How to Establish Yourself as a Leader - 9 Leadership Tactics

How to Establish Yourself as a Leader – 9 Leadership Tactics

would you consider yourself a leader a leader is an admirable position to take up leaders have power and they have more control over where they want things to go people look up to leaders and while they're given more responsibilities they often reap more of the rewards but not every person can actually be a leader leadership takes skills and hard work that do not always appeal to every person working towards their goals if you do want to step up and be a leader though consider using some of these tips to help you stand out tip number one learn from other leaders are their leaders that you admire you should try to learn from them there are plenty of books available that detail lessons from leaders throughout many industries throughout history and the journeys that leaders take are not all fun and games take some time to read about the failures the obstacles and the challenges that your favorite leaders have faced throughout time you may find some common lessons and experiences that will help you on your own journey to becoming a great leader tip number two is that it takes work to build skills leadership requires different skills depending on what industry you work in and what tasks you have at hand talk to leaders in your industry and learn what skills are necessary to get in the position you want to see yourself in then take the time to actually work and build on those skills leaders often have to work behind the scenes to prepare themselves for a leadership role even if you're not being directly praised for any education or development required to build your skills know that this work will pay off to number three is to believe that you are a leader if you bring the energy of a leader to a group the group will come to accept your position before you walk in a room prep yourself up and tell yourself that you are a leader that you're strong that you're confident and that you have the skills to take on the toughest responsibilities people will be able to see whether or not you are a leader just by your body language so your brain has to believe it first if you walk into a room with your head held high and your shoulders back it will show confidence proper posture is key to communicating what your position is to others make yourself big and maintain strong eye contact and a strong handshake when introducing yourself to others have you come into a situation with confidence people will naturally follow you and believe that you can take on the responsibilities tip number four is to take up more tasks if you can lend a helping hand if another leader is delegating tasks that you know that you can excel in you should go ahead and volunteer if you know a leader that is really struggling to look for volunteers go ahead and step up the more you make yourself present in an organization or a business or a team the more people will get to know you and that they will know that they can rely on you even if you take on just small tasks at first eventually you will build up to take on more and more responsibilities tip number five is to share your ideas leaders have to be able to put a plan into place they have to have a vision so don't be afraid to share your ideas with your team or a group sharing your ideas is like equivalent to taking up tasks the more you are present within a team or a group the more people will turn to you even if you don't have a solution yourself you can find ways that your group can come up with a solution together try to ask questions that gather information and lead your team towards a solution go ahead and write these ideas down or have someone else write them down so that you can have a document to refer later on in the future tip number six is to actually listen to others not all leaders are made with large mouths before and as you start to take charge listen to the people around you this is extremely important in leadership how do they feel about a situation what solutions and skills can they actually offer if you listen to other people you can bring their ideas to the table and connect them with opportunities so first in order to be a leader you will need people to be able to follow you while some leaders can lead through fear and intimidation you will get much further if your team truly believes that they can benefit from following your lead show them that they can benefit from you by providing them with responsibilities opportunity and positive validation tip number seven is to learn how to delegate leading is not equivalent to taking on every single task in order to get more things done and to make your team feel valued you need to learn how to delegate tasks delegation requires planning and considering the skills of everyone on your team it also requires the trust that someone else can do something equally or even better than you can and that also means humility once you've gathered a list of tasks that needs to get done for a project to happen see what you can assign to other people and who can actually do it in the best manner possible always accept help from your team if they offer it but be sure to follow up with the people who have taken on each tasks also something you should know is that sometimes people require training during the delegation process as an entrepreneur myself sometimes it's much easier to spend to eight hours training someone how to do something the right way than spending an hour each day fixing their mistakes for a whole year tip number eight is to treat other leaders with respect you might not be the only person trying to lead in your organization in fact you may be working with someone who is an assigned leader so you should be respectful of the positions that everyone on your team has even if you think that you could do a better job many leaders earned their without boasting or bragging about the work that they have done to establish that kind of leadership so don't undercut someone else's skills or their achievements just because you want to be a bigger leader if you're not already a leader you should be patient share your ideas and step up when it's appropriate and then eventually wait for a position to open up for you to become a leader and the last tip I have for you guys is to know that there are many different types of leaders it might sound like a cliche but don't be afraid to be yourself when you're establishing yourself as a leader there's not just one type of leader and your teammate benefit from a group of leaders that have different management styles and different skills that help them lead your group is most likely not a dictatorship so share this stage with other leaders and find a way that you can be your own type of leader to have the maximum benefit to your group also if you're interested in self-development and growing yourself or your business I want to let you know about a mastermind group that I recently created something called practical growth Academy if you're interested I create weekly animated book summaries actionable worksheets to go along with the summaries and also a monthly mini course of a topic that I think you'll find helpful so far there's over 25 book summaries and seven mini courses on topics like productivity money management social skills and just other stuff that's really important and I think that can help you in self-improvement if you want to get immediate access to all of this plus a blink to a private disc word server where all the members shares stories ideas and we help each other grow you can check out the link in the description and if you sign up today I will personally send you a $20 Amazon gift card which means you profit three dollars the first month because the mastermind is only seventeen dollars a month with a discount below and you can cancel anytime if you don't enjoy it I just want to thank you guys so much for watching this video and I hope it helps you become a better leader I'll see you in the next video

