46 thoughts on “How To Avoid 3 Common Legal Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

  1. Helping my daughter who’s a Awesome cook, to start her own catering service.. Looking for all I need to do to protect her in pursuing her dream and independence.. Contract first and foremost, even though family & friends will be involved.

  2. Chef Habari here! 👋 Is there a lawyer with integrity watching who would like to help me structure and grow my food products? I have healthy meals ready-to-eat!

  3. This is a very helpful guide to the basic issues that everyone needs to keep in mind. Thanks for posting this (Yeah, I know I am several years late.)

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  5. I absolutely agree. I stress this more than anything. I tell people that LAW exists in everything; crimes, partnerships, and even the ground your standing own. One bad day can break you down…

  6. I like the disclaimer on this video, actually the written disclaimer above. That says it all. Every business, every legal issue is different. The details, just one little detail alters every legal issue. Who would like to get legal advice and not worry about hourly charges?

  7. soooo cool im going to do all my legal an documented work while my logo an brand is building b4 i sell anything.

  8. I really liked Ms Williams statement that most people end up paying to solve a problem instead of prevention and a legal shield will be built around your business by incorporating. Step that can be taken right now? Get a legal plan that offers a monthly price for legal services instead of being charged an hourly rate. Preventive law is affordable with a small business legal plan. We have an incorporation package for C, S or LLC to launch a small business. This is what our company does nationwide and in Canada. You can message me and I will email you some info.

  9. Your videos are really good and fill with great content. I'm already familiar in this area but for new business owners or employees wanting to become their own boss, this is definitely for them.

  10. I love your video about passion and how to live a life doing what you love. It inspired me to make the Youtube channel I have now AND I also showed your page to a dear friend of mine who is actually opening up her own pharmacy. This video above really helped guide her. I guess she had some doubts regarding business decisions and this video really helped her out! Thanks for all you do!

  11. I hope this video goes out to people who are planning on starting their own companies. Talking to a CPA beforehand definitely helps to ensure that you are not committing any legal mistakes. 

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  13. Great tips! Getting a lawyer on retainer for your company could save you a lot of money as well as legal problems!

  14. Great video! Another great resource for determining the type of entity that will be more useful for your business and your assets is checking out the Secretary of States office for the jurisdiction in which you will be conducting business. The Secretary of state offices strive to be a one-stop center. In NV, for instance, you can draft operating agreements and find tools on what licensing requirements you may have based on the nature of business and entity type. It also goes into detail in the liabilities and structures behind each entity type. I hope this is helpful! 

  15. So extremely helpful ! Thank you!!! I always felt lost on where I should get this info… but now I know…. I will find a lawyer! 🙂

  16. This was a great video! According to your suggestions, it seems I have been on the right track with my online entreprenuer business. I did speak with my accountant initially to decide on the structure for my business. Like many in my position, I was unable to afford a lawyer initially, so I solicited help from my accountant and sought out some legal advice from an online service. I currently work as an independent contractor offering consulting services. Do you recommend this approach for entreprenuers in the beginning stages of setting up the business?

  17. Marie I came across your videos about 3 months ago….. watching Marietv is like personal development with a twist… (cool)
    well this is my first time making a comment. i came across this video today which was very interesting because I recently started my 1st networking marketing company by the name of Legal Shield- which offers legal and identity plans to families and small businesses… I have been really holding back from marketing the service …this video tells people need it..its very affordable….you guys are saying people should have it …..  
    Has anyone heard of this company? Thanks for your dedication to keep us informed……….Netaphia

  18. I dont understand the type of business structures you are referring too.  For a photographer are there different types of business structure options?

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