How To Create An Online Business That Makes Money 24/7

How To Create An Online Business That Makes Money 24/7

hey guys Stefan here from project life master comm in this video mis share with you guys how to build a successful online business and I'm gonna share with you guys what I call the passive income ladder of success okay and I'm gonna draw it up for you guys on this whiteboard and this video is gonna be for anybody that wants to build any online business and by the way this can apply to virtually any type of business out there but I'm gonna primarily gear it towards an online business and this is my sales funnel for my business what I've learned and what I believe and that's helped me have a lot of success in my own financial life and allowed me to scale up online and this is primarily geared towards making passive income as well so that's what this model is about it's about building a passive income online business and how you can do this in any niche or market that you choose to okay so I'm gonna first draw a pyramid here and illustrate what the ladder is okay so at the bottom here of this pyramid is what I tend to call just free stuff okay free stuff and there's a really powerful concept when it comes to business and making money online which is just giving away stuff for free in fact I've been pagan calls it moving the free line and the you know some really well-known amongst the internet marketing community that when you give away stuff for free to a lot of people and a lot of people get to be exposed to what you're about what you're content what your information is it also establishes you as a credibility and an expert in your market and builds a relationship and rapport with your prospects customers and essentially building a fan base and the free stuff can basically be in the form of let's see here let's say a blog maybe YouTube videos or YouTube channel to be a podcast those are the main channels that people have we're giving away free stuff and it's just giving away free information okay giving away free stuff and like I said by doing that you are providing value to people and when you provide value to people and they receive that value and it makes a difference for them in their life they start to associate that to you so for example if you're in the dating market and you give a guy you do a YouTube video or a blog post on how to approach a woman right and you give him some little technique or some free advice or a step by step in a free video on how to do it the person that's watching the video receives that and he says wow this is really cool I'm gonna go and try this he's gonna go home and he's gonna go to his local city and he's going to approach a girl on the street let's say and let's say he approaches her and she smiles and laughs and gets a great reaction and then he leads that conversation he's like wow that's awesome I learned this from this guy in a video and I went out and did it and it worked you know it actually worked this girl responded to me awesome now when that person gets that result it's gonna come back and he's gonna associate it to who he learned that from so he is now building more trust and more credibility with the person that he received that information from he's gonna become a fan of that person he's gonna want to come back for more he's gonna want to know hey what else do you have you know what you said worked thank you what else you share with me that can help me now go further in my dating life and improve net area as well so that's the power of free information we give away free stuff there's a lot of power to add value to people when you add value to people they're gonna love you for it and that's essentially what I've done with my business I've done YouTube videos blog posts now podcast just giving away free stuff the best of the best of what I have and as a result people that use it and apply to their life it comes back to me you know people I become a follower of mine that subscribe to me and they want to know more of what I have great example of this by the way is my morning ritual video which you know a lot of people found me from Mon if you watched it yet but a lot of people have watched that video you know it's a step-by-step hour-long video they got great results from it their life's better for it and then they end up thanking for that and sharing with me these incredible stories and as a result they you know build a relationship with me and they want to come back from war so the more free stuff you give and the more valuable the free stuff is the more goodwill that you're building up okay the more and better relationship you have with your list and with your following now when it comes to free stuff again it could be articles YouTube podcasts I like YouTube I think it's a very powerful channel that you can provide more value to people rather than just written articles but whatever you decide to do in your business having some sort of layer like this a foundation is very important and one mistake that people make is they they kind of skip this step a building you know the list and the following of people and stuff and they go to the next step which is selling a product or a service and the problem with that when you try to sell a product or service and you don't have any relationship with people or credibility or authority then it's gonna be very challenging for you to actually get those people to want to buy or find out more about what you have you're not going to have a list or following the people that you could actually sell something to so I always recommend to start with this foundation first build up a base a fan base a subscriber list get them on an email list or subscribe to your YouTube channel whatever it is and then once you have that list for that following you now are in a position to add more value to them okay so the next step is going to be the front end offer so let's say you started with this of just adding free value to people it's not just free stuff but it's amazing stuff stuff that really helps