How to anchor your boat with 2 anchors.  DOUBLE ANCHORING FOR STRIPED BASS

How to anchor your boat with 2 anchors. DOUBLE ANCHORING FOR STRIPED BASS

alright I'll show you how we set our anchors back here to chunk the supply of bait and some chunk bait chopped up in I'll show you how we set our anchor so big help to use two anchors you can use a mooring buoy if there's one nearby but we usually use two anchors so you can send exactly where we want no matter where we go the Danforth anchor is gonna be on the front of the boat all the current all the waves are gonna hit the front of the boat do not anchor with the stern into the waves ever it's a real bad habit usual common areas probably no problem but you'd never know encourage you to change you don't need wave splashing against the back your trains so we're gonna anchor always into the waves first user Danforth anchor for that big scary time he's gonna see you here on the chart we're coming up here I want a fish right here so I'm driving past the piece I want to fish on all right now he's gonna so the Danforth anchor off the front he won't put that anchor in the water ever until I'm in Reverse I'll scream Tommy dump it dump it and he goes not to you put it in reverse that's a good habit to get that's gentle for time I know he's gonna let it all out all right now we're let's lie down on the Danforth again that's into the waves it's into the current always the front of the boat the bow of the boat is always into the current into the waves you have a heavy anchor back here this is a thirty pound anchor it has a slip ring system in case it gets hung up on something because we do using fresh water as well whether a lot of stubs if you look here on the chart I backed up right where I wanted to be so I'm going in Reverse right between these two pieces you looked at Tommy he's still paying line out they have a knot at the hunter line he's just flirt about a hundred feet mike is in the back he's waiting for me checking the stocks and bonds let it go always off the side of the boat right Mike why do we go to the side Danna boy Michael set this anchor here just straight down to the bottom plus three feet you'll see it'll slowly go out slightly that's about all we need right there that's just to keep the stern for swinging around so we set all our cut bait lines out they don't move it all the time he's just continually pulling in the bow line that's Danforth anchor into the wind you know he's got it locked in tight so he just gonna pull until the boat stops moving nice and tight plate that baby off and we'll be rock-solid always use your Danforth anchor off the bow into the wind your main anchor has to be into the wind if you use I don't care what brand to use but can you use crank from with one anchor always off the bow if you want to put a starting line down just to keep you from swinging that's good but it should not be holding to beat the meat of this boat that anchor should not be holding the meat of the boat then Danforth is doing 99% of the work that's only to swing because we're swinging the reason we don't let it out ready for is because we have a fish run back here we can yank it straight up and get it out of the way he's he's perfected into a Pathan you won't put that anchor to live in Reverse right that's correct

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