How to Start a Business for Under $500

How to Start a Business for Under $500

so there are people out there that if you run into they can't help themselves well tell you about their sports team their local charity their church they go to the sports team they believe in their politics their views and all this other stuff if you're around me I want you to start a business that's what I want you to do I just want to help you start a business so today in this video I'm going to talk to you about how you can start a business for less than five hundred dollars and I'm going to simplify to you in a way that probably it's never been simple but simplify like this before so let's get right into it there's really six things you can do to exchange what you're providing to the consumer the customer for money and profits to you number one you're providing a service for me number two you're giving me advice because you're an expert your expertise is what I'm paying for number three you're selling me a product you bought it for five bucks you sell it for twenty number four you educate me number five you've given me an experience number six you're entertaining me all of those six things you and I spend money on every single day all of those six things are things you can figure out a way to start making money for yourself so now let's start off with services mobile auto detailing this is the easiest thing to start off with go get a couple of the equipment for less than five hundred dollars and start servicing cars in your community start with $20 $25 $30 I don't want to go to a car wash people don't want to go to a car wash once you get a trail going next thing you know there's a ton of things you could be doing with that where your cleaning three cars for one house next-door neighbors to say can you come by and do three cars what are you charging can you combine do this can you combine then you come to a business building then you call the business management the buildings are manager and you say hey I'd like the service cars and for the people in the building I'll give free a you know service to you and your employees as the manager team and I'll get 20% discount for all the tenants there and we'll be cool service for you no problem then you got ten buildings then you got twenty buildings then you got twenty people cleaning cars in all these different places now you're making three four five six seven eight ten thousand dollars a month because you started mobile detailing business dog walker babysitting being a chef if I knew how to cook I don't know how to cook but if I know how to cook I would figure out a way I remember I went to a restaurant one time in Kentucky it's called six Magnolia if you search 610 Magnolia and we walk into this place I took ten of our friends to Bill ended up being $3,300 right after Kentucky Derby we went to this place that's when I met Arnold Palmer just a real cool place I said how did this place get started he said he was a guy that he cooked so well that everybody in the community wanted him to cook for him so he said every Friday night he cooked in his house but it was $200 and it was a seven-course meal and people had no problem paying for it so ten people would pay for it so $2,000 every Friday night then he took a house and he turned the house into a restaurant called 610 Magnolia that's the address to the restaurant that's the name of the restaurant just because people like this cooking you turn into a business another one is landscaping another one is running errands and then let's get to some of these other things here which by the way I want you to know that this video sponsored you by Fiverr at this point I think many people know my relationship with Fiverr and how much of a believer I am in fiber and so voiceover voice acting voice impersonation you may need a you may know how to do voiceovers in different languages go on Fiverr people will pay you 20 30 40 bucks just to do your voice for them I've paid in multiple different times to have a British accent to have a different type of an accent you got a voiceovers for commercials to do maybe you know how to do editing writing editing video editing put yourself on Fiverr maybe you know how to design websites and you know how to produce them for yourself again go on Fiverr and put yourself out there as a talent to provide your services for other people now if you're watching this right now you're saying I want to start my own business but I need a website go on fiber comm have somebody build a website for you if it's $100 $200 $50 if you use the code the discount code Pat bet they'll give you 20% discount so expense $600 you'll get $120 disc and spend $100 get a $20 discount as long as you use the coupon code path bet you'll get a 20% discount so website logos coaching kids I was at a baseball game yesterday for my kid and this guy next to me who played a football to pay professional on the football side said so what is what are there some programs here for baseball he says oh my gosh coaching six-year-olds and teaching them how to swing and catch the ball has become a business your locally and so what kind of a business he says there are people that code that played college baseball or having kids parents are having their kids be coached by this guy's fifty dollars per 30 at 30-minute session I said what yes fifty dollars they're getting there it's a picture they're going to capture position their throne involved they're doing all this other stuff because somebody else doesn't have the time to do it there's money then the massage massage is just you can do massage services to offices I would bring people to my office and they would give massages to 20 people at a time fifty dollars a pop that's a thousand dollars I mean that's a pretty nice amount of money to be made there's money here if you know how to massage next expertise go get your notary license people need to notarize stuff and they need fingerprint signatures $10 a pop $15 a pop and then they pay for the gas as well get your