23 thoughts on “How to Disrupt an Industry

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  2. Hmm… https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo

  3. I came from another of his videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFSYrLDj_sk) where he claimed that his family moved to America, and he was the 1.8 GPA student, the military man, everything he claims that his father was in this video.
    If he can't distinguish the difference between himself and his father, why do you think his advice is valid?
    Looking at several of his videos, yes he does spiel the same "helpful" advice that every financial expert gives, but everyone, especially the ones who can benefit, should have already been taught this.

  4. Patrick, this has been one of your best videos yet. The beginning especially is just breathtaking and awesome. If you would expand a bit on the intro and make it its own separate video that would be AWESOME!

  5. Woooooowwww!!! Not expecting that, but not surprised. Thanks for the encouragement and support you guys put out.

  6. Wow, Patrick your videos are amazing, also the joke you said was fantastic hahaha, I'm kinda like that funny person, I've been thinking that the best approach to be potentially in business is always to be serious like a general, now I know that I have just to be myself and follow my challenges with my natural humour when needed, vielen Dank Patrick!

  7. Just wonder why the number of view mentioned in this interview(31M) highly contradict with the number of views of the video ''the life of an entrepreneur in 90 sec'' (3M) on youtube?

  8. Do a simple Google search of Matt Walton he's just an actor. Leaders of industry isn't even a thing. I love these vids tho they provide quality content thanks for the free inspiration man!! Love it. Subscribe if you haven't already

  9. What I hear when they say, "We have over 400 years of experience on our Senior Team" is that they have 400 people with 1 year of experience each. Maybe 100 people with 4 years each…. If they have to liquefy a number like that, then it is an automatic turn-off and negative hurdle to recapture me over. It's like …… what are they hiding? Can't say "we have a dozen agents each with 25 plus years"?

  10. this is one awesome video !! love it !! just gives me courage to push even harder and never give up !!

  11. Hey Patrick, buddy of mine is recruiting for Primerica. What are you thoughts ? I do have my Life Insurance what would be the best way to use it?

  12. And yet another gold nugget! Way to go, Pat! 👌

    We have two brands – the business's and our personal brand as the owner of the business.

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