people stuff that really makes a difference to them in their lives and they love you for it and you've got a list of subscribers to an email list or YouTube channel or whatever it might be you now want to survey those people and you want to ask them how can I add more value to you in your life how can I support you even more so for example if you are in the dating market again just as an example and you've got a list of now a thousand people that like your stuff and receive value from you you then want to send out a survey to them whether it's just an email or you can use Survey Monkey or wufu one of these platforms and you send out up just a short survey and you ask them you know how can I help you more what would you like more from me if I were to create a product or a service what would you want that product to be what are your biggest challenges that you have with dating with meeting women or with health or with making money online or whatever it might be whatever niche or market you're in what challenges do you have what are your goals in this area and by sending out a survey for that they're gonna give you back a lot of great information and one they're gonna actually want to help you and want to fill out the survey because you've already provided so much free stuff for them without even asking for anything in return so when you send out a survey or an email to your list for this they're gonna be more than happy to answer it for you if you have enough goodwill so they're gonna essentially tell you what they want they're gonna say hey you know I'd like to know more about you know just step by step how I can go from start to finish from meeting a woman to getting her phone number of getting a date you know they want what might want more information on that or they might say you know my biggest challenge is I have this anxiety to approach women you know I've learned a lot of these great techniques and stuff but I just have so much fear and anxiety to walk up to that woman and talk to her or my biggest challenge is confidence or my challenge is I don't know what to say you know I can approach someone to give them a compliment but I don't know what to say after that or you know I might have a conversation with a girl and it's going really well and then I end up walking away and I just sabotage it and I have that feeling of regret because I didn't get her phone number so they're gonna tell you what their challenges are which are gonna give you ideas for what kind of product you can create for them and the product or whatever you're gonna create the front end offer it's going to be something to help solve whatever the biggest challenges that they have and yes you can offer it as free stuff but the value of creating a product is it's gonna be higher quality and it's going to be organized in a way that's more beneficial and that's what people are really paying for when they're buying a product when you're buying an e-book or a video course or whatever it is all the information out there on whatever people want to learn is free already right all the dating advice is free already there's so many forums there's so many blogs videos you can just go you know out there on the internet and just compile all the information out there for free and you probably wouldn't need the front end offer people wouldn't need to buy a product but it takes a lot of time to do that right and people would much rather to spend money to buy a course or product that teaches them step by step that they can follow and get results from that same thing in my business you know I teach Kindle publishing how'd it published books outsource them sell them make money from it all the stuff that I teach in my course K money mastery is free out there on the internet you know you could probably spend weeks or months though trying to compile all that information and put it together but you're not gonna also have the certainty of it you're not gonna have just a step-by-step plan that you have confidence in that you know works and just has simplified it too for you to have more success you know I've got a lot of free stuff on Kindle publishing on my blog even you know that I share a lot of just free stuff but again it doesn't compare to the value of actual course so there's always value in selling a course or a product or some sort of service to help people get there faster and that's essentially what they're buying and they're also buying more than the product they're buying you they're buying you because they trust you they have a relationship with you they'd rather learn from you rather than just from a bunch of other people they don't know because again you've already provided value to them okay now the survey is important okay so I'm gonna write that down survey your list and then you're gonna create the product now if one tenth offer is something that isn't too expensive okay it's typically something to get people in the door it's something they can probably sell less than $50 but it does depend on the market that you're in so if you're in the dating market or the health market or the the muscle training market or CrossFit or whatever it is then the price point might be something like seven dollars to twenty seven dollars thirty seven dollars and you might be signing an e-book or just kind of like a video series or something like that something that again that's affordable for people and it covers a specific area whatever their biggest challenge or frustration is and of course when you create this product you're providing a ton of value providing them a lot more value than what they're paying for so if somebody you know if you're selling a product for seventeen dollars you want to make sure that the value of it is beyond fifty dollars or more because then again when people receive a lot of value from you they're gonna love you more for that right they're gonna want to buy more products or services or whatever else you have to offer so you always want to over deliver on any product that you're selling and again it