HOW TO GET ALL 6 AVENGERS EGGS in EGG HUNT Event 2019!! (Roblox: Scrambled In Time)

HOW TO GET ALL 6 AVENGERS EGGS in EGG HUNT Event 2019!! (Roblox: Scrambled In Time)

what's up restiess it's to super Nora and welcome back to another one of many episodes inside of roblox's egg hunt of 2019 and finally they have released the web page and main game for the scrambled in time egg hunt that is sponsored by Marvel Studios Avenger endgame if we scroll down here it'll give a little description on what this game is all about which is basically a hub that you can use to access every game that has an egg inside of it but also there are specific eggs located inside this main game that you can only unlock there and in this video we are talking about six specific eggs that have everything to do with the avengers endgame a movie known as these six avengers eggs inside the game there is a total of five puzzles located on floor one complete them all to get five Avengers eggs and when you do you will get an Infinity Gauntlet egg and of course the Infinity Gauntlet itself yep that's right you can harness the power of Thanos finger-snap your enemies out of existence with this Infinity Gauntlet all you got to do is follow exactly what I'm gonna do in today's episode so if you guys are super I've to get six Avengers eggs and of course most importantly the Infinity Gauntlet then be sure to drop that like down below subscribe if you're new to the channel hit the navigation bell on your way out and let's play the egg on 2019 scrambled in time game welcome to the world of scrambled in time the new game that just came out that works again like a hub but also like a game at the same time why is that guy standing on me so many questions we have yet to answer on the walls you will see a bunch of spinning galaxies the ones that aren't spinning galaxies are eggs that you have already unlock off for right now I want to go ahead and get these six Avenger eggs located in floor once so just teleport to this section that says floor 1 it'll be available for everyone right from the start and let's see what we have to do first things first let's go ahead and grab this ax up here I believe it stores ax it's right from the bond so you'll be able to see it right over here let's climb up there and go as quickly as possible come on we can do it is there any double jump if there's no double jump so that's kind of saddening but it doesn't matter we just got this ax and we can use it to chop down this little section on the house there and what we do we can access the first of five puzzles time to knock down this wall with the Stormbreaker take this take that take this oh and we got teleported to on our third go is there sprint there's no sprint so this is kind of saddening I do have my launcher here by the way guys so if you guys see me anywhere I'll be launching these throughout the games I'm in and there's gonna be chillin there oh I got my own egg award nice who's in here is this Thor's temple oh whoa whoa how do we owe the eggs right there our very first egg perfect okay so there's no sprint which makes me very sad because that would be very helpful but we have to figure out a way to get up there problem is oh we have to press upon two switches this doesn't really seem to be much of a puzzle it's more like can you do a knobby properly and then you get it so there we go we've pressed number one now we can move over here and do another set of puzzles to get to number two climb up here we go it's really easy you just climb up a bunch of blocks I don't know why they thought this was some kind of puzzle but let's go number two has been pressed then we're gonna head over to number three which actually seems to be easier than the number two ah be wow I wish we can play some hard Abhi's I hope some of the other puzzles will be really hard Abhi's or at least something that uses the noggin here cuz I'm not using any noggin I'm just climbing up some hills and that's pretty oh I oh oh I see what we have to do here okay I had to use my noggin there not too much work we just broke through with our storm breaker which will lead us to over here break right through and now we've made it to the fourth little section and we're gonna press this button boom there we go the Thor aid is falling down and the first Marvel egg is right here ready for us to take what if I launched an egg add another egg what will happen take this mr. egg boom nothing happens well it doesn't matter because we just got the Thor egg award and the Thor egg oh my gosh what in the Thor egg ruined me guys did you see that I was ruined I was torn apart by the Thor egg anyways we're gonna head back and solve another puzzle in floor number one so apparently if you have an Android phone or something like that you can get wings that makes this a lot easier but if you're like me and have no Android phone you're probably confused in how to get to all these islands out here I mean I was for a while until someone told me that there is a hole right behind the little house here it's really close to the area where you enter into Thor's little temple down here is a little is a key what do we have to exactly do I think we have to get back up here hello oh wait there's something over here there's literally something over here that we can oh I see where we gotta go we have to use that key to unlock something I think I think I don't really know oh that's not what was the point of the key that we could just go into the ship oh here we go okay how do we oh we got to go up if you look closely there are four different docks that are highlighted and they represent the four other