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  1. Thanks so much for this video! I’m trying to put together a course on leadership and watching this for comparison really help me on how I can make it better! Love the content as always man!

  2. You don't stand out. Anyone can be a leader, but it's about results in the end and that's what shows who the real leaders are. Leaders are made, not born.

  3. Leadership is not only supervising and taking responsibilities of task or project.They are the one who needs to take care the development and problems of each member in a team.Not only sharing the ideas also share the feelings according to the situations. Collect the feedback without any employee ID or follower ID by which you can able to know your true leadership quality and also the followers or employee can talk up free.

  4. 1. Learn from other Leaders
    2. Work to build Skills
    3. Believe that you are a Leader
    4. Take up more Tasks
    5. Share your Ideas
    6. Listen to Others
    7. Learn how to Delegate
    8. Treat other Leaders with Respect
    9. Know that there are many different types of Leaders

  5. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams.

  6. A book or tutorial cant teach you how to be a leader.You are either born and molded into an alpha or not.Its like saying going to business school can teach you how to do business.We all know 95% of MBA graduates will never own their own business.Learning what leaders do is just that.You know by the time your a teen if you are a leader or not because people follow you naturally.p.s.I am a leader.I had to accept it after trying to be a follower up until around 15 years old then I embraced myself.Im a entrepreneur now 20 years later and get asked this question about leadership too often.

  7. hey can u make a video on what is a personality and different components of it like speech, body language, walking style etc and how to develop your own unique personality?

  8. your the man… I love you so much…. I happened to have created a channel because of you… Your an inspiration man…. here's the link

  9. brother i love to watch your videos but you have to speak little bit slow. your info. is so useful but i just cannot understand everything properly. happy new year to you & your family. love from INDIA.

  10. Leaders constantly learn and never think they know it all. They walk their talk. Shows confidence by having good habits and always comes prepared. Thanks for this awesome video. Happy new year.

  11. Scary coincidence because I was actually researching yesterday on how to be a better leader and then this video pops up.

  12. Conditions are never perfect! 'Someday' is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.. If it's important to you and you want to do it 'eventually,' just do it and correct course along the way.

  13. The #1, like really #1 trait of a leader is INFLUENCE. It's moving people, it's motivating people. Getting them to feel, hear and follow your vision. What is a leader if they're not leading anybody? Let's geddit for 2019. #Becomeyourbestself.

  14. Great leaders can see the greatness in others when they can’t see it themselves and lead them to their highest potential they don’t even know

  15. PLEASE copypaste your script/a summary of the video in the description I would really appreciaite it
    Great video btw, I hope your channel takes off again like before

  16. I hate it when I just want to sit back and coast but whoever's in charge is doing everything so wrong, you eventually have to take over for the sake of not wasting time.

  17. Someone ones said "Everybody wants the leadership, nobody wants the responsibility" and I agree🙂 Happy new year

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