how's it going guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to the vlog you can use the channel and big warm welcome my name is Tristan warlock this is captain vlog we are currently coming into the beautiful bay of Capra where this is up reducing speed now go into tan steering here we go and what we're going to do today is we're going to show you how we anchor a super yacht so there's a few things to take into consideration we need to think about first of all the weather forecasts are we going to be in a right babe with a given weather forecasts for the duration of the time we expect to be an anchor the second thing when you're taking a saturation is when you check our charts make sure they charge up to date make sure they say no restrictions on anchoring on that particular zone so the other thing we're looking at is the type of seat bed so example good holding ground would be like months we want to avoid areas like big rocks and boulders because then you get your anchors courts copy that so thank you very much the other thing you've got to consider is other vessels and hazards in the vicinity for the swing radius so with that we'll be using our radar and the ectis system from there I will then give the go-ahead to Barbara to shore walk the anchor down to the water line and when we're ready and we calculate our depth which is going to be when the anchor in about 15-20 meters of water but it depends on us coming in now but make a judgment call in that I know what you want to do when you're anchoring the kind of rule of thumb in general is about five times a quarter so in other words let's say you're anchoring in 10 meters of water you want allow allow out 50 meters or about two shackles so what's going to happen now copy of our go ahead so now what I'm going to do I'm going to pass you guys on to Barbara who's gonna be dropping the anchor and she's going to talk you through how we do it so I hope you guys enjoy this video at the moment gonna clear up the space so you free of any obstructions you know get caught up with anything that I have power and we do have power when I don't use either us press this button so that I cannot if I press the button now it's not going to do anything just for safety so captain is now suing down when we are arriving I will take the anchor on water line instead of dropping it from all Heights I'm going to put it on the water line and then with the communication of the captives and tell me to depth and he's going to tell me the moment where he wants to drop anchor and I'm going to look at the bottom of the sea to be sure I don't damage the proceed ano so how many shekels so basically the chain we're gonna drop depends on the depth the valves are open so it means that the engine load is lower and we open another valve for the exhaust so we are ready to go at speed and when our Anchorage points so now I still have those to close I have the witness that is closed and the brake so for now I'm gonna keep the windlass and when captain is ready I'm gonna open the brake to just put the anchor on waterline and after that I'm gonna get ready to on the opposites open this one and just drop the chain from the braking captain captain I'm gonna open the trinakha opening chain Locker now here we have unstable we have five shackles so one shackle is a bit more than 27 metres so we're not going to be in very very deep water so we will have more than enough to drop in six for a father and your face bring it down to one line okay copy sanaya open the bridge so now the chain is holding on the winless but I'm gonna take it down so now I close the bridge so that I can release the winless this is properly closed this is now open and now I'm ready to the bank adjust with great so now the chain is only holding on this captain captain ready to travel from Cabo so now that we're here the captain is checking on the map what the sea birds are down here that is its and is it works is it proceed oh yeah that's boy thank you all around as well so we the winters the direction whatever the direction we will have a monkey anchor we will simply keep all the other words around what you have to understand is that when we are anchor naturally the bird is going to stay in front of the wind so if the wind comes like that we're going to be like this but if there's a change of direction if the anchor is here the body is going to swing around because the bursts always stays hey Barbara Barbara we have a set of 20 because beneath the kill and drop for faculty before thankful whenever you're ready okay copy that dropping for suckers and starboard Rick is not when les is closed chain Locker is closed we're safe and we are thank you you see the anchor bar it means that we are I think you know now it's time for our guests to enjoy a nice afternoon game right so I hope you all enjoyed that video just to show you how we do incur a super yacht here in Kappa roll anywhere really and so well it's really important as present mentioned is always checking weather forecasts please that out more chain than probably you need to if you have available space my saying is when in doubt let more out the amount of times I've seen vessels not not little enough chain and the wind pick up throughout the afternoon they're dragging towards the beach I see it every single week during the summer here in the South of France if you got to already know we're running a promotion on the channel where if this channel gets a hundred thousand subscribers by the 14th of September 2019 the super yacht captain YouTube channel will be donating ten thousand euros to charity so all you have to do you don't donate any money or do anything it just click the subscribe button that is it so if we get a hundred thousand and ten thousand euros we'll be going to a very very very good cause so I'm sure I can count on your subscriptions I do appreciate that thank you very much and I hope you guys enjoy this video and I look forward to see you guys next video you

20 thoughts on “HOW TO ANCHOR A LUXURY SUPER YACHT (Captain's Vlog 89)

  1. Hi Tristan. I saw you in a bar in Monaco with the tomandjoeshow a couple of days ago. Anyways, was wondering how you decide which anchor to use. Presumably when stern to it depends on the wind direction, but when free swinging, does it matter, or is it just whichever you like? Cheers, Tommy.

  2. Something that simple but is not, at least for me, is to estimate the area or ring necessary to allow the ship to swing around the anchor. This is not a Boston whaler. When you get a congested harbor ,it is a main concern to me. Electronic help is important once on anchor to make sure you are within the safe area . Also others boats are a mess, as they dont pay attention if they are dragging or moving off their limits. Sometimes others are the big problem at anchor time.

  3. Looks small. There is presently a superyacht tied up in Toronto canada. The Bella Vita. 250' Actual superyacht.

  4. Hi Tristan, this is DV from For outside recording you should really think about a wireless Microphone system. Because of the wind it is not effective to use the inbuilt miocrophone of the Camera only. Just get in Contact with us if you like to know more or are willing to do an interview with us. Cheers, DV

  5. Did the anchor dig in or did you just let the chain out ?.How about the black ball anchor marker near the bow? Are you sure toy are safe? Check your insurance policy in case of a at sea collision

  6. Thank you Barbara, it was good to see how to drop the anchor, I honestly thought that you just let the anchor go in one step,, Love the Vlog Tristan, thank you 👍🚢 ⚓️

  7. Nice video on the process of dropping anchor . . . when i read the title though i thought you were coming into the bay near Anchorage. That is Anchorage, Alaska. I thought that would have been very cool to see that too. Guess not, LOL. Do you ever leave the Mediterranean, or even the south of France, Italy, etc? would love to see a video on a Trans-Atlantic crossing. 🙂

  8. Hi, I subscrbed 2 months ago and really enjoy your videos. It would be good to see you sailing in open waters sometime. Whenever in the past on holidays to Southern Spain I take many sea trips. Maybe one day I can experience a holiday on your yacht. Hope you meet your target by 14th Sept. 2 days after my birthday. Regards from UK.

  9. Great video… and a great promotion with a charity donation. Maybe you could also run a prize for a day onboard for a lucky subscriber??

  10. Captain, as always I love ALL your Vlogs, please keep them coming. And I am a subscriber, good luck getting to your goal!! Thanks again!!

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