How to add tv content and channels via Plex on Roku.

How to add tv content and channels via Plex on Roku.

hello fellow Roku users today we are
going to show you how to bypass some of the restrictions for some roku channels
like National Geographic CBS even the History Channel thanks to a
very useful app known as Plex. Now as you can remember, many of these major TV
stations have been launching their own roku channels so that you can get access
direct access to their materials. However that comes usually with a
restriction; you either have to be subscribed to a cable or certain cable
operator where you have to pay for an access, an additional access like the case
for CB. Now plex allows you to bypass that without having to pay for it and
this is a good thing. However you do have to be aware that plex now it’s not free as
it used to be free. Now for Plex, which is a media server, you do have to
pay $4.99 per month for having access to it. You can either buy it for a
lifetime for $150 dollars but you see, most people
don’t know how powerful Plex is because they just use it for media server and
movies. You remember that in a previous video we showed you how to
actually add channels to Plex because as you remember Plex, does
has a lot of content especially for channels and that the beauty of Plex is that it takes content from these channels on the Internet and from your
computer, then you’re able to access it on your Roku. Now if you take for example
this CBS. CBS now has its own roku channel which is called CBS all access
and you do have to be subscribed in order to get access to all of your
favorite CBS shows. That’s $10.99 a month I think and you do
need a US credit card but if you use Plex you can actually access CBS and all
of your favorite shows but only the latest five episodes which is not that
bad at all if you take a look at it for free and it’s free now let’s say to you.
I mean actually in order to get the most from the
thePplex app is to get a great DNS service and that’s very important
because most people usually buy a regular DNS. We strongly recommend you to
get what is the jet switch from overplay and you will be able to get
direct access to it in this video. You will find a small icon on the right it’s
like an info sign. Just click on it and you will find a drop down like this we
will show you in many of our videos like this you’ll see that there is a link
direct link for you to get the best DNS. In our opinion it’s one of the
best because is simple as you can see you get a lot of channels on Plex.
there’s a lot of the BBC CNN there’s a German channel there’s even a Belgian
Channel you got CBS you got CBC which is a Canadian Channel and what happens is
that when you have all of these channels it can be a handful to be switching
regions because some of them are regionally restricted so you have to
have your DNS set up correctly in order to access the content and it’s it’s
quite complicated. However if you get the DNS me show you real quick now as you
can see that the good thing about the DNS from overplay that you
get all of your channels with predefined regions so some of them like Netflix
which has multiple regions you can choose all the regions available which
is a lot and some channels that they already have only a single region they
come predefined so it’s it’s pretty much very easy to keep control of your
content in plex like as you can see there’s a lot of channels so it’s it’s
very complicated to be switching back and forth it will be kind of a handful
and you’ll get upset because sometimes they will not work and you will have to go
to your computer to change it likes it I mean overplay makes it way easier for
you now you see there’s a History Channel here through Plex. Now you can
access to the History Channel content without having to provide a subscription
from a participant cable provider and that’s a good thing because
now you can find out that you can watch a lot of the content from many of these
channels either for free or without having to be registered to a particular
cable provider and this is a very good thing for people in the US as well as
well as in the world because what happens is that now you pretty much get
access to all the channels you want without any restriction. However as I said
before, you do need a DNS and it’s very important. Remember that you can get
access to the DNS like I show you in this video right here. You will find the
info sign just click on it and you’ll find a link to our website. If you want
to know more and also you will find a direct link to the Jet switch smart DNS
from overplay. Now, ok, now I will show you really quick what I was talking about
the advantage of using Plex you’ll see that we will access the CBS channel
which is now CBS all access that because now they charge you i think it’s $5.99
per month for you to access all of your favorite CBS shows. However you do have
to have a US issued credit card that’s not a problem if you live in the States
but if you do live overseas it might be an issue because you will only be able
to browse clips you will not be able to watch the shows or full episodes and I
will show you real quick okay just take a random TV show from CBS I mean it’s
the same with other channels like History Channel the Discovery Network I
mean it’s pretty much the same when you try to access them directly from your
Roku. You do get some limitations I mean episodes based on season 15 is
just grab any random episode and you will notice that you do require a
subscription. However if we go to CBS via Plex you will be able to see
that you do get access to CBS but you only get access to the latest five
episodes now you see we have the channels in settled we go to CBS. With
this we used to find all current chairs let’s say it was I think it’s big
brother when we were looking for click on Big Brother as you can see right now
we have the plex server running on our keyboard our laptop so we’re pulling the
show from the laptop at full episodes we will just speak okay you see it’s even
on season 17 which is I think is even more current but you’ll notice that it
depends on the show some shows do actually offer you all the episodes.
Others just offer you the latest five episodes. Now let me just choose one
randomly, to show you okay play now this is very important if you notice that
it’s buffering really slow so you have to make some settings on the Plex here on
your Roku because what happens it shows pretty fine for 3 Meg’s or so. If you have
a very fast internet that’s not a problem but since we have 4 Meg’s we
lower it to make sure it will upload a little bit quicker and still you get the
HD quality it’s a shorter real trick that we do get access to the CBS content
be at Plex and it’s free so I mean it’s a good advantage that’s a good thing to
know about how to bypass on with the channels on your Roku via the plex app
because Plex has a lot of content and it’s very important you realize that you
do need a DNS as we pointed out previously for getting the most of it. So
thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel or
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BL Import Panama’s well and we also have a Twitter it blimportpanama as
well so thanks for watching and we hope this video encourage you to install
flex get your overplay DNS and get the most from your Roku thanks for watching
and we’ll wait to try to upload so you can see the quality of the video which
is pretty good too HD It takes some time with depends on the
internet. As you can see, there it is so thank you

