How to Fake an Anti-Israel News Photo

How to Fake an Anti-Israel News Photo

hi this is your Dean Frankel from honest reporting’s Jerusalem office on June 20th 2010 a Gaza based freelance photographer went to an anti-israel protest rally at an industrial area of the Gaza Strip however the picture that he took was not terribly exciting it showed how few people were at this anti-israel rally but one thing caught his eye notice the gate on the right hand side of the picture the photographer had children stand behind that gate holding a protest sign but even this was not terribly compelling so then he had the children stand behind the bars and stick their arms through it and then he took the picture from an angle the result made it seem like these children were actually in a prison now in the caption that he used he put this is a picture of a demonstration not of a prison but a newspaper doesn’t have to use the caption that a photographer submits so when the independent decided to run an article about Palestine minors who were detained by Israel they talked about children clapped in irons and then they ran this photo with no caption how would anyone looking at this article know that these are not children in an Israeli prison what’s really outrageous is the independent use the same picture two years ago and now we find it cropping up on all sorts of articles and opinion pieces that slam Israel here it is in Australia is the age so what can you do about it contact the independent at the email address on the screen or in the description and demand that they stop using these staged photos tired of seeing Israel getting slammed in the media check out honest reporting calm you

100 thoughts on “How to Fake an Anti-Israel News Photo

  1. How can you ever believe a muslim???
    Taqiyya – lies told to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of islam as sanctioned in the Qur'an and Sunna, deceiving by making distorted statements to the media such as the claim that islam is a “religion of peace”. A muslim is even permitted to deny or denounce his faith if, in so doing, he protects or furthers the interests of islam, so long as he remains faithful to islam in his heart.

  2. If you haven't noticed Amesty , B'Tselem and HRW isn't Muslim propaganda…they are based in western countries and Israel run by westerns and Jews.
    You hasbaritas make me laugh when you talk of propaganda…no wonder, Israels reputation is in the toilet.

  3. Canada did by separation (Quebec) not integration,and the Native Americans are way down in the pecking order.Europe is on the verge of neo-fascism caused by the presence of a massive Moslem minority.The best is the USA and that says it all.

  4. So? The huge majority of israelis (and Jews) are good people. All they want is their tiny land to live in peace. They have done a lot of good for humanity, but you prefer to focus on those who have a different atitude. There are crazy people everywhere. Strangely, it seems that you turn a blind eye to the outrageous wickedness of the Arabs. They keep stoning woman to death, they keep killing gays… and what good have they done to humanity?

  5. Did you know that many Arab girls were left trapped in a school that was on fire, because they were forbidden to leave without a veil? They burned to death! And that is only one story. There so many more! And people don't care…

  6. Well.. They've also killed a lot of people just because they believed that Jahve had promised them a land. 🙂 So I'd say they are just as bad as every other human…

  7. Israel is a fact, it's reality and no matter how many people blame them for defending themselves against the insanity of their neighbors, it's forever! They will never lower their heads again. Now they are strong and able to defend themselves. I can only admire them.

  8. of immigration for the longest time and they have to get the rascism out of their system much like how the west did many years ago

  9. The Palestinian photographer noted that it is the same gate, taken on the same day. It is easy to change colors using a photo editor.

  10. The gate in the wide shot is also grey. It is also in the shade, and because the camera was exposing for the much brighter sky and reflection from the white surfaces in that frame, it used a 'darker' exposure to compensate.
    In the close-up, the exposure is much lighter because there are no glaring white surfaces in the frame, and it is taken in the shade of the arch. You can replicate this test at home with your digital camera and you'll see the same thing if you use an auto exposure mode.

  11. …also, if you enlarge the image, you will see that the gate itself is black, but the bars are indeed grey if you look closely.

  12. Funny as we all people inside the Israeli border have equal rights and vote to the Israeli Knesset. We have few arab parties in the kneset we have an arab judge in the supreme court. We have arab officers in the army and police Ambassadors, etc. They can go to any university they want etc etc.
    I can't say that there are no discrimination sometimes.But no more than theUS discriminate black people.

  13. The majority of Palestinain are voting for the PA in the west bank as they are under thier rule and in Gaza for Hamas . That is if they will ever be allowed to vote again. So how about you go and learn the facts first .

  14. "B'Tselem faces serious criticism for its misrepresentations of international law, inaccurate research, and skewed statistics" and you expect me to believe them????? And by the way it's the MUSLIMS that are dehumanizing the jews stupid, you've lapped up so much muslim propaganda you've lost touch with reality. Or are just another lying muslim?? Just spewing taqiyya.

