what's up you guys welcome back to my channel if you're new or welcome I hope you click that link down below to subscribe and welcome yourself to our little family here today's video is going to be a video I've been thinking about doing for a really really long time but I'm just now getting around doing it I don't know why but so today's video is going to be a few of my tips on how to get a job in the beauty industry and I don't mean being a makeup artist I mean more on the corporate side whether that's PR marketing product development all of the different jobs that go into the beauty industry and there are a shit-ton just like any other business this beauty industry takes a lot of wheels to turn and crank out some good makeup as some of you may know I actually did recently quit a job in a DVD industry I was doing product development at a contract manufacturer here in New York and I quit that job to do YouTube full-time but with that experience I feel like I have a lot of knowledge to bring you guys if you are interested in going into the corporate world of beauty which i think is a growing number of people as the days go by because the PD industry has always been a huge industry but it has recently probably in the past like five ten years has boomed and so there's a lot more brands a lot more jobs there's a lot more opportunity to do something that you love if you are a beauty junkie like me and like a lot of us watching YouTube videos so I'll probably be doing a few different videos on the beauty industry as a whole I might do a video on like different jobs you can get in the beauty industry maybe the ins and outs of product development because that's what I used to work in and that's like what I know the best but yeah today's video is just gonna be a few different tips that I have if you are looking to break into the corporate side of the beauty industry so if you're looking to be a makeup artist this isn't the video for you but if you are looking to work for a makeup brand or something of that sort these are gonna be great tips for you so just keep on watching okay number one tip and this might like break your heart if you don't live in these areas but to be real to get a job in the beauty industry there are only really two places in the u.s. that you can do that and that is New York and LA so if you don't live in or around New York or LA and you are really really passionate about beauty and this is your dream to be in the beauty industry then I would definitely look to moving to either New York or LA that is where almost all makeup brands are makeup skincare fragrance it basically all brands in the beauty community are primarily based around New York or LA somewhere in San Francisco a few like benefit there's it two-faced I think its benefit there's a few like Sigma and makeup geek that are stationed like other states but for the most part you have a lot more opportunity in New York City or in LA that's where most of the companies are so if you really really are passionate about this I do highly recommend looking into moving to those areas if you don't already live there but that is my first tip like you kind of got to be around the jobs to get the jobs you know and that does really really suck if you don't live in those areas but if you're passionate about it then that's what you got to do so my next tip is about getting an education in the field so there are two schools that offer degrees and kind of like the corporate side of beauty one of them is fi T which is the school I graduated from and that program is the cosmetics and fragrance marketing program and then there is also FIDM which is out in LA and they offer I think an associate's degree in a similar I'm not sure the name of it but there is an associate's degree and like the business of beauty or something of the sort like cosmetics I'm not even sure if they go into fragrance but it's like the cosmetics marketing program or something like that I'll try to find links to all of those things down in the description box for you guys but if you are looking to get into beauty and you're still in high school or maybe at the beginning years of college and you are looking to transfer maybe you just decided that you wanted to be in college or maybe graduated and you want to go back to school for this because you've decided that it's something that you're really really passionate about and what you want to do with your life then I do highly recommend going to fyt it's school I graduated from the program for cosmetics and fragrance marketing is only a two-year program it's a two-year bachelor's program you have to have an associate's degree before you can be admitted to the program but if you go to fi T then you do your first two years in another degree I did advertising and marketing communications and then I moved on to the second two-year program to do cosmetics and fragrance marketing but if you already have an associate's degree from another school you can apply directly the cosmetics and fragrance marketing program or if you have a bachelors form in out the school you can apply that way too but you do to have an associates but I would highly recommend if you're still in high school and you're looking for colleges to go to and you want to be in the video industry I do highly recommend going all four years to fi t because if you're already an MIT student you will have a better chance of being admitted to the cosmetics program because they take fi T students first and the program admits 50 students each class there's only 50 spots every year when you apply to it I can do a whole nother video on my experience MIT actually have a blog I did like when I was still in school that I can link down below for you guys are pretty card in here for you guys to see but it is an incredible program I will say it does focus more on fragrance than color cosmetics when I was there and I think that's because the head of the program was a perfumer for many years I love her name is Virginia and she is a goddess I love her so much but the course ode is heavy on fragrance because that's her background but fragrance is honestly such an amazing thing to study like it's so much fun you literally it's like sitting class and smell things all day it was a lot of fun for me even though that's not what I ended up going into but you will be surprised there were a lot of people I went to school with that thought they were like the color girl they wanted to do proper bellman and makeup and then they started they took that first fragrance class and now they work at a fragrance friend one of my best friends christine actually that happened to her I'm not gonna ramble too much about the program I'm gonna link it down below so you guys can check it out but if you're still in high school and you're looking at colleges to go to and you really want to be at the beauty industry I do recommend those programs everybody I went to school with ended up with the job not everybody but for the most part like