13 thoughts on “How to Drop Anchor and Retrieve Your Anchor | BoatUS

  1. You need to do a video about tying up to mooring balls in marine sanctuaries. Too many boaters tie the line on the mooring buoy directly to their boat.

  2. If you're driving forward over the anchor, don't you run the risk of getting the line caught in the prop?

  3. do you need an anchor buoy also with this style or is the windlass sufficient, i suppose the windless acts as a buoy puller?

  4. Your explanation was not clear (at least to me) as to how you "break" the anchor free from the bottom. What do you do if it is hard stuck to the bottom?

  5. Nicely demonstrated. The drone footage for an overhead view was really helpful. One enhancement might be to put a small buoy in the water to better show the motion of the boat, but I suppose it would get out of the camera shot pretty early.

    Final turn of the cleat hitch when setting the anchor is flipped in the wrong direction. When freeing the anchor, the second cleat hitch is correct.

  6. Do you add the height of the anchor sheave off the water to the water depth when calculating the 5 to 1 ratio? I have a sail boat and the Sheave is about 3’ off the water. I typically add this to the depth at high tide when anchoring over night.

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