  15. Taqiyya – lies told to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of islam as sanctioned in the Qur'an and Sunna, deceiving by making distorted statements to the media such as the claim that islam is a “religion of peace”. A muslim is even permitted to deny or denounce his faith if, in so doing, he protects or furthers the interests of islam, so long as he remains faithful to islam in his heart. You believe the lies.

  16. Now I understand, your just a psychotic that believes every conspiracy theory that comes along. You can't stand reality, you have to be opposite of everything, no matter how far fetched. All you do spew psychotic babble and try to convince people it's real, get some professional help.

  17. 1. Notice how the rectangular bars are rather strange for prison bars? These presumably hollow bars are more akin to gates at a domestic dwelling or industrial complex.

    2. The Melbourne newspaper referred to, "The Age", is almost moribund. It is a broadsheet which is on its last legs, a newspaper where the left-wing journalists don't like being told by management what to do. It is so rabid left-wing that directors have to sign a pledge not to interfere in the paper's editorials.

  18. This picture may be a false representation of the event photographed, what jews are doing in Palestine is excactly whats been told on this excact same picture

  19. right… don't look at the issues, just vote republican… the truth is, both parties are run by the same puppeteer. If you want real change, it's time to look beyond the parties.

  20. The Palestinians will even go as far as killing their own to support their fallacious cause. The murder of Muhammed al-Dura was a perfect example of this.

  21. No, they just took it down. No explanation. I keep checking on their corrections page, but so far no luck. Even if they add a retraction, the damage has been done since millions saw it. BUT — maybe they will be more careful in the future. (Assuming this was an honest mistake and not done on purpose.)

  22. i think it's the same problem worldwide, with what we usually call "left parties". i couldn't say since when it is like this, but i haven't any single example of a "left" party anywhere in the world which DOES NOT hate Israël & Jews, support "palestinians", fight against both judaïsm and christianism, West values, and globally fight against true freedoms. they all support bullshits like islam or such dictatorships.
    left parties are wolves covered as sheeps, we all must remain vigilant !

  23. please write "murder" of Muhammed al-Dura, with " ", as it is a fake.
    did you know ? charles enderlin, the producer of this lethal lie, has lost his trial and his movie was shown by french courts as it is: a lie. but this sucker has still got support and petitions of support from his fellow "journalists", here in France… i'm sure you can find articles about that on the net, but those i know are in french.

    "palestinians" do not hesitate to send their kids to be killed and to serve as shield.

  24. Criticism from whom?…….the hasbara bullshit machine?

    B'Tselem say basically the same thing as HRW and Amesty……but you guys claim they are bias or Antisemitic and the UN is controlled by Muslims……the Nazis use to say the whole world was bias and anti German and controlled by the Jews…sound familiar.

  25. notice the gate is black on the first frame then turns grey on the second. You are the propagandiste ssorry.

  26. @romancingthewine, I really don't dislike you either, but the world starting to see, more and more, that people who make ridiculous generalizations about Jews are entitled to a special designation. And it's not goy or gentile. God help you, first of all, so you can stop being a hater bringing darkness into the world. Oh, and I assume you've done your part in returning the land you're living on to the rightful native American owners. If not, you're still stealing it.

  27. Actually, if you look at the gate closely you will see that the bars are gray and the top/bottom are black. Only the bars are shown in the photos with the children.

  28. I'm sure it's something people don't brag about. Go join the Catholic Church. Then you can abuse them by the thousands…with full protection ,all the way to the top.
    You people make me sick… only have to look at your own societies to see that prostitution, pedophilia, rape, murder, etc are rife.

  29. Well, obviously they do need to fake it because as this video shows — they did! Racist? Arabs serve in the Knesset, how many Jews serve in the Palestinian Authority? They have repeatedly said that there would be no room for Jews in a Palestinian State. Sounds pretty racist, no?

  30. Dear Mr. Troll,
    You obviously have never even visited Israel let alone lived here because you are completely ignorant of what Israel is like. Whatever country you live in, I guarantee that we have more cultures here — and we are proud of it. In how many countries have Africans arrived in freedom as opposed to slavery? Yours? Doubtful.

  31. bit of an oxymoron there dipshit. why dont you go strap a bomb to yourself and go to a crowd of civilians and blow yourself up. its all fine cause you will be a hero, a martyr with your 72 virgins. you and your fucking "peaceful beliefs"

  32. Trollhideout should maybe change his nickname to MugabeTroll :-P. "Without us, there is no you" blablabla
    Long live Rhodesia!