temples that we have yet to go to why don't we go to this one over here first can we just jump out or do we half the land oh we have to land really can we just I have to land over there that's kind of annoying but what's more annoying is the fact that there's no sprint so this is just so long to get to places why who is the genius that decided not to put any sprint oh well we made it in here I see a bunch of numbers I'm guessing we have to do it in that order like a knobby okay wow that's cool oh oh Captain Marvel lag alright let's do this guy's oh and if you fall into the water you die so don't fall into the water it's an actual lobby okay here we go so much for puzzles wait how did I get that wait what how did they get the helmet on um that was in here originally okay this helmet gives me an aura of some sort and I don't know what this aura does but I'm gonna press it oh it knocks down the pillar oh that's so oh now it's Domino's effect hello that gives us access to this region over here we can use the aura again which that will fall down on top of this one and I think we can climb it now to go to the top and then go around oh my gosh who what is that that this helmet would give me special aura powers number one has been activated now we can keep moving it on go across this bridge and that will lead us directly to the number two after we activate this one we can head over and use the aura to knock down this little puzzle piece over here can we jump across there well that was a close one but we made it across jumpin up jumpin up and Oh number three is right over here perfect hit that number three something else should be unlocking what's happening right now oh the bridge of lights it is here waiting for me to use because over here is the Captain Marvel egg now I haven't watched Captain Marvel so I have no idea what this helmet is or what it does but I'm assuming we're gonna use it to knock down this or this stuff right over here I did it again twice in a row I only think you need to do it to one so you don't have to do it to both sides like I did it doesn't matter but let's go on this one over here and then press the switch over here which should bring down I think the one that we need oh holy cow okay everything raced out of nowhere okay but we needed that to race because this will help us climb to the top of this temple and get ourselves the Captain Marvel egg award and the Captain Marvel egg with that also comes my loose pants apparently now that we know what to do we head back to floor 1 and enter the third temple I'll let you spawn back here make sure to head your way over to the ship dock again when you do get underneath get onto the ship and let us ride it to another one of the four temples out here which in this case is going to be this one here I think this is to represent Captain America I mean it's white blue and red so why don't we just land here get off there and enter this temple and this elevator will take us down over here and look at there the Captain America a from the looks of it it seems like we have to do an IB and hit targets as well okay oh wait that's the egg up there that's just the shield huh we use the shield to hit the target oh my gosh look at that and then we use that to hit there let's go this way let's keep it going go up the ladder now yup yup and then we go across this is there anything else that we need to use the shield for umm do we just hit this so oh oh wait a minute really you're just like hit okay we hit the string so do we hit oh we hit the strings okay let's try to hit the strings again it's moving too much but there we go fell down we can make it across we got to hit these strings one string to string it comes down and now we're making it up here let's go across make sure not to fall hit these two strings hello there we go that part falls then the target falls and now we have a bridge that goes across we all right oh wait there's more things that need to fall let's knock it down the truss boom let's knock down this over here as well why not we're all the way over here yeah our shield goes so far boom and the fourth string is cut so now we should be good because we can walk across this trust go up this one that has been already here and then it go across this little platform that fell from the one we knocked before go up another truss um are we supposed to go down yeah we're supposed to go down okay I was a bit I was a bit fishy there I wasn't too sure and let's knock that down and somehow just magically floats down nice and peacefully as soon as you knock all four of them but if you knock three or two it goes crazy I don't know why physics where you at probably stuck back in grade 12 now we're gonna climb this and go across the final stretch to get the Captain America egg award and the Captain America egg why can the animation never be perfect I don't know three examples down five more to go and it seems like we've unlocked a new teleport known as the dock no way if you get the key then this will teleport you straight to the dock oh my gosh I did not even know that this is gonna be perfect so we don't spawn in at that stinking house anymore yes this is perfect now we're gonna get onto the ship again and we're gonna head to the fourth temple which is the Iron Man temple right over here no Iron Man I have come to do your tempo so I can get your egg good let's enter you right in here Bo okay what do we have to do alright so the egg is right there oh wow there is a lot of stuff I saw a glove there we're gonna have to do some some Ironman magic moves with our gloves hit a bunch of targets kind of like with Captain America's shield