12 thoughts on “How to Manage Updates in Windows 10

  1. How to clam loses to Microsoft in case if work was lost due to forced windows update?
    These idiots can not figure out that it is not acceptable to update windows during working hours on a working days of the week.

  2. It is never okay to restart my device without express / explicit consent. You must wait patiently for user permission. Examples: Data loss on unattended, automatically rebooted PC overnight, happened several times. Running programs were terminated, months-long uptime reset to zero. Windows Phones (two) waking me up at 2 am, vibrating loudly in chorus several times as they reboot due to updates.

  3. Thank you Windows team. The people who complain about Windows 10 updates are the same people who say nothing when they start using Mac and have updates in the same way.

  4. So you say we cannot work longer than 18 hours a day? But what if we really love our jobs? 🙂

  5. Why not actually fix the updates first? Ive tried to update yesterday 5 times and every time i got the message (we couldn't finish the updates, undoing changes) then why does it go to 100% for 5 mins? Another thing to do is to NOT force it if its unstable and CANT update.

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