  33. you whine all the time that the world is so evil against you, want to pillory everybody for being so evil…

    in fact you are the hasbara fakers, the successors of goebbels

  34. "I'm American" but on your channel page you say "Country Zimbabwe", so your nothing but a bigoted liar. And you don't know shit about Israel but what muslims have told you, that's why people think your one of them. All your spewing is muslim propaganda.

  35. I'm not racist just i hate islame as its a fascist belief
    and I'm not fuzzy on history I'm just not a left winged ignorant pick

  36. theres nothing called anti-israel because there isnt a real israel, its the stolen land from the innocent Palestinians, the torah clearly tells u not to steal.

  37. I like the fact you're exposing anti-Israel coverage … ah those Palestinians and such and their corrupt media… where have I saw corrupt media run by a select group of people before that spreads lies to promote hate… HMMMM

  38. To be honest… I don't think any Africans were going to any other country of their own free will nevermind Israel back before they were civilized 😉

  39. you guys are killing each other and instead of finding peace doing shit … thumbs up if you want to say fuck you both israel and palestine

  40. @ittihadfaaaan how is "palestinian" when was "the state of palestina" stolen? who lives in israel for 4000 years? since when, and why someone called that territories "palestine" ? where the original palestinians, arabs ???

  41. How much Zionist government is paying for you to come and say lies? Do you think your hasbara is stronger than the truth? You, Zionists, stolen my country. But we'll get it back. Just wait and you'll see.

  42. "If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog."

    from the Talmud…. so… yeah, I'd say that is pretty racist.

    Anyone who claims to be "chosen" over another race/creed, opens the door to racism, as you see yourself as superior to non-jews.

    Tell me how claiming to be "chosen" doesn't equate to separating jews from the rest of us "dogs", and give your people a false sense of superiority?

  43. Israel is a War Criminal, what are you so proud of? the IDF consists of cowards who hide behind tanks and weaponry to attack innocent civillians.

  44. That is a pretty stupid statement about the statistics that you just made. If a group of people with knives become aggressive towards somebody with a pistol who is minding his own business, then it shouldn't be any wonder that that the group comes out on the short end. DUH!!!!

  45. No, you are the one who needs to do even a little bit of study. I eat intellectual wannabes like you for breakfast because they are always so uninformed and I have a massive amount of fun doing it because they always come out looking so stupid when I am done.

  46. You are because you let yourself be indoctrinated for 30 years by the Arab lies. To be honest I sincerely doubt that you spent 30 years in the refugee camps. That is one of the tactics from the Left that I have discovered is that they lie about the depth of their involvement with in Israel & the Palestinians. I have read alot including travelogues of people who visited Eretz Israel in the middle of the 19th century talking about how void of people the land was between the sea & river Jordan.

  47. I have also read the inside story from Mousab Hassan Josef who is the son of a Hamas founder&what he said about the difference between the Israelis and Arab terrorist organizations is horrific.Even if you really were among theArabs ofGaza and/or Shomron I also know that Shin Beit follows women like you around because they know how naive they are & they usually let themselves get taken by the charms of theArab men so that they do something stupid like sit in front of a bulldozer out of view.

  48. 20 years ago I was able to obtain translations of the Turkish census' between 1800 to the British Mandate showing how devoid of people the land was. So who is the stupid one? The survey also showed how much and which land was LEGALLY bought by Jews moving back into Eretz Israel. I think that I trust the official Turkish documentation than somebody who had propaganda dribbled into her ear and checked out photo shopped pictures of supposed atrocities.

  49. I also know how the Left like to mince words. So you spent 30 years in the Middle East & with the refugees? Of your 30 years in the Middle East how much of that time was with the refugees? 5 minutes? A few hours in one of their beds?

  50. Did you know that the word "Palestine" comes from the Romans trying to rename Eretz Israel? They named it after the Philistines who came just after we settled the land & completely disappeared just after the time of Alexander the Great. As matter of fact the word "Philistine" comes from an ancient Hebrew word for "Invader". So every time we hear about the "Palestinians" demanding their land back we keep hearing about the "invaders" demanding it back.

  51. I don't know if I am perverted or not. I stay away from all forms of porn &put people on my spam list who send me porn. However, I am not naive &I know how the world works. And you probably got your geo-political world views flat on your back. So, yes I am very cynical especially after having to live with Muslim Arabs myself for years. I was sickened by what I saw &heard. They speak differently to men than they do to women. Most of them weren't interested in getting me into their beds.

