29 thoughts on “How to Be a TV News Reporter : Voice Tips for a TV News Reporter

  1. But every single word he says sounds exactly like a news anchor. It’s bizarre! Like Chris Hansen at a dinner party.

  2. why the fuck do people doing tutorials about anything audio related like to assault their listener's left ears? why the hell do they insist on playing sound out of one channel?

    you started in stereo, so why only one audio channel later?

    its annoying as fuck and makes me doubt that you actually understand anything about good sound in the first place

  3. How To Sound Like A News Reporter:

    Step 1: sound as much like an asshole as possible
    Step 2: never stop step 1

  4. but no one speaks like that irl.. news ppl do talk weird, annoying, overly projected and often condescending. they also fail terribly when trying to be clever. It actually gets in the way of the story imo.

  5. but when i talk to my friend its like



    okay then XD

  6. how can this be helpful to improve my voice for TV news if the video itself don't have voice or sound at all…

  7. Wrong! News reporters definitely don't talk like normal people. At the near end of every sentence their voice goes up and then comes down in a weird way. It drives me crazy that they all use that strange tone and sound the same. Imagine using that voice during sex, it would completely freak your partner out.

  8. Um… if that's how you speak to your friends then you and your friends must be robots. Get real, you sound like an idiot about to give me my weather forecast, not a friend I'm having a conversation with.

  9. This guy doesn't sound normal at all, he sounds like a goddamn news reporter. And that voice annoys the hell out of me, which is why I don't watch the news.

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