out of the 50 of us I want to say like 90% of us graduated already secured with a job so that's like the best way to do it I think it's not the only way to do it but I think starting off with that very specific degree in cosmetics at fragrance marketing definitely puts you ahead of the curve when it comes to getting a job and you also get to meet so many people in the industry all of your teachers are professionals in the industry you get to go to a lot of different events that take place at MIT all the teachers will invite you to events some people you have to do an internship your senior year with a brand so you will be put like with a brand you also get a mentor or your senior year like a person that works in the beauty industry so it's a really really great way to meet people and just kind of get your foot in the door before you even graduate college the third tip also kind of goes hand-in-hand with the school part is in turning your best bet to get your foot in the door is doing an internship whether it's paid or unpaid honestly most of the internships in the beauty industry now are paid the only one I can think of that isn't is estee lauder they don't they don't generally pay their undergrad interns like if you're a college student usually just get credit for it some startup companies like some stop the smaller companies won't pay you for an internship but it is a really really great experience you really get hands-on experience I will say for the beauty community it may not be like this for the fashion industry but for the beauty industry interns do hands-on work like you're doing a full job you are not just getting coffee for the most part this is just this is just from like my experiences and my friends experiences that I've been told about you won't be like going on coffee runs you won't be like sending out calendar invites you might be doing a little bit of those things but you will be actually doing work like what hi when I was at my internship at my old job before I got hired I was doing the same work when I got hired like they basically started me off as an entry-level from the beginning and I just picked up more responsibilities as I went but you will be getting hands-on experience you will be going to all the meetings and like doing real work as an intern and beauty companies actually pay a pretty penny for their interns for the most part like L'Oreal L'Oreal is the number one internship you can get like if you internet lore'l you're gonna be a slave to them but you will be like set to get any other job in the industry forever cuz they having lore'l on your resume is a really really really good look because they know how hard they work their interns but you get paid a pretty penny when you're loriel intern I used to intern at Victoria's Secret beauty and they paid me well for an intern yeah it's not like enough to live off but like when you hear about these horror stories of like interns that aren't paid they and they and they don't even get like a MetroCard to go to work like and the beauty industry takes care of their interns I would say so yeah I would definitely say that interning is going to give you not only hands-on experience but it's also going to help you meet people you get to go to different events and I feel like in the beauty industry there's a there's like a high rate of interns that actually get hired entry levels I feel like when it come looking for an entry-level position they're more likely to hire their interns and to look out like outside so if you're Internet interning there already and an entry-level position opens up while you're there and you're pretty much set with a job this isn't to create any like unreal expectations for you guys but these are experiences that I know of personally and I think they happen pretty often in the beauty industry so yeah interning is a big big deal it's honestly pretty rare that anybody gets hired in the beauty industry without having entered in in it before and I feel like especially if you live somewhere else maybe you go to a college outside of the state outside of New York or outside of LA doing an internship over the summer one summer might give you one a little bit better of a field you actually want to go into the industry and then to also kind of get your foot in the door before you make that big move to one of those cities if you don't already live there so I feel like interning is a very big deal so my fourth tip is for people that maybe already have a job in another field and want to get into the beauty industry I've heard a lot of stories about people getting jobs in the beauty industry by being like an admin assistant or working in like HR or whatever else their background is applied to those kind of jobs that aren't necessarily like hands-on beauty in beauty companies and then working your way through the company instead so say you have a background in HR you have a background and being administrative assistant or just an administrator role at all start applying to jobs at beauty companies so if there's an admin assistant role in like Moroccan oil or at like Beautyblender applied to those jobs and then once you're in once you've got your foot in the door you kind of move within the company company like let everybody you know within the company that this is something you're passionate about you'd like to like do another role and a lot of companies are really really strong I'm kind of like growing their employees to be whatever they want to be so if you go in even like a receptionist you can be trained kind of like on-the-job to do other roles and like kind of move your way through the company because you don't have experience in beauty necessarily it'll kind of put your foot in the door to like work around within the system and then maybe once you get the experience at that company in whatever Beauty role it is and you can move to another company when the time comes when you have that experience so if you don't have Beauty industry under your belt yeah I would use whatever experience you have maybe in at a beauty company at a fragrance or a cosmetic or a skincare company to kind of navigate the system my next tip is for really anybody it's all about social media I cannot tell you how far me having a YouTube channel has gotten me in the beauty industry even before I like took on YouTube full-time literally every interview I've ever went on in the beauty industry they have been impressed by my YouTube channel because I do put it on my resume and I do not flaunt it but it is something I do talk about in every interview I go in and I feel like that's because the beauty industry is so heavily focused on social media now that it's really really great for you not only to have a background in social media but to show that your passion for beauty is not just you having a lot of lipstick it's actually something that you dedicate your time and energy into whether it's blogging or having like a big Instagram or have not even a big Instagram