production. Take care Tim.

  3. How come you only have 400k+ sub's while others that had less impact have more? You must be doing sth wrong. Boring maybe?

  4. 1. 22 immutable laws of marketing.
    2. blue ocean strategy.
    3. Small Giants
    4. 1000 true fans.
    5. the effective executive
    6. 80/20 principle
    7. vagabonding
    8. the 4 hour work week book.

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