45 thoughts on “How to grow from underdog to basketball and social media icon | The Professor | TEDxDenHelder

  1. The internet's dope. If he would have been 30 years older, he would have had to get a job doing something he didn't care about. The internet allows passionate people to follow their passions

  2. Going through that much rejection and still preserving?? Professor can school most people on making the best out of their life…

  3. Lmao. If you wasn’t on and1 goating it up nobody cares bout your social media. Stop it lol. Bone collector rise more impressive. He was only at EBC and became household. And he’s little too

  4. Anybody else tear up get chills and laugh all at the same time when he said he became a Christian… or just me lol all good

  5. That’s wassup man, first time seeing this and I’m inspired by your story. I like how even though some things went wrong you stayed solid and never gave up. Much respect ✊🏾

  6. His life story in 15 mins! I could tell he was super nervous at the beginning but he settled down and did really well!

  7. He shouldn't discuss himself as a basketball player, he's an entertainer. he is so far from being an nba player it's comical.

  8. This is the best Ball Handler in the History of Basketball. He is a victim of Size and Racial Bigotry by the NBA.

  9. Fuckin definition of a hard worker.. kept fighting for his goals, and he achieved them..respect
    My brothet

  10. His Dad bribed the community college coach to get him on the team by giving him a wedding ring for free. Tell me I'm wrong.

  11. I admire him for the fact.. to want to be an NBA player when your not 7ft tall. And even through the obstacles he made hard work and practice pay off. That is an inspiration to me.

  12. Wow the professor inspired me with this video for sure. And the fact he gave his life to Christ is awesome as well! God Bless him 🙌🙏

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