just like make up only Instagram or a skincare only Instagram or having a youtube channel even if you're not big on these things I feel like it just shows a lot of time and dedication to people like when you get that interview and they see on your resume that you have a blog and they're like oh my god wow do you have a blog what do you write about and before they even meet you they check out the blog and they like that and they already have kind of like a first impression of you and they already see that you're really really into this and you're really passionate about it and it isn't just a job to you it's something that takes hold not only in your professional career but also like your personal life and anybody will tell you that if you're passionate about something you're gonna do the job better even if you're not big even if you have like ten subscribers even if you have only your mom reading your blog the fact that you take the time out every week to write a blog post to record a video to post an Instagram every day that really goes a long way so I feel like it's super beneficial to just start something on social media some kind of dedication to the beauty industry other than just owning a lot of lipstick my next tip is to always always always have business cards on you even if you're a high school student just make up a business card put your name on it put whatever student at West Elm High School just name it why's that I'm like furniture store like literally it can say anything when I was in college I had an MIT student business I made it myself printed at Staples it was like 10 dollars or something I made up some business cards they just had my email on it my cell phone number and then like fi T student or like cosmetics and fragrance student whatever it said on it and my name and whenever I went to events whenever I went to job fairs and ever I met anybody in the industry I gave them the card and it's not always gonna get you job it's not they're not always gonna call you back but it is gonna leave an impression for sure even if you just attach them to your resume when you send out your resume it kind of ties back into the social media thing it just shows that you're really dedicated about this and that you really care so it's just kind of like a nice little touch and it's something for for somebody to keep from you I mean this is honestly not just a beauty industry tip this is a tip in general makeup the business card even if you're 12 years old make up a business if a 12 year old gave me a business card be like well you're gonna be the next president but it goes a long way like I like using Photoshop so I always make up my own business cards but if you're not they have like all of these formats that you could just like pick out a background write in your info and it makes it for you so don't even worry about like designing it just go like mu is a really great website to do your business cards on that's the website I do you can just print like kind of like make a logo and prints up at Staples they're not that expensive at all you don't need many of them I would get like max 50 because you're not gonna be handing them out that often unless you're like really got like going hard networking but it really goes a long way it's like a nice touch that people will remember and then my last tip is something that every single person I've met in the beauty industry has told me and it's never burned bridges and always be nice because like I said the beauty industry is a big industry now but in terms of personally like it's very small like everybody knows everybody if you're mean to that one lady at L'Oreal she's gonna tell everybody she knows and they're gonna tell everybody they know and they're gonna see your name one day and they'll be like oh I heard she's a bitch like I know that's petty and I know that's annoying but it doesn't matter just be nice to everyone you never know who's gonna know somebody who knows somebody you've got you a job you're never gonna know like it's just always but this is any industry just be nice to everybody even if somebody stabs you in the back even if somebody is a total bitch to you kill them with kindness just be nice because you don't want anything to come around and bite you in the ass because it it just takes one one bad mouth and I'm not saying like your whole career will be over but like just be nice to everybody and don't burn any bridges because you want as many connections as possible because it just goes a long way be nice to everybody and you will never have anything to worry about because let me tell you that the beauty industry is very very tiny everybody knows everybody okay you guys that's it for some of my tips on working your way through this beauty industry I don't have many years of experience but I feel like I've met a lot of people and I've kind of taken bits and pieces from everybody that I've met to kind of compile these little tips also just from personal experience I did graduate from fi T and before my graduation I already had a job secured in the field that I wanted in the job that I wanted in like the specific job role I wanted and I followed all of my tips so I feel like these tips can actually get you guys a long way especially if you are clueless to how to get in the beauty industry these things will actually help you just take it with a grain of salt obviously you got to work your own magic but I really feel like this is a video worth putting on youtube if it's gonna help anybody because I looked I looked all over YouTube I didn't find any videos like this at all so I really wanted to put it out for you guys because I know there are so many of you out there that really want to work in the beauty industry and honestly it's a great industry to work in I know all of these I don't understand when I see all of these youtubers like oh my god this industry is so shady such a bitch so much trouble because I don't think that at all maybe it's an LA thing I don't know maybe everybody's dramatic in LA but in New York all the youtubers get along I've never heard any New York youtuber drama I've never had any drama in like the actual like beauty industry like corporate no drama I just I don't get it when those girls say that because the beauty industry is really fun but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope it really helped you out at least one of you make sure you check out all the links I'm gonna put down below I'm gonna try to find as much information for you as possible to help you guys out and also give this video a thumbs up if it did help you leave me down in the comments what other kind of videos you'd like on the beady industry and I would be glad to do them I have a few my own but I would love to know what you guys want to see I love you all don't forget that I upload every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday at 9 p.m. so I will see you guys again on Thursday


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