41 thoughts on “How to Sack Corrupt Politicians in the 2019 Election

  1. Voting is an illusion. It does not matter who you vote for, the parties decide internally who leads them and ultimately the country.

  2. Restore the deJure government and Common Law jurisdiction to all Law courts as per chapter 3, get rid of the Australia Act 1986, respect the referendum vote for not recognising councils as a local government would be a great start to get the country back on track.

  3. One Nation first by me and then other patriot partys… liberals dead last, greens 2nd last, labor3rd last, nationals 4th last

  4. Unfortunately dishonest. The Labor party and the Greens will not be one group on the paper and nor are the one party. The Nationals and Liberals will be one group as they have chosen to group together. The right wing bullshit artists who made this are conning you.

  5. Two thirds don't trust it, but trust in their OWN benevolence to fix the situation lol

    Aussies LOVE their BIG government..

  6. This did not mention about WHERE does the independent preference votes go to if they do not win…… I hate our voting system I want the party that gets the most votes without adding in the preference votes of other losers to be the winning party. It is time to Stop the bamboozling of us voters with all these minor parties that are only on the ballot to end up being preference votes for the major parties.

  7. "We're not left or right" is reminiscent of

    "Advocates of Third Position politics typically present themselves as 'beyond left and right' while syncretizing ideas from each end of the political spectrum, usually reactionary right-wing cultural views and radical left-wing economic views." –
    Third Position – Wikipedia

    This idea, when taken to its extreme is called National Bolshevism or NazBol. Which is essentially if Hitler + Stalin made a baby. More info:
    National Bolshevism – Wikipedia

    See also: "Horseshoe theory" (keep in mind that this ignores the existence of Libertarian-Left, much like the mainstream media.)

    "we just want a better future for us and our children" is reminiscent of

    "Fourteen Words, 14, or 14/88, is a reference to the fourteen-word slogan 'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,' " –
    Fourteen Words – Wikipedia

    Making these hints is called a dog-whistle. Which is a kind of euphemism where the meaning is understood only by certain in-the-know audience members (usually the explicitly racist). There is also a dual purpose: when illustrated like I'm doing now, I will likely be gaslit (made to seem crazy) as "seeing things" and being ridiculous about calling people racist or Fascist over the smallest thing.

    Be very cautious of these, and become familiar with them in-order to recognise them:
    Dog whistle politics – RationalWiki

    Alt-right glossary – RationalWiki

    Let's continue…

    "Fake news" is reminiscent of Trump who has literally been characterised as a Fascist by multiple academics of the subject.
    Btw news is 'fake' because of the Right-wing oligarchs owning mass media, it is not a Leftist "elitist" conspiracy (actual Lefties struggle to even get appearances on the media at all), look up the political schools of 'Socialism' and 'Anarchism', read simply the first paragraph of their definitions; see if it even loosely resembles how they've been demonised & characterised by mainstream media (or any Right-winger for that matter).

    Wtf even is a "National freedom"?

    Complaining about "big money and corporations" is, in this Right-wing context that is making dog-whistles, likely to indicate "economic antisemitism" and alludes to the "radical left-wing economic views" mentioned earlier.

    More info:
    Economic antisemitism – Wikipedia

    Their conclusion segment lists a bunch of vague, nice-sounding things into a pyramid (illustrative of hierarchy and top-down control) whilst saying "the people should rule themselves" and a WINK EMOTE! Demonstrating that they mean the exact opposite of what is said.

    In conclusion it is my honest opinion that these are either Nazis with a left-wing coat of paint, or have been so deluded by such people that they now imitate them without awareness (which is actually the entire point of this Crypto-Fascism, i.e. concealing yourself & confusing the public).
    More info:
    Crypto-fascism – Wikipedia

    If you accept what I've said here, and apply this lens to other smaller candidates running this year, you might be as terrified as me to find behavior like this running through many of them.

    In-practice "putting the bastards (major parties) last" and the smaller parties & independents first, will ensure many of these racists will gain seats in our government.

  8. How is voting for the greens supporting the two party system? The nationals I understand, as they're in a coalition with the liberals. But the greens are just a minor party that is successful.

