How Parkland student journalists covered the shooting they survived and friends they lost

How Parkland student journalists covered the shooting they survived and friends they lost

38 thoughts on “How Parkland student journalists covered the shooting they survived and friends they lost

  1. It's still safe it was only one kid who shot the school if you go to a black ghetto school that anit safe that so much stuff that goes on there and I'm stuck there and I wish I could go to majorystone high school because it's a nice school I been begging my parents to move to Florida because I hate Chicago so much

  2. I live fairly close to parkland Florida, and i remember what my younger cousin said less than a week after the shooting. Was in 8th grade going into 9th the following school year. She said that he was too scared to go to school because of all these shootings, and asked her mom if she could be homeschooled. I have a daughter, less than a year old, and im too afraid to send her to public school. I really shouldn't be afraid, but with all these shootings, and planned bombings, how can i trush that my daughters safety will be just that; safe?

  3. It’s May 2019 and recently we had an actual lock down. After seeing these tragic stories and events, I thought something like Parkland would actually happen to us.

    This story should never be forgotten and guns are still a problem politicians are not willing to resolve because it violates the 2nd amendment where people have the right to bare arms. But are guns really more important than the lives of your country? I guess so.

  4. This would be a terrible thing to happen to you but could you imagine everyone just becoming your friend because one of your siblings or friends died because of this! I would get very frustrated and it would affect the amount of time I need to grieving.

  5. This year, the 14th of February there was almost a shooting at my school. But thankfully the shooter fired the gun and then ran away.

  6. its sad that a day that was supposed to be full of love was the same day that something so full of hate happened

  7. If you’re a parent and watching what kids have had to go through, from this shooting and others, doesn’t make you enraged, you should be ashamed.

  8. X made a song to make a tribute to the fallen students in the shooting
    Now he’s dead.

    2018 was a very horrible year
    R.I.P to the fallen students and Jahseh Onfroy

  9. I remember when all of this happened, my town had just dealt with a kidnapping and then this happened, in a time where the world seemed so broken people came together, they supported and loved each other the hurt that these sweet people feel may never go away but it always amazes me that even through all of the hate this world has to offer, there is so much love. A couple of days later, we found that sweet girl. Always remember, even though hate and pain and suffering and such disgusting acts of humanity, good people still do exist and there is still so much love in this broken world.

  10. I feel so bad for all the kids around the world that are scared of going to school! You shouldn’t ever. EVER FEEL LIKE THAT. Not ever knowing when you walk out of the door of your house, not knowing if your gonna walk back in. And what’s scarier is that i might not live near them, but it only gets closer and closer! ❤️😭😢

  11. As a high school journalist myself, these kids are such an inspiration. I'm really proud to a part of their generation.

  12. Don't blame guns its the parents fought for not teaching there children wrong from right

  13. I have been scrolling through the comments and there are so many people who are saying this was all fake. You are a terrible excuse for a human being

  14. My school is 30 minutes away from this one and I didn’t know anything until I checked my phone after school

  15. This shooting especially this video hit me the hardest because one of them said they were delivering carnations for yearbook and that same day I was supposed to deliver carnations for newspaper staff but I got to school a little late so I didn’t

  16. If you turn Florida sideways it looks like a gun kind of? Sorry for the jokes rip all 17 people that died.

  17. I have a book, not really a diary, that I write in each say discussing not just what happened to be but, at my school, or in the country and the day of the shooting I wrote that down. What happened when it happened and I wrote down the name of the kids and teachers that were lost that day and the traits that were said of each person, so in this video when they talked about each person that died it gave me chills because I feel like I knew them.

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  19. The only way as can prevent this is by common sense lock your guns up. You are responsible for buying it. You are responsible for keeping it up away from your kids. High school is hard. Add loaded weapons and unfortunately this will continue to happen. Love to all kids. We as parents are all responsible for happens to you.

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