How NBA Finances Could Suffer From Fallout With China Over Hong Kong Protests | NBC News Now

How NBA Finances Could Suffer From Fallout With China Over Hong Kong Protests | NBC News Now

82 thoughts on “How NBA Finances Could Suffer From Fallout With China Over Hong Kong Protests | NBC News Now

  1. Why should Lebron or Steph say anything about China? They were vocal of social issues previously because these were social issues that exposed the injustices that WHITE AMERICA commit on the black community. By condemning them for being vocal about issues important to them and then placing the burden on them (remember all those tweets that said "shut up and dribble"?) to comment on all possible political issues, you are, in effect, diminishing the attention they brought to the social injustices they were vocal about before. This proves to me that the NBC is nothing more than a RACIST institution that PROMOTES WHITE SUPREMACY.

  2. You freedom of speech to support the HK riot, my 🇨🇳 freedom to cancel all that deals,stand differently and no trade,what's wrong?

  3. it is not a big deal, you have the right for free speech, Chinese also have right to ban nba, the so called pro democracy protesters have the right attacking police station, subway and shop. The police have the right to defend themself and public interest. It is fair game. Good show.

  4. A documentary short film about how Hong Kong police rioters attack the Press physically and verbally, including shooting tear gas at them. All to try to stop the press from recording and telling the truth!…

  5. There is a popular phrase in Chinese: “glass heart” or “heart of glass.” Someone with a “glass heart” is someone who’s very sensitive or whose feelings get hurt easily.

  6. good work china, make more trading partners with other countries and ignore america. ignore america even when they beg for cheap toxic goods to replace the things when hurricanes and wildfires smashes them every year

  7. “Cancel Culture” in America now includes shutting people down who criticize a murderous Communist regime in a foreign country.

    And professional athletes, who are often seen as being a voice for “social justice,” are openly sucking up to the Commies.

    That’s where we’re at.

  8. More like a tweet supporting rioters and vandalism of private public property. Don't cry for being told off for meddling in others affairs so get off your lame moral high horse.

  9. How about I write a simple tweet down with tyranny and hegemony. Let's support the freedom fighters who brought down the WTC on 911 in NY.

  10. I am little confused. When it comes to money, people are not weighing in? Last time I checked, US is CAPITALism. CAPITAL means money, right?

  11. Most Chinese do not like Hong Kong's freedom fighters. When the NBA supports the freedom fighters, Chinese Netizens feel offended and boycott the NBA. ‘’You have your freedom of speech and I have my freedom to boycott it.‘’

  12. Well…maybe now we won't ship all that leather to China to make NBA basketballs. Maybe we can just open a factory and employ US citizens to make those balls. Works for me. Make them in Chicago- they could use the jobs and Chicago's Horween Leather Company wouldn't have to ship all the leather to China…just haul it across town.

  13. here is the thing. A Black man can insult a fellow Black man, but a White man cannot. If racism is a very sensitive issue on the USA, so is sovereignty to China. Do you go to Islamic restaurant and ask for porkchop? Respect each culture.

  14. We send our men and women to die for the sake of "spreading democracy" but a few grown men that play a ball game for millions of dollars won't risk a dollar to do the same. Disgusting. The NBA and every "man" associated with it should be ashamed of themselves.

  15. Wow.
    Xi must be paying a fortune for all these pro communism Anti-American trolls posting in the comments of every social media site. Just flooding them with lies and propaganda. China is desperate to spin this so it doesn't turn into hate for China.

  16. Chinese do not approve of freedom of speech! The red communist Chinese wants to be in charge of the whole world including you buy 2049 and this is written in stone!
    Plus the United Nations one world order begins in 2021 and our president is fighting this! DT 20 ❤️ 20 🇺🇸

  17. Today China said freedom and democray are their bottom line. Americans and NBA should not talk about democray in China in order to respect the Chinese. Tomorrow they may say they don't like NBA now, and NBA becomes their bottom line. Are Americans gonna stop watching and talking about NBA in order to respect the Chinese ?

  18. If you watch CGTN news the market for the NBA is $4 billion dollars, but the Chinese have been very clear about what happened and their position. This is more US propaganda. So the NFL will be allowing players to bend the knee w/o US repercussions – right?

  19. China has a long memory….while Americans have a short memory….they move on rather quickly while the Chinese never forget. The Chinese hold grudges for a long time while Americans jump from one controversy to the next over and over…

  20. 800 million watched? I am an American that lives in China and I don't know anyone that goes out of their way to stop, sit, and watch a NBA game.

  21. Supporting 9/11 Jihad, Supporting Jihad hero bin Laden, Supporting California's independence, Supporting Alaska's independence. The shooters in the school shootings are great heroes.I support freedom of speech。。。👍👍👍

  22. Hypocrites…..NBA players talk alot in a free country,but back down to China for money.Prostitution maybe a better word….

  23. Simple fact: CCTV stopped broadcasting NBA not because of the tweet, but because Adam Silver supported Morey and refused to apologize in a press conference.

  24. China does not need the NBA.. Every major county can bounce a ball.. The NBA is a hate group.. The NBA has become a cult. The NBA has been taken over by Darwinism and liberalism and Antichrist beliefs… ✌👽✌aliens know everything

  25. companies and corporations shouldn't compromise principles for profits.
    Its bad enough China steals the financial futures of every country through intellectual property theft… now they want to censor other countries.
    F*** them. F*** them right in the A. And any company that bends a knee to a foreign power… f*** them too.
    The world doesn't need China, its the other way around; and its about time they obeyed international laws as well.

  26. This NBA thing in China is no longer a headline. I am amazed that so many discussions are still here in the US. BTW, the NBA discussion had been moved from sports section to entertainment there.

  27. I don’t think it’s a freedom of speech thing … it’s u are free to voice but u gotta take the consequence. Before shoot out the tweet think about what will happen after. This guy apparently don’t know what he was doing.

  28. By the way, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's grandfather was one of the biggest opium trader in China during the 'century of humiliation'. In fact, his mom grew up in Hong Kong. Source: James Bradley-American Writer.

  29. Tbh, I would be upset too if foreigners tweet in support of criminals in my country too. It's like having a guest in my house then they express support for my partners' 3rd party relationship, they better hope to get out of my house in one piece. 😂😂😂

  30. Players will definitely speak up for black lives matter but when the entire population is asking for help the players turn a blind eye so I'm done supporting the NBA and what it stands for

  31. China can give but can’t take just like any other bully… PATHETIC… AMERCA PLEASE DON’T BOW TO CHINA……. From The World!

  32. Yes. Ban free speech. Crush dissidents. Taiwan doesn't exist. Don't talk about it. There's nothing going on in Hong Kong. There certainly aren't protests

  33. The simple fact is that if you want to do business in a communist dictatorship, they will make sure that what they get out of you is more than what you're getting out of them. You might make a buck, but your kids are going to lose their right to free speech, and their kids will lose their right to vote. That's why you see people in Hong Kong trashing businesses that side with the communist party. They know what's going on.

  34. Chinese authoritarian criminal regime is spreading its way of oppression and control to other dictators around the world; at the same time, with Russia, they are trying to destroy freedom and democracy in western countries, Hong Kong is a testing ground, so China is the greatest danger to freedom in the world, and world must support and stand with people of Hong Kong.

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