How to Propagate & Repot Snake Plants (Complete with Updates)

How to Propagate & Repot Snake Plants (Complete with Updates)

Hello Everyone, this is Sheila, would you
like to learn how to repot and propagate snake plants? Then this video is for you. So, let’s proceed. Since this snake plant got delivered with
broken leaves, might as well use some of them for propagation, ‘cause we all want more
of these lovely and interesting succulents anyway, right? So, Step Number 1, let’s choose the older
and outer leaves. Step Number 2, we have to cut the leaves as
close to the base as we can. Now, let’s set this mother Snake Plant aside,
‘cause we will be transplanting it to a really nice, tall planter later. So, remember to stick around until the end,
and I will also show you some very impressive updates on the cute baby Snake Plants and
the wonders of how fast the mother plant grows after repotting. Okay? So, here are the two leaves that we will
propagate, and from these, we can get up to six propagations. So, Step Number 3, let’s cut the leaves
into 6. Step Number 4, let’s put about an inch of
water in a container. And then, Step Number 5 is to simply place
the cut leaves. There is a second option, which is to plant
it straight in soil, which is a very simple one and done process, but there are two disadvantages
to doing this and I will discuss it in a bit, so remember to stick around until the end
of this video, okay? ‘Cause for now, I’ll show you how to repot
the mother plant and you’ll see how much doing this process will do, ‘cause I will
also show you before and after shots of the mother plant and how much she has grown after
she has been placed into this bigger planter. So let’s start working on the mother snake
plant. Step Number 1, is to inspect the root area
to minimize damage to the mother plant. If you would look here, we actually have a
bud that will soon shoot out to the surface as a baby Snake plant. So, we really need to be careful not to break
that off as we separate the units. Step Number 2, let’s remove as much of the
old soil as we can. In case you’re wondering why I’m trying
to divide these into 3 units, it is to give this busy mom some room to push her baby. And later in this video, you’ll actually
see how fast this baby has grown because of this process. Step Number 3, is to gently pull the three
units apart and now we have three individual mother plants. And the baby is still safely intact. Step Number 4, and I think this is the fun
part, which is to plant them. Let’s reposition this one and let me see. Oh, what’s this?! Look, we actually have two buds. Look at this! So, I’m guessing this one will grow this
way and the other will grow the other way. See, why we need to give them space? And please remember to hit the ‘like’
button. Step Number 5, let’s clean them up a bit
using this flat brush. And since people would always ask about the
tools that I’m using, I have a link to this brush in the description below, okay? Because this brush is really flat and soft,
it can get into real tight spaces between the leaves of my succulents, that’s why
I love it. Okay, so as promised this is our before image
footage of our Snake Plant Planter. And later, I will also show you the babies
that sprouted from our leaf propagations, but for now, let me show you an update on
the buds that we found. So, just about three weeks after, here is
the baby that sprouted from the first bud and this is the second baby from the smaller
bud, and this is where we took the leaves that we used for propagation, and in just
less than a month after, here is the first bud, which is now twice its size, and here
is the second bud, which is definitely well on its way, too. And proudly, here they are 4 months after,
bigger and healthier than the mother plants that I ordered at the start of summer. And now, I’m about to share with you multiple
stages of our Snake Plant leaf propagation. So, Stage 1 is this, where we are only showing
just roots at first. So, this is our water propagation and here
is our propagation in soil. I found that in my case, soil propagation
is slower and you’ll see why I’m saying this as I show you our stage 2. Do you see how it doesn’t have as much roots
and that they are a bit finer? This is the first disadvantage to propagating
in soil. The other disadvantage is that we wouldn’t
really see if something is happening to our propagation or not. So, here is Stage 2. See how now, we have a tiny snake plant bud? Let me just adjust the view, so that you can
see this better. We actually even have two buds. The other one is just way too small to see
right now. Stage 3 is when we start to see actual Snake
Plant leaves. At this stage, it’s looking more like a
baby plant than a bud and I think the second one is more visible, too. Do you see it? So at Stage 4, we have been growing our Snake
Plant in a hydroponic environment, which reminds me that my next video is how to grow succulents,
berries and herbs indoors in a hydroponic system, so remember to subscribe and hit the
bell icon so you won’t miss it, okay? So, going back, I’m happy to share with
you our Stage 4, where you see a healthy growing Snake Plant. And as always, my message for you today is
that, all of our words and actions are prayers in itself, so talk and act consistently with
what you are asking for, and your results will be what is rightfully yours. Sometimes, those results may not seem to be
what is good for us, but there is always a better plan when things don’t turn out the
way we want it. So again, our words and actions are prayers
in itself. Thank you. This is Sheilah again, your person on a mission,
for Succulent Fame. Sending inspirations your way with every succulent. Remember to subscribe and share this video!

14 thoughts on “How to Propagate & Repot Snake Plants (Complete with Updates)

  1. Thank you so much. Can you do a video on aloe plants. The ones I purchased and repotted are dying even tho I'm watering them.

  2. Hi Sheila, was waiting for your video. As usual your instructions , video and information are very very helpful. Thanks

  3. Hi Sheila 🙂 It is so exciting to see our babies sprout and grow, I know! Thank you for your good editorial 🙌
    You are such a sweetheart. God bless you! 💕🤗

  4. Wonderful video as always. Shame on whoever gave it thumbs down! It's funny that you always talk about my favorite topics… succulents, snake plants, hydroponics 😘 This one was great info. I have lots of snake plants but I just wait for the babies. Now that I know I can propogate leaves, I'll soon have many more! Thanks!

  5. From the water when do you plant your snake plant into soil?? Also Do you water the soil when you transplant your plant into soil??

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