23 thoughts on “How To Be an industrial Designer

  1. Funny stuff…… Considering you guys uploaded this 4+ years ago you're probably enjoying the fruits of your time at ASU! Good luck!

  2. This made me laugh at how accurate this was, thanks!
    (a black designer)
    technically, african-american….
    thanks for making this decision easy to make!

  3. This is bursting with creativity, from the intro to the hilarious outro, also did the guy in the background on the shot where u slide out the door know u were doing this skit, it'd be so funny if he didn't.

  4. I'm in my final year of high school and I've thought about taking an industrial design course for a while now. I'm from Australia and I was just wondering if there are any industrial designers out there who could tell my what they think of the job. Was it what you expected? Do you enjoy your job? How difficult was it to get a job? And is it rewarding?

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