does depend on the nature of the market you're in you know in my case I teach people how to make money online I can typically sell something at a higher price point in that market if you're into the investing market or the real estate market or whatever is you can sell front end offer for a lot more money so it does depend on the market that you're in but again and what it has to be something just to get them in the door once they're in the door so again you're selling something and if you guys see that there but let's say seven dollars to $50 okay it's something that provides value it solves a problem that they have and then once they buy that the next piece of this of this pyramid here is going to be either an it's gonna be a some sort of upsell but I'm just gonna write upsell but it could be an advanced training course or it could be you know maybe some reoccurring membership members areas some advanced training or or it could just be the main core product okay so I'm just gonna say it's the core product or core offer let's call it so the core offer is going to be something that's in a lot more detail and a lot more comprehensive it's like a more in-depth training program so let's just go back to the dating mark and also give you guys an example for my own business as well so you have a ton of free stuff out there on your blog YouTube channel on dating advice you have a front-end offer that's maybe you identify the biggest challenge people have is this approach anxiety you know they just can't get themselves to talk to a girl so you create a front end offer an e-book that has you know ten tips on how to overcome approach anxiety how to overcome that fear it's you know just a method on how to overcome that and you sell that for twenty seven dollars okay once they buy that then you create a core off or a core product that covers the step by step from start to finish so the core offer is going to be your comprehensive dating program that teaches a guy how to be confident how to approach a woman you know all the best pickup lines and all the you know what do you say after that how do you build attraction how do you build a connection with them how do you tell stories you know how do you touch a girl and and escalate things to be more physical how do you you know kiss a girl and how do you get a phone number and get a date okay so that's going to be the core offer it's like this step by step ultimate training program this is something that you could sell for a lot more money of course right it's something that you could sell for over fifty dollars maybe fifty dollars up to two hundred dollars right so that's providing so much more value to them and one thing that I learned by the way is that we live in the hardest time in human history to get people to part with their money for the first time we also live in the easiest to get people to buy stuff from us again and again and again and that's the importance of the front end offer if you just had the 200 all our products you know that's a high barrier for people to get to to want to buy that so that's why you get them in the door or something inexpensive they get to experience the value that they're that you're giving them and they're gonna want to buy more from you after that once they've received great value from you on this product once they receive a results from it you know in my case of my business I've got my blog I've got my youtube channel my podcast I give away a lot of free stuff builds up a lot of great goodwill and then I have a front I had multiple front end offers I have I have Kindle books that I sell just for $2.99 inexpensive on Kindle that people can buy people find me from Amazon and from Kindle and they you know buy books that I have on how to make money online or self-development they receive value from it and then from there they're gonna come to my blog or are they gonna find out about my K money mastery course of course on Kindle publishing and how to make money with Kindle or another front-end that I have is my course on how to write a book in less than 24 hours so that's a 17 dollar product that I sell or seventeen to twenty seven dollars and people can buy that it's an expensive has you know it definitely works for people gets people great results and then once they write a book then if they see my K money mastery course on how to publish that book how to make money from that book how to market that book how to you know rank it in Amazon how to get reviews for it and all that kind of stuff right and that's a sixty seven dollar product right so again they're going through the latter they're going through the funnel that I have here now the next thing the next part is another form of upsell but it's gonna be more advanced this is gonna be your advanced training okay so let's say for example back to the dating market you know you've given them the step by step program on how to approach a woman you know how to go from start to finish well now you know they've getting some good results with that and say Stephanie now I'm getting more dates now and getting some more phone numbers girls are responding to me but I want to take it to another level I want you know the more advanced stuff I want just the more core concepts of my inner game how I can really just strengthened my belief systems my confidence even more how can I improve my state I want more stuff from you on you know how I can you know go you know start making it with a girl in like a minute you know her kid her phone number in a minute I want to know how to have like a threesome or something like that or I want to you know I want to know how I can meet a girl and then take her home with me to have sex right all this like advanced stuff that that you know isn't really covered and just like the core basic product but people want more from that you know in my case with Kindle publishing I've got my K money mastery which teaches from start to finish how to publish a book how to outsource it to cover how to you know format the book how to publish it how