How to Anchor a Fishing Kayak

How to Anchor a Fishing Kayak

47 thoughts on “How to Anchor a Fishing Kayak

  1. Would a swivel work to put on between the folding anchor and rope?
    Something like this?

  2. Thank you for the education. I don't have any friends or family that do outdoor activities to ask.

  3. Thanks for mentioning the dangers of anchoring a kayak in a river I just bought first kayak and did not think about the danger but is it a must to fish a kayak with a anchor trolley or will I be OK without one

  4. I’m not even a fisher but your hobie related vids are the best I’ve seen for practical info on safe and effective operation, plus the considerations one should make when buying boats and accessories. No rambling, it doesn’t feel like you’re stretching things out to make a longer video like many others, some of whom have left comments that indicate jealousy.

  5. Great content. I have 3 boat and never learnt to anchor right. Now I been crappie on the right spot with out an expensive gps spot troller.

  6. I'm just getting into kayak fishing and found this to be very helpful. Thank you
    for providing this information for us.

  7. I find your channel helpful as I'm getting into the kayak world cause I can't afford a boat so these are cheap enough for me. Thanks for a great channel.

  8. I just use a 5 pound disc weight for a dumbbell it works and I don't look like I'm anchoring the flying dutchman lol

  9. Can a drift sock be used off the front of a kayak to help pull you with the current? How deep does the water need to be to use the drift sock? Thanks

  10. 5 pound window weight works great in the Inter-coastal. looking for a light weight sit on fishing kayak. Love my sit in but can't get a comfortable seat and can't stand up.

  11. I appreciate the safety concerns expressed in the beginning. In fact, I'm learning how to kayak and deal with many obstacles, new to me, including swift moving currents between low/high tides. Great tutorial and information. Thanks!

  12. Can we come fish with you lol we'll drive the 10hrs . Love your videos . Stop calling my big fish a little guy lol

  13. I'm looking at getting into kayak fishing more, and never thought about needing to detach quickly. Good info!

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  15. you go to a Bicycle shop ask for old bike tubes they'll usually give them for free and slide cut tube over the chain

  16. Hook your rope to the hole on the bottom of the anchor it will fold closed when you pull it up.. on that first one you showed

  17. If you like the 3lb anchor you can always negate the twist by adding a swivel clasp attached to the anchor via a 30lb zip tie then the other side will connect to your anchor line. That way when you pull it up just the anchor will spin instead of the line itself. Love your vids.

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