real estate license get your insurance license this is a route I took I want to got my insurance license I don't have a four year I don't have a two-year degree this became my degree I got insurance and security theory 766 31:26 I started selling and I became an expert in investments I became an expert in insurance and I got paid for by insurance companies for doing that security guard you're a big guy you know how to fight you took boxing you know martial art you want to figure out a way to go become a security guard go do it and I find some of your other peers on you maybe you can start a security guard business personal trainer translate you speak other languages you know how to translate for people there's a very very very big need for this I have a lady that I met at heart which is local right here in East Plano she started a business simply for translating her business that's thirty-five million dollars per year just to translate businesses just to translate for hospitals that don't know how to speak to a certain patient when they're doing they your questionnaire on their help she has all the different languages with people that are translating for them from their house next sale sell t-shirts sell flowers so fidget spinners nowadays everybody wants to buy that I remember back in the days in 2000 and in 2000 a product that come out called clipping talk back in the days there was no speakerphone and there was no Bluetooth on the phone so clipping top will link to radio station I think 88.7 and you would clip it on your phone and anybody who would call you this sound would come out of the speakers and you would speak to them as if it's bluetooth so it was it was a ghetto type of Bluetooth back in the days but I would buy it for five dollars and I sell it for twenty bucks a pop I can't tell you how many of them I sold during the time while I was getting into the securities industry shoes has pick a product by divide wholesale selling retail educate teaching your language you may know certain instruments you're teaching me I want to learn you may know how to teach kids how to read and write tutoring it's a big business then you got an online tutorial a personal defense there's a lot of people nowadays I want to learn personal defense especially in certain communities what if you start teaching personal defense classes and you do it as a group ten ten people show up you show them somebody attacks you what you do how you how you get out of it all this other stuff there are people that are willing to pay for this experience what's the experience give me a fun experience for boot camp class at 6 o'clock in the morning and it's an experience at a local park $20 a class $15 a class ten people show up you made $150 not only did you get a workout where you got empty but I'd also showed up it was fun running to get all this other stuff hiking maybe you're somebody that knows all the hiking trail spots in your area give me some of those secrets hike it's hiking training spot and you have all the equipment let me bring the group and say hey I'll go with you for three hours we'll have a great time I'll take you to a secret spot I know everything in this area but it's a hundred dollars it's $20 a person it's $30 a person whatever people are willing to pay for that surf you know how to surf most people are afraid of surfing but almost everybody I know most people want to know how to surf because it's cool but they're afraid what if I don't know how to do it it's embarrassing I'm going to fall you know how to do give me a fun experience I'll pay you for it and last but not least is entertainment listen you go on YouTube people say man no one watches these educational videos because people would much rather laughed and be educated so guess what turn it into a business comedy arts teach people how to paint or at the same time entertainment draw me paint me there's people that do this everywhere 20 bucks of painting 30 bucks are drawn and people pay forward a dance you know how to dance there I was in Miami and in Miami South Beach right off of a1a there was this a boyfriend/girlfriend that we're dancing and what they were doing is in a middle of the strip in the middle of the strip they were dancing and they were going to bring in people to dance and they had a bucket people drop in $20 $15 $20 $10 $10 and all night all they did is boys and girlfriend dance all night Friday from 9 o'clock to 1 o'clock in the morning and they made 400 bucks can you imagine dancing all night and you make $400 just from dancing there are so many ways to make money YouTube stars singing go sing out there people will pay for it have to see these selling people will buy my bought a CD from a guy who is from Argentina him and his brother in Santa Monica they would play the guitar in a way I've never seen before I bought the CD from him for 20 bucks I listened to that CD for a whole year in my car because he had this one song he would play would just speak to your spirit he is not a big-name person no one knows him but I paid 20 bucks from that to get a CD and I listened to it work for Europe magic you know how to do magic tricks there's many ways to make money doing magic tricks people want to be entertained so again watch all of these things figure out which one connects to you and then start a business for yourself and by the way if you need your banners if you need a website if you need a logo if you need any of that stuff go to – RS go to use the coupon coupon code tap bed to get a 20% discount with the services that they offer on so with that being said you got any questions comments comment on the bottom Andrew let me get that pillow right there brother and if you have not subscribed to this channel yet be sure to do so click on the subscribe button right here and right next to there's a notification button you'll be one the first to be notified every time the videos come out so join the 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43 thoughts on “How to Start a Business for Under $500