to rank it in Amazon get reviews all sort of stuff but then I have up here my advanced training which is my full disclosure membership full disclosure has concepts like how you can build an email list from your Kindle book how you can use affiliate marketing from your Kindle book how do you can create paperback versions of that book how you can you know I've got interviews with like advanced Kindle publishers that are making a lot more money and I have more in-depth stuff that you can just really optimize your book more make even more money from it the more advanced concepts so that you can scale up even more right so that's the more advanced training now the price point for this can be a lot higher as well so you can either sell it for more than two hundred dollars I'll say two hundred dollars to say let's say five hundred dollars again it does depend on the market that you're in I've seen some people sell for thousands of dollars advanced training courses or it could also be a reoccurring membership like a rooster reoccurring service I like the reoccurring model and that's actually what I've done I've created my full disclosure membership people pay monthly for that and it's a lot cheaper than just paying $500 for the whole thing but what it is is get access to all this content and videos in the secured members area and in every single month there's more content and videos being added right now there's over 70 videos that I have in it there's actually more videos in the advanced area then there is and all the other stuff that I have so it's you know you're they're always getting more and more content it's a lot cheaper than paying $500 or $1,000 upfront because they can just consume it on a monthly basis stay a part of it for however long that they want cancel at any time that they want and it's great for me as well because again it's reoccurring income which I love you know I just have to add more content and then people gonna stay on board as long as they're receiving value from it and in my case people receive a lot of value from it and get incredible results for it so they're gonna stay on board for a long time other things you can include here could be like a monthly newsletter I like the membership model ievel also even include like a Facebook group that people can be a part of the community we have a couple hundred members in that or they can ask questions and get support and share advanced concepts and all that sort of stuff so there's a lot of great benefits of having an upsell like that and now the next piece as well in this funnel can either be another upsell I don't really like the word upsell though but more kind of cross promotions cross promotions let's say okay and the reason for that is you're gonna now have established a following a customer base people that love your stuff they're receiving great value from what you're offering to them they're a fan you know they've gone through all your different trainings and stuff and what you're gonna find is that in any business that you have with your customers they're gonna be certain needs frustrations or challenges or problems that you as a marketer as an end as an entrepreneur your mission is to solve those okay that's really what marketing is it's solving people's problems providing value and then receiving a profit in exchange for the value that you're providing for people so for example in my case Kindle publishing there's a few things some cross promotions that I've been ale do to help to further serve and help my customer base some of them have been software okay so for example there's friends that I know and people out there that have created these incredible software's that help people identify better anisha's and markets on Amazon right help them promote their books better help them get Amazon reviews for their books and all that sort of stuff and so when I find something like that some sort of other products or service I'm gonna sure that with people right cuz that's gonna help them that's gonna add value I want to make sure first and foremost I've tested it I've ever seen value benefit from it so I feel comfortable to endorse it to them but if it's something that's good and it can help them make more money then of course I'm gonna share that with them so if I find something like that I can then offer it to these people and said hey guys here's a great software that this guy created that can better help you make more money from your Kindle books and find better markets and niches I'm not an expert with software and stuff so I mean I can't create it myself but these guys are they've done a great job with it check it out let me know what you think and hopefully it benefits you guys okay so it's sharing other products another example is maybe create I mean you can create your own sort of software own product that could also complement them as well so in my case I'm creating my own software to help people get Amazon reviews for their Kindle books so that could be another upsell or cross promotion in my sales funnel also or it could be something like you know a lot of people that want to know how to create children's books and I primarily cover nonfiction books so if a lot of people want to know about children's books then I can find another product that I can refer to them and recommend them that product okay or I could create my own have that as an upsell as well okay another product or service I can offer them so this is I'm going to promise to primarily state affiliate marketing it's a cross-promotion or you know is again providing another of your own products or services you typically don't want to have too many upsells in place when someone first buys maybe you know two or three or something like that but not too much more because then people get they don't like that and of course it has to be complementary to one another right people have to be able to have success with each of them and again receive so much value from them that's what's going to determine whether or not they want more from you now