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  1. there is a very good app that i called Fibersat which permits to access almost all mediteranian channels including arab channel and Beinsport do you know how to get access to it if not how do we access it otherway

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  3. You mention a previous video about how to add the channels to plex but I can't find that on your feed in English. Do you have an English version?

  4. most of the channel listed are free, on roku, so whats the point in this vid, & all the download this, download that, why bother.

  5. It almost sounds like by the time you pay for all the fees…. $4.99 for Plex….$10.99 for CBS…..$14.99 for TIVO….etc etc……I'll be paying what I was paying for Dish Network. (which offered to cut my bill from $125/month to $75/month when I called to 'cut the chord')

  6. i live in the US, will I get the History Channel for free with Plex? H2? Will CBS and Fox be local channels? AMC? I need to watch Better Call Saul

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  8. I don't think many of you understand. I am a cable subscriber and I own a Roku. Although Roku allows you to add the apps of the networks, for many of them, you are not able to access complete shows unless you are a cable subscriber. In Roku, you click the app and they ask you to sign into your cable provider account in order to be able to access the full content–even if it is a non-cable channel, like CBS. This is frustrating: first because you have to sign in for each channel, second, because in order to continue to access, I need to keep paying a cable provider.

    I'm not sure how PLEX works on Roku, but it sounds like, once you add the PLEX app to roku, you add the channels you want onto PLEX, then you get full access to at least the last few shows of the channel, without having to sign in–which means you do not need to be a subscriber to any cable or satellite service. So, $5/month sounds much better than upwards of $100/month. And I believe he mentioned that you could purchase a liffetime subscription to PLEX for around $150. The only downfall I see so far is the limited time to access content, but it may be worth a try.

  9. Great video! Thanks for all the advice. I saw from another source that I should purchase a VPN enabled modem/router, would that be necessary or can I use a regular modem/router and access the DNS (overplay) through that to access the extra channels via Plex?

  10. so roku is the best way to go or Amazon. my only other concern would can i watch the Lakers? and the Dodgers? is there a way to by pass the fact the dodgers are only shown on time warner and charter?

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  12. List Of Owned

    NGC-National Geographic Society/Fox Network Group
    CBS-CBS Corporation
    History-A+E Networks/VIva Entertainment

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  14. Well intentioned but I would suggest you make some notes before you record. You are difficult to follow because you aren't properly prepared.

  15. firstly you do not need to pay for a subscription to use the channels on plex and CBS can only be view in the US! You really need to do your homework before making a tutorial!

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  19. I wish I had watched this video 1st. I spent hours setting up plex and now see it is not free so I will be uninstalling

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