but this time it's probably like lasers on his thing I don't really know I don't want to fall into the lava there okay where exactly do I have to go I I'm I'm kind of confused to be completely honest guys but let's keep going here and it crosses really quickly no no come back no why are you so fast here we go here we go jump and I gotta wait around a little bit and then jump across here jump across there and oh I have to jump oh I thought I have to jump down I was scared for a second I was like that is a small platform what is this let escape – but our pulse Club what do we do we just hit the targets okay charge up and shoot charge up and shoot all three targets have been hit which means that more platforms will raise and that will lead us into a hole in the wall okay boom charge up our shot we hit that now we gotta dodge lasers make sure they don't hit us oh this is actually pretty fun oh wow that was close holy cow and boom we made it across now when we got a target right there charge up hit and what's gonna appear what's going to appear hello ah yes more platforms for me to enjoy and we're going back into the wall great we have to fall down on this elevator but we got to be careful cuz I don't wanna go into lava or anything Oh another target oh wait wait come back come back oh-ho that was super close it almost got away without me it hit that and that makes us go even higher I'm gonna hit that one and that makes us go even higher and now we've reached over here another target to hit which should pop up more platforms you up right over here and we can get across to this little section hit another target these little platforms here will probably start moving or the platform ah Mon will start moving either one works and how many more targets are there this one over here should be the last one I think I think I oh look this one right here and this one is going up up up to the Iron Man and the Iron Man a with four temples now we only have one more to go and which one would this one belong to I wonder which temple this belongs to I I don't remember Iron Man Captain America Captain Marvel Thor is this one like supposed to be a Hulk maybe I don't really know wait where am I supposed to go hello can I not land on this temple oh I have and in here okay okay let's go let's go let's go wow I was stuck there we go we landed okay let's go up and then into this temple right over here the final one guys the final egg is upon us here we go come on come on enter it boom Oh what I don't know who that is it black widow it might be Black Widow I don't really I'm not really sure guys to be honest I've only seen like four Avengers movies so I'm sorry but we have batons and we have a lot of people back I just got the egg what wait for me guys I'm gonna use my butthole to hit something or to hit someone or to hit these woods get out of my way I'm gonna hit you with my pole ha ha well oh where do I go now go through here and this will make us go too over wait what's over here this is secret wall no no there was nothing there oh now there's something there and it happens to be a massive ball what is this Indiana Jones I gotta get out of here they'll just jump over that why would I want to break that that's there's no point to that can we slide I wish there was slide and dive mechanics like there was in the last egg hunt that would be awesome ah why did they not do that this time around they had so much to go for them but so far this adventure section is actually not too bad it's not hard but it's not super easy and it's pretty fun now that that ball actually is really close to us and it's gonna fall off and we survived alright go across let's go across on this one that raises up really quickly I don't know where for some reason and then go across over here I want to climb that but I don't never mind I shouldn't have caught on that because this needs to fall down leads us over here and then we go across these wooden bridges that I should not break with my bottle because the egg is here we got the black widow egg reward and the black widow egg and as well as the Infinity Gauntlet egg and the Infinity Gauntlet itself with that ladies and gentlemen we did all five temples meaning we got this six egg as soon as we got all eggs and with the egg comes the gauntlet I'm super stoked to use this I'm actually gonna go put it on right now um okay it doesn't even fit my hand what why why doesn't it fit my why is it like what what kind of body type is this supposed to fit okay never mind now I'm sad guys let me know if the Infinity Gauntlet fit you because for some reason it's too big for me or am I too big for it I don't really know but at least I have it from this angle it looks pretty cool and I can finger snap every one out of existence well with that we've got all six Avengers eggs if this video helped you out be sure to drop that like down below subscribe if you guys are new to the channel hit the notification bell on the way out and I'll see you all in another egg hunt episode this is twisted Pandora signing off and as always don't forget to stay adhi

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  1. โ–บ Timestamps for Eggs:

    2:07 – Thor Egg

    5:06 – Captain Marvel Egg

    7:51 – Captain America Egg

    10:28 – Iron Man Egg

    12:53 – Black Widow Egg (and Infinity Gauntlet Egg)

  2. 2:07 Thor
    5:06 Captain Marvel
    7:51 Captain America
    10:28 Iron Man
    12:53 Black Widow
    12:53 Infinty Gauntlet

  3. @TwiistedPandora i have a problema that i followed the tutorial 100% but it wont give it to me any of the eggs

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