How To Get A Job In Industry Without Industry Experience

How To Get A Job In Industry Without Industry Experience

hello and welcome to another edition of ask cheeky I'm Isaiah Hinkle with cheeky scientist and today's question this week's question is from Merv Clark and the question is I am doing a second postdoc the experience of which turned into hell for me all right so not good I am interested in transitioning in my career into the healthcare industry with with clinical research so so they want to get into clinical research and positions related to at msl position so a medical science liaison position since I have no experience in either I've been having a hard time finding the right position this might sound familiar to a lot of you we've got a lot of questions on this right no industry experience how do you how do you get an industry job the question goes on because I don't have the experience I have been applying to entry-level positions or trainee positions but this time my PhD gets in the way because it over qualifies me for entry-level positions how do I break away from this vicious cycle so the problem here is that is that Merv is applying to you know positions at one level that require industry experience and not getting into these positions because she doesn't have any industry experience and then she's also planning to another level of positions were in which she thinks she's overqualified for these entry-level positions that might just ask for an MS degree okay so first we have to break down some misconceptions here now every position you apply to it's going to ask for industry experience you know job postings are just hiring manager wish lists they're templates so you're going to see at the very least two to five years of industry experience required but of course PhDs are getting jobs out of academia into industry you know how are they doing this without industry experience you know it's it's because industry experience is not required it's always going to be asked for so you should still apply to these positions because you can still get into them especially for MSL positions MSL positions are very hot right now right medical science liaison positions PhDs are being hired into this this year alone in our Association we've had three four five become hired into MSL positions I think we have two or three that are at bristol-myers Squibb alone so so big companies are hiring into this position and it's something that if you know how to apply it you'd net work and actually get referrals you can get into this you know right out of academia now the second part of that question is okay what if I'm overqualified now we've also had a lot of associates and we've seen you know we've done polls we work with hiring managers recruiters and we see over and over again that PhDs when they apply to these positions that they might be overqualified for or that just ask for an MS degree they come in and if they you know do a great job on the interview and the company really wants them right because no company's gonna turn down a great job candidate they will make positions for them and that's what happens is we see phd's going into these positions where they might be a little bit overqualified for them so what is the company do they create a new position alright so it might be from you know Xyz manager to senior XYZ manager right so it might be an RD or a bench position and they might go from a research scientist position to a research scientist to a research scientist 3 or our senior research scientist just as an example it's a Technical Sales Specialist they might be called a senior Technical Sales Specialist because of that PhD and very often look at paid hire as well so you should still apply to positions that ask for industry experience where you might think that you don't you're not quite there yet or too high and that apply to those positions that might seem below you as well but you might think they are overqualified for apply to them go on the interviews go through the whole process make them want you bad enough and they could create a position for you or you might just get into that that dream job that you want whether it's a medical science liaison or anything else so until next time remember your value as a PhD and continue thinking and acting like a successful industry professional

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  1. Какой то очкастый мужлан пиздит важно в видео. Можно по русски? Дизлайк 🤙🏿

  2. How about those of us who only possess a Bachelor's degree? I am an art major who would like to get into PR/marketing. What is your recommendation for us?

  3. As someone with a PhD, I'm sorry to say, but this video is not helpful. Obviously, those of us with PhDs will continue to apply for these positions and try to do well if asked back for an interview. From my perspective the person was asking what to do about being turned down from entry level jobs because people are assuming they are overqualified. Based on my experience, I have not been asked in for an interview in those situations. Thus, telling someone to do great if they are asked back for an interview is unrelated advice. Also, I'm more curious about how to market my experiences when asked "What is your experience in industry?"

  4. I am sorry if am annoying u asking so many questions.. but I want to ask that how much tym does it take in industries for some proposals to get approved. My proposal is under process in two of the industries (one of them written by me) and were through reference of r n d chief in one and general manager in other. I also follow up number of times but they say its under process. but its nearly 8-10 months now. can I b hopeful about them??

  5. i did my PhD in June 2016. Since then I am looking for an opportunity. Do industries take into account all the CV they receive through email on their website or submitted through job boards…or they simply go unnoticed.

  6. I Want to work at an electric company called Eaton well this be the same ? I'm having a test about industrial experience to see if i have any but idk what it about??

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