the last final piece is coaching or consulting and this is the final piece because you don't want to spend your time doing the coaching consulting at the bottom which is what I see a lot of people do and the reason is coaching consulting is an active source of income it's not scalable and it's not leverageable all this other stuff is you're creating products courses ebooks videos all that sort of stuff and you're leveraging yourself in some way it's all automated it's all passive income okay that's what this is the passive income ladder so you want to start focusing on this first but there will always be a need for coaching and consulting there's are always going to be a certain percentage of people that want to work with you one-on-one that wants to meet you that want to get to know you because they received so much value from you and they want your help to kind of go through this process a lot faster you know they say there's there's different types you know there's the type of people that just want the manual right and they just want the instructions which is all this since the courses the ebooks and all that sort of stuff there's another type of person that wants you to walk them through the manual right that wants to sit down with them and show them okay this is how you do it step-by-step we're gonna do it together right as a team and there's a third type of person that just wants you to do it for them right they want the dungeon for you service they don't even want to go through the training this want you to do it for them and that could be another service you provide as well which we'll add which is just a done-for-you servus and i also created something like that to call my done-for-you kindle ready ebooks where i just create a a kindle book for them I do all the research for the market the niche you know I get a description a cover for them and I just sell them the book that cover all that sort of stuff there's a lot of people don't want to go through that process they'd much rather just buy the done-for-you package and just publish that and be able to make money from it faster okay so again there always be a percentage of people that want the personalized stuff but when you do coaching insulting your time is limited for it it's an active stream of income and you don't want to spend the majority of your time do it doing that we when you've taken people through this funnel they have a relationship with you it received a lot of value for you from you they're gonna want to work with you and the coaching consulting can charge a premium price for you can charge depending on it again your market or your niche but you could charge me five hundred dollars plus per hour for it now again does depend on the market if it's like Fitness advice and you know you probably can't charge that much if it's make money online you can charge a lot more if it's investing advice you can charge thousands per hour so it does depend on the niche or the market that you're in now this right here is the passive income ladder that you want to aim to build in your online business okay and you want to first establish where you're at and again try to go back to the core because that's what's gonna funnel everything into this when you have the YouTube videos the blog the lustrous stuff that's what allows people to find you all these people are gonna find you online to Google through YouTube all the different streams are gonna find you they're gonna want to again go through this funnel and buy bore products and services that you have when you have this as a core the great thing is you can create more funnels like this so for example I've successfully now built this with Kindle publishing you know I've got courses products are you coaching done for your services all the sort of stuff just with Kindle publishing because I have my blog and YouTube channel I can now replicate this and do the exact same thing in build another period let's say in the motivation market right so maybe I have some videos on motivation and now I can create some courses on motivation or I can create them on maybe health and fitness whatever it is there's a lot of options when you have this as your core and this model by the way it also works for physical products so let's say you're in the health market and you know which is something that I want to get into and you have some free advice from ebook something you're selling for health and fitness you can have it as an upsell a physical product maybe a supplement or something like that you know or more supplements or you can cross promote those supplements so there's a lot of options of what you can do once you've built this but I just kind of wanted to share with you guys the model that I built for my business what I believe to be the best strategy in the best way of doing it you know like I said a blog or YouTube channel some like the podcast is great for this front end you know Kindle books are great for that too and that's why I love Kindle publishing so much because I'm able to publish a ton of different books that are fairly short then I just sell for $2.99 that I published in all these different markets and the issues that can again get people in the door onto my email list and find out with more in the products and services that I have so it's a great model to follow and again you just want to replicate this rinse and repeat it and continue to build your brand which is my focus right now building my brand and creating more product services that I can provide for people to help them and help them improve their life so hopefully this video has helped you and benefited you I want it to be as detailed as possible with this and kind of have a visual visual representation for you guys on how to do this step by step but leave any comments that you have for me below this video or on the blog I'll have just this broken down in the blog post as well hopefully you guys receive value from this and I'll see you guys in the next video

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