How Movie Trailers Manipulate You

How Movie Trailers Manipulate You

49 thoughts on “How Movie Trailers Manipulate You

  1. “Trailers have become their own form of entertainment” that can be enjoyed “the same way they listen to a song."
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  2. 15 bucks for a movie ticket? it's 15 for a box of candy
    last time I went was 4 years ago each ticket was 28 small popcorn was 18

  3. I straight up don't watch movie trailers unless I'm at the movie theater because half of them spoil good shit

  4. The one guy is a bit snobby about something that doesn't need snobs……otherwise it looks like a fun job.

  5. I guess these tactics won't work on my particular brand of autism but its really funny to see how they work on consumers

  6. I try not to watch trailers because it seems like the thing to do now is put all the best parts of a movie in a trailer so that you have no reason to even see the movie.

  7. My first experience of a Red Band Trailer in a theater, I whispered to my friend, "Ohh… How special?" I was so used to Green Trailers, I thought "Pfft, whatevers." I think it was the trailer for Pineapple Express made me say "What the fu(n)k?!" out loud because I never thought of seeing a Rated R trailer in the big screen.

  8. I've started actively avoiding trailers for movies, and I know many other people have too, purely because they reveal too much about the film in them. I know they have only the movie to work with, but often times that means they put in the funniest jokes or the tensest moments, or in some particularly bad cases, the twist in the movie, just to get people to see the movie. It worked at first because you weren't aware it was happening but two or three years later and you know now that that is what's going on, and it ruins the film. Especially if you have an active mind like me and can't help but try and fit the pieces together, when you see one trailer in the theatre and figure out the entire story before your movie begins, it sucks, and I don't wanna pay £7 to see that movie anymore, I'll just wait to watch it cheaper later. I've not gone to see many movies in cinema that I was excited about, only because of their trailers showing too much in them, and its a shame because I'll think they're good films from their first trailer, and be happy I don't know much about it, and then the next week I'll see another trailer for it, and now I know the twist of the film, just from being shown ten or twenty seconds more, and its so disappointing to find that out, because there is no longer a point in going to see it. Sorry for the complete babble, I don't really know what I said in that last half, but I know I felt it.

  9. I, like many other grumpy old gits, hate the over-advertisement of films these days, with several trailers for a film, each giving a little bit too much away. The new Joker trailer is officially a "Teaser", but it's just over 2 minutes long – that's a full on trailer, in my book!

    However, nothing infuriates me more than the 6 second Bumpers. Can't wait until those die a death!

  10. Horror movie trailers nowadays literally show the whole plot in the first trailer then you already know what happens at the end because of basic sense

  11. I've seen so many trailers, that even pointing out the techniques beforehand, I have to re-watch to identify them.

  12. Hollywood is at it's worst in 25 years, why do you think? Because of all the leftist agenda you guys promote

  13. The wolf of Wall Street trailer is one of my favs, and the film deffo matched the anticipation for the movie without a doubt

  14. I mean, I like the invention of the bumper, after I’ve clicked on a trailer, especially if there’s a trailer before the trailer but even without, I’m not actually ready to watch the trailer. Having a bumper gets me ready to observe what I’m about to look at.

  15. I think the best movie trailer I've ever seen is the one from Interstellar. Didn't even feel like a trailer at all

  16. This is so interesting, I now feel bad for not watching trailers. I don't do it for the same reason as the guy in the end, I like watching the movie without having seen any fragment of scene beforehand, I feel like trailers are mini-spoilers. I don't like going to the movies and being like "oh, this is the part that was in the trailer!" I like it when every second I watch is new to me.

  17. Hey, lets do something interesting with the trailer, something that’ll really set it apart. But what? Hmmmm… how ‘bout we have this cool dramatic voice say this cool dramatic monolauge over the clips. Sure that sounds cool. Dramatic monolouges are TIGHT. You know my friend Don is really good at dramatic voices, we should give him a call. (They call Don). Sure I’ll do it. Hey you know what would make our trailer even more awesome? What if we started it with a really cool and ominous line, like: “in a world where…”. Sure in a world sounds perfect! Man, this trailer’s gonna be so awesome! So… this totally won’t become a cleché, right? We totally won’t just rehash this or anything? Er, yeah…

  18. Technically this is a cutted video about a cutted video about a cutted video… inception? BRRWWWMMMMMM….

  19. "Home Alone" had the most deceptive trailer.

    The movie should have been reedited to match the editing of the trailer.

  20. Recent trailers are so annoying and lame. I hate it when they reveal too much also they many times completely change the genre of a film just to fool customers.

  21. If people I know say a Movie is really bad I (in most of the times) will not watch it.

    What I hate about trailer: Mostly at the Second one the end is spoiled.

    So in Short: Trailers are Art!

  22. I don't watch trailers anymore, they spoil everything. It's so annoying, I want my slightly vague trailers back..

  23. I watch only the trailers, i don't have time to watch the whole movie. So keep up the good work guys!

  24. Actually trailers suck that much that they have to do like 3 or 4 to sell a movie. The other day saw a trailer with the best scene of Aquaman before I see the movie, practically the worst spoiler. I prefer teasers.

  25. So did you guys work on the Pet Sematary trailer that gives away a massive spoiler? If so you need very bad things to happen to you.

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