23 thoughts on “How the media affects youth | Oda Faremo Lindholm | TEDxOslo

  1. Ideals must exist. Ideals are the aim and model to emulate, people should have the pattern and the aim which they eager to achieve.

  2. The mass media and friends are the biggest lying, fear mongering control freaks that ever existed. And by the way, feminism sucks.

  3. Especially for woman…….as if men can do anything without being judged…..who are the last priority in case of any catastrophe and who shed their blood in wars. Societies all around the world have a use and throw policy.

  4. Its a very interesting topic how the mass media and films have affected the psychic of people young and old. But I cannot find any interesting programs on you tube about the subject. This talk is narrow, just about the effects on young girls of today.

  5. Its sad that out all the views this video has, there are only 5 comments and there is only one that in my opinion doesnt seem to be a result of the problem that she is talking about.

  6. "What is the perfect body? What is the ideal man or woman? What should we do with our lives? And what role in society do we have based on our gender? These are ideals that change over time. They are not constant, but the media often portrays them as timeless facts."
    -Love it.

  7. and why are we even discussiong about the amount of access "given", no one should be allowed to censor what should be given and what should be not, but agree with the point which says that we have to teach the youth about the reality of Media Depictions. But you shouldn't take away the media from the youth, or in this case girls.

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