  9. If we sacked the pollies would be no one to Goven, hahahaha . lets all vote for Independence , how would that work hahahaha. IT's all rigged . it will be Lib's or Labour , cause how come by the time WA ballets are closed & 2 hrs iNto counting here we know who is the winner . CORRUPT SYSTUM . & IT SHOULD TAKE LONGER TO COUNT THE MILLIONS WHO VOTED

  10. "As your government is corrupted to the very core, you need to remember that your government always mirrors the "consciousness" of the people. When the people collectively raise their consciousness into higher integrity, they no longer attract the kind of government you now have. This is not only for the US, but also applies to most countries of this planet." Telos 2

  11. The nationals sold their souls down the river for their coalition perks decades ago, and have screwed the bush with their endless incompetence. Lumping the Greens in with Labor isn't really accurate though – they are still very much an independent 7 minor party, and will form part of the cross bench in any election outcome, no matter which of the major parties make it in. this smart voting you suggest we could accidentally end up with some of the stupidest people in Parliament gaining the balance of power. We will see

  12. This is not how to sack the government, sounds like a fake headline? Could this be fake media? Or a bias look at voting from an angry independent? Your saying you want an honest government but how can we trust you if you can't be honest about the title of your video?

  13. Looks like it does not matter who we vote for,they are against those that work hard,care then get penalised!These 8 secretly voted in legislation a while back allowing banks to take your money.

    3 of the scabs are labour senators

    1 scab is Liberal Democrat

    1 scab is Australian Greens

    1 scab is Nationals

    2 scabs are Liberals

    O'Neill, Sen Deb (ALP)

    Whish-Wilson, Sen Peter (AG)

    Leyonhjelm, Sen David (LDP)

    Cash, Sen Michaelia (LP)

    Bowen, Chris, MP (ALP)

    Chalmers, Jim, MP (ALP)

    Gee, Andrew, MP (Nats)

    Sukkar, Michael, MP (LP)

    Of those above Whish-Wilson is an ex-banker, so clearly knew what he was signing. I believe the other two had law degree, so could have known. It would be interesting to find their full CV with all the former affiliations prior to these folks representing the "small man".https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZrk-42fJPs&t=3s&fbclid=IwAR2k-ck5d-nOMw6LEyB6vp3KxIhqeteSikIiQtlM2Y3SioyGjYUpIiudIJE

  14. 1. Probably would have been good to spell ‘Labor’ correctly
    2. The method of voting you are suggesting can also be done above the line, by numbering six or more boxes that don’t include majors.

  15. Please look carefully at who you vote for. Australia has been going down hill since the early 70's. Party politics is a breeding ground for career politicians who work for their masters and unfortunately that's not the general population. Remember you are giving the person you vote for the chance for an extremely well paid job with a lot of perks and paying for that privilege with your hard earned tax money, who then make important decisions on your behalf by pushing their own agenda or the ones of their donors . It's worth spending the time to screen these "job applicants carefully".

  16. Agree with putting the bastards last; and with voting for the minors below the line
    but fill in every box!

  17. Voting for the Greens is not voting for the 2 main parties. Only complete idiots think Labor and the Greens are the same let alone in the same box. NEVER LISTEN TO VIDEOS THIS STUPID WHEN DECIDING HOW TO VOTE!

  18. Except in my Ward it doesn't matter how I order my preferences, Labor will always end up with my vote. So a No suitable Candidate 'vote' will prevent them getting it or any money for it. If there was a chance of anyone except Labor or Greens winning here I wouldn't do that.
    For the Senate I will vote normally according to my preferences however.

  19. ??? below the top boxs i think you need to number every box not just the Independents box so if there is 56 names you need to do 56 box ??? mmmm

  20. Yes, don't just vote for anyone or for just a party, look at those that want what you want. Research your candidates before voting.

  21. Seriously tho the ELECTORAL COMMISSION should put all the candidates names in the local paper once…… With the platform they’re running on. I know we can call them and find out , but we still don’t know who or what they are……😡😡

  22. This urgently needs to be shared around but there is too much waffle on this video. The core info shown from '1.30 to 3.15 minutes' needs to be on a separate video so it can be passed around and gain attention by the voting community and on Facebook. Very few have the time or interest to sit through and comprehend the detail shown here.

  23. We need to immediately alter the electoral act to make it mandatory that for any candidate to be eligible to run a for Federal, State or Council political position, the candidate has to be an Australian born citizen to Australian born parents, we don’t want any recent blow-ins running our country and the change in the law will give equal opportunity for Aboriginal people to be eligible to run, and you don’t want to be known to be racist towards Aboriginals do you.

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