49 thoughts on “How to set Personal Policies for a Better 2019 ☀️Reset Your Life Challenge

  1. Since I'm gullible af, I had to make a personal policy that I automatically refuse if I feel I'm pressured into giving out money on the spot. Special offer to buy something, just now, just here? No thanks. Donation to a charity? Let me look it up, think about it, and do the donation on my own pace – if not possible then it's a no.

  2. I've stepped over my boundaries so many times because i never set any. due to this i was easily taken advantage of.
    i've lost many people in my life. this is a welcome change that i will now be implementing in my life.

  3. I'm back… still watching this video on a regular basis and have even sent to my husband. Using the words "personal policy" is life changing for me!! Thanks for this video.🖤🖤🖤

  4. Please give us a world with better people in 2019. I pray that I’ll look back at last year and think “wow what were we doing?” instead of “oh yeah, this is when it all started…”

  5. One of the best things I did was ditch the people whose contribution to our friendship was negative comments or attitudes. If you're one of those people that sees the good in everyone, or is extremely emotionally empathetic, ask yourself, does the negativity in your friendship/relationship outweigh the positives? If yes, run.
    There is nothing more for you to do for this person that they can't do for themselves. Save yourself heartache and watch your overall happiness improve and stress reduce.
    One person can have a huge impact on your life and you don't need that.

  6. I never realised how strong my personal policies actually are… Because I've lived by them for so long already. Writing them down is pretty interesting 🙂

  7. Hi @muchelleb, thank you so much for this video it was really wonderful. I'm the type of person that acts tough but is actually very mushy on the inside and it is very hard for me to say no to things that I know will make me feel resentful. Your video guided me and I wrote down some policies, and I literally took a breath and felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders. I feel confident after this that I will be able to use my time more wisely and say no to things that truly do not bring me joy and yes to things that do.
    Thank you <3

  8. This is great!
    I have a personal policy to always show up early or on time, and bring a hostess gift.
    I also have a personal policy against going to the strippers, and against going to the bar when my friends try to drag me. (I'll go only if its planned and not an on the fly decision)

  9. I love the idea of having personal policies and planning out 'if -> then' responses. Somehow framing my boundaries as personal policies for myself already feels like I'll find them easier to honour. Thanks. ♥️

    Only if you feel like answering- what do you do in the scenario of being pressured to drink more than you plan to? Just 'no' minus explaining, or do you say you have a personal policy not to etc..? This is one I find very difficult myself.

  10. I had no idea how much I needed to watch this video. The past 3-4 months have been insane with work and I couldn’t catch a break. I am client based so I make my own schedule and I found myself cramming my days with client after client and feeling guilty for saying no. Having a personal policy is really (hopefully) going to help my work life balance. I have a policy not to take more than 3 clients per day and not to take clients before 7 am (I have a 5:30am shift that made me absolutely miserable). I have one client who has already pushed back and tried to get me to break policy but I’ve come to the conclusion that if they can’t respect my wellbeing then I would rather take the lose and lose them all together. So thank you for the advice!

  11. I love this idea! I've stretched myself way too thin the past few years by overattending and overcommitting myself to everyone else's plans. Definitely will add these into my 2019 journal

  12. I need to work on my personal policies in my business. Often times I take on extra work, only to be under appreciated and taken advantage of in most cases. I am starting to charge more for extra work, but I feel it will get backlash from clients

  13. wow i really needed this. a couple of times this month i had made bad decisions around events. in one instance let someone persuade me no matter how many times i said "no" to keep drinking, stay out and even get way too personal too soon. and at my work xmas party made a bad drunk decision without even CONSIDERING my normal boundaries. gonna have to have a good think at how to implement it but this helps me feel less alone about it

  14. thank you thank you thank you! i feel like this is THE most important video you've done this year. if there's something i struggle with is personal policies/boundaries. i tend to not assert them because i'm afraid i'll hurt someone's feelings and then i end up feeling bitter and resentful toward someone, holding grudges and just being angry without them even knowing why. boundaries are one of the healthiest things someone can do for themselves. thank you so much for this video! i feel like it'll be so much easier for me to assert myself in the future because of it.

  15. I love this video so much that I've had it ser to resend to my email a few mornings in a row until I'm able to journal about it. I'm actually thinking of making it a monthly watch to revisit my personal policies on a regular basis.
    Thanks for sharing this!!! 🖤

  16. I can't say how much I love and appreciate your 2019 series. Thank you so so much! You are motivating me so much for 2019. xx

  17. Loved the message in this video. I didn’t like the going back and forth between different times that you filmed

  18. One of my boundaries is that I don’t do things for people who never say please and thank you. If they have a habit and pattern of NEVER showing gratitude for the times I go out of my way to help them, even after I’ve asked them to change their attitude, and told them how it hurts my feelings, then I’m done. Other people deserve my time more.

  19. I never comment on videos, but I wanted to tell you, thank you. This series is having a really meaningful impact on me. I love the journal prompts so much. I've already upheld some of my personal policies and it's only 9 am here. Thank you.

  20. Breaking one of mine to say that one of my personal policies is not to comment on YouTube vids or news sites. Someone will always interpret your comment in an unintended way and get angry or upset. I always felt bad if someone took something the wrong way so it's easier to just avoid. For a similar reason, I have a similar policy about joining Twitter.

  21. Thank you for this! 💖 I like the idea of having personal policies. I feel like having the reason why will help me actually stick to them in 2019!

  22. Not replying instantly is a massive one for me! Great journal prompts too – one of the ones I really want to do (more as a casual habit rather than a personal policy) is to interact more in the comments with content creators that I find really give me value. I've been a silent viewer for ages but I've gotten so much value and learnt so much from your videos. Have a great Christmas! <3

  23. Heard Jane Fonda say in the Netflix doco what were they thinking say " it took a long time to realise that NO is a sentence", ie you don't need to justify apologise or excuse

  24. I need help with a food situation. I am thin and have a disease that is made worse by many types of yummy food. People are always pressuring me to eat and I hate telling people about my disease. Can you think of a polite way of saying no without opening the topic of my medical history?

  25. Hello how can we did that with out coming off rude or mean? Like no i dont want to come or act like you have something else to do

  26. this is so great. the one about two drinks at an event should be mine..i had way more than two at a work event and i embarrassed myself :/

  27. This has been my biggest struggle- I fall behind on my to-dos and feel so drained after spending time with certain people… I want to improve this area the most

  28. I don’t make excuses for the gym unless I’m too unwell to go to work or social events
    I don’t go to events that I’m disinterested in (if it’s not a f**k yes, then it’s a f**k no)
    I don’t work at home unless it’s report-writing time

  29. Very interesting. I've never thought of it this way. Also because sometimes one may actually enjoy something which apparently overcomes their boundaries – for instance not partecipate in events starting after a certain time. This is however a very interesting insight

  30. Loving this series! I'm taking the few days after Christmas when my partner is away to sit by myself and work through all my goals and intentions for the new year. This video has really made me think, I need to set more personal boundaries and learn to say no without guilt. Being chronically ill makes the guilt of saying no and upset of missing out for the sake of my health really hard but I think writing the 'why's' out will really help cement the positive reasons for doing so rather than focusing on the bad.

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