How to Assemble an Anchor Rode

How to Assemble an Anchor Rode

today so assemble an intro room basically have a nine pound Danforth then I need to attach to six foot of five sixteenth inch chains to 3/8 inch line I got about 150 feet here and we use some shackles to attach both ends the shackles I went with are a 10 millimeter a 3/8 of an inch so I just went one size up from my anchor same size I like to put the pin through the actual anchor itself and then the loop through the chain once you get hands and straddle pair of pliers don't want this coming undone don't over tighten until you're twisting or breaking I was right we're going to use some safety wire to Mouse it down and we'll do all that at the end we'll do both ends at the same time how do to attach this symbol I bought into route nature line with a symbol already installed that way I might have to slice it myself spending a little bit of time and energy same thing I put the pin through the pin bolts put the loop of the shackle is change another pin symbol and use a pair of pliers again not too tight to break it but time out to work so I 5360 to a 9-pound damn for now I will run the night how dance work because I have a 17-foot they sailor precision-made retailer and then 154 lines should be good enough to anchor me wherever I need to go at that 7 to 1 ratio to change I want to in Strickland recommended 4 or 5 foot but I figured a little bit of anchor chain might help me hold a little bit better what I'm going to do to keep this pin in secure and ensure that it never wiggles loose while I'm anchored I'm going to use some safety wire and I'm going to Mouse that end I'm going to pull out about 5 or 6 inches I think that should be enough I'm going to feed that through until I have about probably an inch past it I'm just going to pinch that and hold that there with my finger and get that in there nice and tight then I'm going to take the long end take this long end and just keep feeding it around then once I get that done I'm going to take these two and just twist them together tighten that up once you got that nice tight let's put those in we probably about a quarter of an inch there then I like to get one more turn and then you can just bend that down so it doesn't create a spot that's going to cut your hand to some point there you don't do the same thing for the other side you Oh you

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  1. The shackle is installed backward at the anchor, when the boat swings at anchor the shackle will not adjust as it would if it was installed properly. Do your own research with shackle company videos.

  2. I would try something different with the end if that tie wire! Someone who isn't aware of it might really hurt themselves! Maybe fold in half like bunny ears then twist, just to help with that end. I'm only speaking from getting stabbed with tire wire on the job multiple times from someone carelessly cutting or not banging the twist out of reach. Great video straight to the point!

  3. Thank you for using a Safety Wire ! Also where is your Robe Bag to put your Chain and Anchor in ? Also check out the Anchor Videos on putting the "U" of the shackle on the Anchor (and not the chain) and also weave an Eye Splice of the Rope to the Chain. (also big boat stores sell the chain and rope already connected) This basic info will help when you get Boating Fever (not as bad as Golfing !) tjl

  4. Great until u snag. I've seen a few anchors lost like this. It's best to hook on bottom first and use a break point for the top.

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