  52. Your husband is a full blooded white American? What are you a racist or something? What do you have against Arab or African American men? 🙂
    I am 6'4" and weigh in at 235 lbs and am mostly muscle. I swim 3 days a week three miles in 90 minutes and two days a week 1 and a half miles in 40 minutes. I hope that your husband is also good in Krav Maga because he would need it and I need a little bit of a challenge.

  53. I lived with Arab Muslims at the Military Academy. My mother told me that I should make friends with them because most of them (not all) were Saudi Royalty&of all of the 20 or 30 that I got to know I liked only 2 of them. The rest were out to see how many of their wild oats they could sow.
    But I am not like my mother & I don't care if someone is royalty or not.If they are a-holes I tell them so. I even got one of the Princes not to shirk his duty at the academy. He didn't like me. 🙂

  54. The racism part against Arabs and African Americans was all tongue in cheek. I do think that you are racist as an Anti-Semite but I believe that was just a case of conditioning over years and years of hearing the news from only one side.

  55. I am sure that he does top my physical fitness. I have just been working out in the last 4 years after a hiatus of 6 years because of a bad accident that I had in Greenland in 2003.

  56. Amen~!

    "They are all hot as an oven, and have devoured their judges; all their kings are fallen: there is none among them that calleth unto me." Hosea 7:7

  57. Haha so you are pissed uh?
    Aint no lie in this picture it's a metaphore of the Palestinian's situation.
    Faith the truth you slaughtered them, deported them, stole their water, their land, trees, houses and belongings, then jailed them in camps.
    That is the situation.
    Called Crime against Humanity.
    Face it now – dont try to sweap the blood under the rug.

  58. Pallywood does not exist or show me what organisation or group it could be.
    On the other hand JIDF is real, I bet there is scores of paranoid fascist structures existing cleaning the image of israel…for the US taxpayer's eye mostly.
    Nobody threaten your freedom of tought, of speech or threaten your life and your family's if you advocate for israel.
    Well on the other hand it is very common if you advocate for Palestine.
    So dont project your sins on others please.
    You are the danger here.

  59. lol , stop to talking about fake photos,"IS THAT MAKE YOU RIGHTFULL?" talk about civilian people you killed.Talk about your extortion, talk about your phony country you bloody son of the bitch

  60. did it occur to you that you only think we kill innocent people because of 1.5 billion muslims use fake photos like this all the time?
    even if you are a muslim yourself, you're not from here, you have no idea what goes on here. your media is full with BS lies like the one shows here
    israel does not murder innocent civilians. tell your muslim friends to stop spreading lies

  61. thats the whole reason why you need to be here to know
    if you dont, then all you know is someone saying one thing, the other saying he's lying, the first saying he's lying, and you have no idea who's lying and who's telling the truth, which is all the difference
    actually, you should have an idea, if you're from turkey, if you're muslim, then you must know the concept that muslims should lie about others in order to defame "enemies of islam" like saying really stupid lies about jews

  62. also, this video is not such a great example, because you cannot see for sure that the gate with the kids, is actually the same gate in the 1st picture. this is not a good evidence of a lie
    but you can just google "pallywood" and watch many many clips showing real media lies by palestinians. like dead carried by people and suddenly getting up and walking away, photos from syria's civil war marketed as palestinian casualties by allegedly israel, and many many many more

  63. Islamic terrorists kill, injure and destroy almost everyday somewhere in the world, yet it remains fashionable to mindlessly hate Jews and Israel.

    Israel will prevail against its hateful, deceitful enemies and opponents.

  64. NZ culture is the opposite to Israel. And we're really good at team sports. It seems that being jewish has ceased to be a culture, and is a religion. The jewish are so hung up on themselves. So hung up in fact Im suspicious that the jewish bankers before ww2, because of the giant ego driven, narcissist, delusion that is your 'religion', figured that starting a war and killing a whole lot of jewish would make the money lenders even more(in your own mind) exclusive than ever. Considering the history and current events of the jewish – If the shoe fits………….

  65. "UPDATE: July 3 The Independent has removed the staged photo from their website. Good job to everyone who wrote them. You CAN make a difference." :O I'm shocked that the photos were removed! 

  66. This is only a small part of the fight but a positive part.
    The easy way to prove a photograph is fake is to click on the photograph – you will get a drop down and click on "search Google for image" – it will take you straight to Google and show the listing of when and where the photograph was originally taken.
    Choose a credible site in Google and confront the crud who posted the photograph.

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