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  1. What does it say about our society that a presenter on a TED talk goes on stage in a white T-shirt? Are you that lazy that you can't even put together an outfit better than what you were wearing when you woke up from bed??

  2. I was born in England and live in Australia. Stealing money from us if we don't choose one of the ridiculous un-educated suits they parade in front of us is an absolute violation of our human rights, freedoms and principles of democracy. It is a complete contradiction in terms. I would like to exercise my right not to vote. Votes should be earned… not forced.

  3. i agree with this up until the none of the above choice part. firstly we have the ability to spoil ballots. we always have and we always will. also none of the above means we'd be stuck in a weird transitional period where nothing is being legislated upon and no party has a majority. also the idea of parties scrambling for your votes to me only means one thing = false promises. business interests and sects currently are the main dictators of policy, even to the minuet civil service policy details. these closed interest communities mean govts are completely restrained. this is where the change needs to happen.. not having govts promise us the world knowing full well they can't achieve any of it. if we currently counted spoilt ballots but didn't take them into account then that'd be much fairer. then, there'd be a clear sign of political disenfranchisement, which all the media/public/politicians can see, but WITHOUT the need for instability and uncertainty.

  4. More and more people are starting to realize how political parties work for themselves and those who control the country's wealth and how they don't give a damn about the people. Hence, young people are starting to understand this fallacy of corporate capitalist democracy and are not entertained by the political dramas being played by the lying, deceitful system that governs us. Alot of people don't want to waste their time voting. Me being one of them. Want to make so change? Do something that will give you leverage over those who run/own the country. Why should anyone care about you especially if they know all you are going to do is cast a vote and complain?

  5. Wouldn't voting online at home leave people vulnerable to coercion from certain family members looking over their shoulder, making sure they voted in the 'correct' way?  I know from past conversations with neighbours that this would certainly happen.  I'd suggest that, ultimately, you can't beat the privacy of that voting booth.

  6. This guy is on the telebox in the afternoons and so I stumbled across this talk and some stand-up he did at Edinburgh for T4. The arrogance of the man is astonishing and quite appalling! He strolls off both stages without a genuine 'thanks for listening to me' – it's all about Rick and the privileged you have had to be able to listen to him! Maybe this would appeal to young people today they are after-all the 'me' generation: deeply and fundamentally selfish, arrogant and lazy. That's why they don't vote Rick!

  7. Im sorry my friend, but it smells like LENOR all over the place while im listening to you, that much of a freshly brainwashed you are.
    Voting itself is a money loundry/ business for the government and for some privateers, all the representatives are loosing interest thats why they want to FORCE everyone, spetially the easily vournerable and easily influenceable young people to vote.

  8. There is a 'none of the above' option other than not voting, it's called 'the spoiled ballot' vote … you tick more than 1 box and all candidates must gather in a room with an independent overseer to ensure that this is an actual spoiled ballot and not a mistaken vote for a party that was scrubbed out and recast, then you team the double tick with writing "You're all massive bellends, stop being shitty c*nts! hahahah … peace out, Bitches!".

    this means they have to look at your 2 crossed boxes to determine if the ballot is truly spoiled or not and then read your message, the only reason you don't know of this is the politicians don't want you to know … because if you did then you might do this and then they would have to read what you really thought of them!

    it's like jury nullification, nobody wants you to know that logically and ethically you can nullify such processes because you don't agree with them … but you can, so do it!

    tick 2 boxes and write your true thoughts about the bastards, make them read it aloud in the whole process of counting the ballot!

  9. A great video. Unfortunately though, I suspect that those in power actually like the fact that a large % of the electorate would rather watch Harry Potter than vote. It would be interesting to see who they would vote for though………..

  10. Having an online voting system is a flawed concept, because if young people (myself included who's not even eligible to vote yet) can't be bothered to leave the house to walk to a polling station, then they clearly don't deserve to vote. Online voting would be too easy, and young people would just vote based on whatever their favourite celebrities or friends were tweeting, paying no attention whatsoever to the party manifestos or any of the policies, just whatever Zoella tweeted about Jeremy Corbyn on election day and clicking a link in her bio.

  11. Oh well, as the saying goes, "Democracy is the worst form of Government, except for all the others". You can't get the young people to vote, and some people will vote because of pressure. etc. The majority of people is not always the best decision, especially since the people are poorly informed, and the government hides things from the people through a controlled press. etc. Also as I said just now, many people are simply unaware of what is going on, the faults of the current government, and thus, keep voting for the same people. There are also people who do not like voting, and only vote because they have to. They might just choose who their friends and family chose, instead of choosing the party that they feel is the best.

  12. I asked a young man how he will vote and he said "Burnie Sanders ". I asked why , and he said " free medical, free college, no new taxes. we'll take money from the rich, or make more money or barrow money. why not vote republican? They will take our medical, raise all our taxes, stop abortions and on and on. This was a group of wound people, visiting our farm.

  13. fuck voting its all rigged anyways for a big system that just bends us over and shoves their big blah blah democracy stick up our ass every four years. I'll rather just go make breakfast don't care fuck voting maybe I'll walk my dog after I finish my breakfast

  14. I get mandatory voting but for teenagers it's going about all wrong. Make it mandatory for them to stay at the voting booth for an hour or so. They just don't have an idea of what to do. If we can educate them on the different candidates and parties they'll want to vote. They don't teach you this stuff at school why should they care about it.

  15. I agree with most of these points, but mandatory voting is an awful idea. If you don't want to go through the small effort to vote, it's probably best you're not voting in the first place.

  16. Hold on a second, Rick Edwards, responsible for 10 years worth of braindead television programming for the UK youth market is now concerned that we're not bothered about voting?