  1. If you want to start your own business it's simple find something people want a product or a service provide it be honest be kind to people money should never be the most important thing a real entrepreneur cares more about his businesses reputation and image than profit.

  2. Waste of time these types of videos in these people are stupid they put these videos up here because they know there's young people that want to start a business that are looking for advice so they make a garbage video like this full of nothing 4 views because their channel is monetized and they make money from the ads so they just come out here and talk about nothing and keep you on here as long as possible because that is the goal and that is the point that is the real business of channels like this and they do this for ad Revenue

  3. Thanks for this Patrick. I’ve been a successful salesperson for over 15 years but sick of dealing with upper management. This gives me motivation to start something of my own.

  4. Incredible! Still unable to realize I just made $1589 with this excellent web-site here

  5. Easy AF to start a maid business but all the licenses and insurance cost. 500$ dif won't start a restaurant legit but like dude with a house use a food cart n hit construction sites at lunch time. So much money to be made out here folks

  6. I'll break this whole thing down simply like this. Whatever business you start you start it on the DL. Your doing it under the books and you work your way up to get legit because the government going get it's money. Start on street and work way up. It's that simple. Yyall need to hire me

  7. thanck you for your devotion in helping us understand the fields of management……remeber if you realy want design done better, please contact me ,everything you will find here is designed by me.

  8. The approach you presented in getting into business is one of the most lame methods I have heard a thousand times.

    Every single industry you suggested had the exact same method; a “low barrier entry level” in starting a business. That is how most people I have talked to have done just the exact way you described  and most lost their shirt. They merely created a JOB for themselves. Just because someone starts a business doesn’t mean they are an entrepreneur.

    You can own a Subway and the owner according to Subway earns about 35k. Except when you realize you don’t want to work 12 hours a day everyday you need a manager and there goes your 35K because you have to share it with the manager.

    I’m not saying you can’t grow into a successful company by the way you have laid out in this video but most don’t and they go through hell along the way.

    Your format is not a good format in starting a business, in fact, it’s terrible. You skipped over educating yourself, a business plan, capital needed, being aware of skillsets you need, taxes, insurance, laws regulating the industry you want to enter into etc.

    There are three main categories in any business; a craftsman, managers and the entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs who start as you said will try to fill all three categories, drive themselves nuts and eventually go out of business. Those are the stats.

    They aren’t aware of when they are playing the role of the craftsman, manager or the entrepreneur. They aren’t even aware of these categories existing.

    Someone starting out needs indicators where they create a time sheet of what they did every minute of the day (what time they started and when they finished the activity) and then label it: craftsman, manager or entrepreneur.

    After a couple of weeks they can go back and review how many hours they spent in each category to see how much of their time did they spend growing their business being an entrepreneur and how much time they were a craftsman enjoying the craft they know how to do.

    Most people should go back to being an employee and there is nothing wrong with that. They’re not cut out for being in business for their self.

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  10. if a person needs you to tell them how to start a business with $500 then they don't need to be in business cuz they don't have the intellect to think quickly where to put their money at it's not hard to start a business understand if you was explaining the business license you need and stuff like that but he'll $500 you go on Amazon you buy a lot on eBay and you sell the s*** right on eBay Amazon the flea markets it's not hard man you are a waste of time and make a real video about some real you're nothing but a crook and a thief trying to get views so you can make money off a worthless article

  11. I'm starting what I hope will turn into a business. I love to design. I've started creating downloadable crochet patterns. So far so good but I also need to work with my hands so I'm designing and making woollen jumpers as the woollens in shops are horrendous. Wish me luck!

  12. i remember this video was the first business video i saw on youtube about in 2017/2018 and from then you have ben my mentor.keep up the great job

  13. Get your medical license

    Now you're operating on Donald Trump, Bill Gates
    Now you're colonizing Mars
    Now you're colonizing whole star systems 5 a pop that's 5 star systems a week

  14. For those who haven't started yet, this is valuable knowledge,I'm learning bit by bithopefully I can use this to create another passive income streamwork hard for a short time and bave in luxury,

  15. Me:
    Sees Fiverr add
    Goes to Fiverr
    Doesn't know how to do anything
    Gets to last tab: Lifestyle
    "Okay, time to become a professional fortune teller!"

  16. Good shit…

  17. A business for $500? Try cleaning your spare room, buying like a nice bed, and start leasing on Airbnb for like $50 a night. A month goes buy and you doubled your initial investment.

  18. Another video lined with everything that doesn't give anything useful to start any business. Just lists of this and that basically the art of being the life of the party on a Friday night bsing

  19. How to start business $500 you have prefer to business chicken. Center Full busy you can establish where is good business centre to open chicken center you make arrange human to do the work to purchage human to do work two or three persons offer to do whole sale persons shops two or three shops numbers collected keep at you who give less price you can prefer then your business going in short period your growth in fastly going. You will be happy in you life . Yshk viswanatham .MscBed

  20. Great ideas Pat, can totally understand how business opportunities exist in all our everyday lives! I for example turned my Lego hobby into a second hand Lego store, within 12 months we are one of the largest in Australia and delivering Lego's to the world! Find an opportunity and tun with it! 🙂

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  22. Very inspiring and that guy down there is being a dick…you give free stuff …Cuzco you love humanity …I see your heart…it's good

  23. YOU ARE A LOVE….


  24. Hello Patrick,

    Im a computer science student looking to start a video game company. Will probably branch into publishing but I need to make my own product first. The video game business is kind of odd and Im not sure which of these six umbrellas it falls under.

    How would you categorize a game development studio with this model?

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