37 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Website – UPDATED!

  1. Thanks Tyler your teaching is clear and and easy to follow. You have given me new skills and helped me achieve much. No one does it better. 🙂

  2. Hey Tyler! Always love your content. Super helpful. I was wondering what you may recommend for a peer to peer marketplace where the user can upload their own content to a "profile" and sell items…. are there any plugins you recommend for this? Thank you!

  3. I would like to find out how to make the Google map on my contact page active. It won't open directions, zoom or share.
    Can someone please help?

  4. why does the contact form not send emails to my email? Is there something i'm missing

  5. Thank you ever so much! Just for taking the time to record,edit & publish to the
    general public. Super helpful!!!

  6. Hello Tyler i do have a question please,
    My website reflects only when i'm logged in, when i try to enter it as a visitor it only shows the normal stuff but not all the thing that i have edited , can u help ?

  7. I hope Tyler is recognized by ANY of the School Boards of Education at least in his own state. Not only he explains the whole process but does it with passion too. Tyler, you have saved me so much time that I feel like obligated to donate to Saint Jude hospital, because I do make money with the websites I've learned to develop with your teachings. THANK YOU!

  8. When making the buttons on menu "watch this" and "our work" I have space for url and navigation title, however none of the other options appear. no title attribute, no css and no link relationship. I am stuck.

  9. I'm excited to have found this tutorial. My hubby and I bought a domain name nearly two years ago and have done nothing with it due to overwhelm. Before I get watching this tutorial too far, we used namecheap (not host gator). Do you have any experience with this one? I don't want to spend all of the time developing a site if it won't work well! Thanks in advance.

  10. thank you so much for the wonderful website creation. I can do this although its my first time to do so. wonderful website. so impressive.

  11. Can anyone tell me where I can download the image files ? I only found the Templates from Tyler's site but cannot find image files (Explore) from the site.

  12. thank you , great tutorial , helped to configure website , I am using dedicated server with cpanel rented from www.datasoft.ws

  13. Thanks for your great tut and time, but I have a concern, I want to use the video wp lighbox plugin in divi theme ver. 3.0.83, as you do in the elementor theme, so far it has not been possible, could you give me a guide please. Have a great day…

  14. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge, both the plugin and the tutorial are excellent even for anyone with little or no knowledge in computers, it has been of genuine and generous help and has made a real difference for us, we run a small dental practice in the north east coast of Brazil which now has a website thanks to you, it comes without saying, if your happen to be in the land give us a buzz! all the best and keep on making the world a better place!

  15. Thank you Tyler!!! This is an amazing tutorial. I can't remember, but can you customize the images?

  16. Spot on. Thank you so much. Do the larger pictures effect page load or is there something you do or plugin to speed up page. Thank you again, Mr. Moore.

  17. Thank you for helping me learn the basics! This is the most helpful video I've found so far! Many thanks, Tyler!

  18. why my center menu at 35:38 doesent go to the center but stay right on two rows? any idea? thxs all others menus are like in the video funny that center menu is waht i wnated to build!

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