  17. I've done some volunteer work at a local senior citizen center lately, and I couldn't help but noticed two things.

    1. The old folk always, always, ALWAYS VOTE – till the day they die.

    2. These old people not only have this HUGE community center, all paid for by taxpayer's money, but they are getting all sorts of goodies with it – free food, a nice concert every week, a swimming pool, a pool room, nursing assistance and so on. They also get free health care (along with FREE VIAGRA!!!), housing aid and retirement – again, all paid for by taxpayer money.

    Hmmm….maybe those two thing might have something to do with each other. Kind of like how young adults today, who never vote or take part in the system, are being thrown into lifelong college debt, unemployability and homelessness, all the while what little shit they have (like internet freedom)  is being taken away.

    So listen here, CHILDREN – just because a system is not 100% perfect or honest doesn't mean that it has failed. It hasn't failed those old folks, now has it? They voted – to make sure that the system serves them right. And that's the way it's ALWAYS worked, FOREVER. And if you CHILDREN don't like it, then it's time you all GROW UP, BE ADULTS, AND TAKE PART IN THE SYSTEM! I DON'T CARE HOW IT STINKS!!!

    And the worst thing you can do is sitting there with your kiss-ass iphone, whining, not doing anything, and simply letting people who hate you be the the only ones voting – and the result is some right-wing demagog being elected, with him/her kissing the asses of the rich and elderly while taking away your shit.

    Want a revolution? Yeah, you try that. The cops will be happy to trade their rubber bullets and tear gas for machine guns and live ammo, and mow you down in the streets. And why? Not because the "pigs" are evil. Because their purpose is to defend a system that, to them, works perfectly fine for those who actually take part in it – as it was designed 240 years ago!

    Millennials need to grow the fuck up and get a clue. Those old folks at the senior center are not going to last forever. After they're gone, and you STILL don't vote, then that center will likely be closed down and demolished – leaving you CHILDREN with jack squat – AND RIGHTFULLY SO!!!

  18. If you've seen Rick Edwards presenting the LeadersLive debate with Nigel Farage, you'll understand why I have little respect for him as political commentator /advocate. Having said that, this talk was interesting and did raise some good points. 

  19. Nice in theory….do we in fact vote. Are the machines truthful? The programmers have not been influenced in any way ? The people who read them are in fact not paid? And don't we, in a sense vote for the people who vote…and in voting, even if that was all fact. Are politicians made to do what they say? Can they lie on the trail get elected then do completely opposite? Who can hold them accountable ? What is their punishment besides a complaint letter?

  20. Definitely some good idea's. I'm 23 and I have got no intention of voting in the next general election. It's not because I don't care or I can't be bothered. I don't see the point in voting because it doesn't change anything. Last general election I voted Lib Dem because of their promises to not raise university tuition fees. What happened when the coalition formed? They completely rolled over and raised them to £9000 a year. They had already got the votes so it didn't matter to them. I think the "Non of the above" option is a must. That alone is enough to make me vote again. I think as long as there is a non of the above option then I agree that people can be fined for not voting. As for voting online, I think that's a no brainer.

  21. The vast majority of young people do not vote. Why? Because most of them do not belive that parlament can influence their day to day life. Politicians promise things but only before the campaign. Most of those promises are undelivered. As you mention they prefer to watch Gossip girl or Harry potter then to THINK and get involve in politics. If voting on line will be possible then the world will change.
    Nice speech by the way

  22. Mandatory voting works well in Australia, many people of all ages acknowledge that without it they probably wouldn't bother voting and its as easy as filling out a form if you don't want to vote ie for religious reasons

  23. why vote for something that doesn't change anything.  it's all the same cycle, a government for the people that fucks the economy, then one for the business that fucks the people.  Who are you kidding you fuckwit?

  24. Life should be pioneered by the young and open minded morally upright but NOT uptight, and not governed by out of touch old people. I'm sick of having my life wrecked by delusional old people. Who demonstrate wellbeing is a luxury. And disrespect is the norm. To be happy is a sin. And the services as they stand now need to be absolutely destroyed and remodelled with money and status making no part of it whatsoever in all spheres. Only intelligence and emotional intelligence. The government as we know it scrapped completely. I won't be surprised to see that happen. Its happening. There's nothing people up top can do about it. Only strength in truly highly emotionally intelligent- who are also highly intelligent calling all shots. Too intelligent for any would be manipulators and no need for greed. Patronising and Delusional to tell me that's not doable.

  25. I think the main reason that young people along with the older generation don't vote, is that political lies are out of control. We are all fed-up with false promises. If politicians lived up to their promised word. Credibility would be restored, and voter turn out would increase. 

  26. I absolutely want my voice/vote to be heard, but attaching it to a 'best of a bad bunch' party is hardly effective. I'd love to see a 'None of the Above' option – I want my reason for not voting to be clearly understood. Great talk.

  27. Here, here!

    Young people must fight for a voice. You can guarantee not to be represented otherwise.

    Stand up and be counted!

  28. If you're someone that would rather watch Harry Potter than vote, it's probably best that you DON'T vote.

  29. Excellent talk. I'm 19 years old and really in to politics… The thing I have a problem with is this absolute lie we live in a democracy. We don't, we live in a totalitarian plutocracy that we have very little power over. I enjoy doing research and talking about politics but in the end of the day, I always feel politicians and the media have the power to make the majority of people vote for a certain party. I honestly can't remember the last time a prime minister came in and actually made my life easier in some way? I love the idea of online voting and VAAs, that has to be the way forward for a younger generation like me.  

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