How is Eastern Germany Progressing? | People and Politics

How is Eastern Germany Progressing? | People and Politics

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks has been to aizen Putin shot twice he says he's a fan of former communist Germany's model City the last time he was here he bought a tropic and experience in Eastern comfort it all worked eysan who do Scott is thriving 25 years after the fall of the wall at least at first glance the city center has been fully renovated the city's biggest employer is now in private hands some new factories have even opened up unemployment hovers around 9% a low number for eastern Germany people living in Eisenstadt are used to living in an industrial city people are fine working at all times of the day we have great kindergartens and great schools but it hasn't been easy the city still relies heavily on steel production in 1990 an international concern bought the city's old steel plant that saved around 5,000 jobs in 1997 former Chancellor Helmut Kohl declared steel production a national priority his government went on to invest 300 million euros into Eisen Hooten Stotts city works that was really important because it was a really big project especially this rolling mill here it was also necessary to upgrade gaps in technology in Eisenstadt if we didn't have this rolling mill we wouldn't be working here today we just couldn't compete competition with other cities is a big topic and fate the city has just come out of a difficult period 25 percent of working-age people were once unemployed that number has now dropped to around 16 or 17 percent Bolin Bach next is a local ice-cream vendor he was born and raised in sweet his ice cream shop doesn't attract enough customers it only gets crowded on hot days like today I'd say about 85 percent of the young people have left my boys left to I don't know what's going to become of this place they've done a lot like build this missing of the jobs schmate was another model industrial city in communist East Germany its largest employer the petrochemicals company PCK fate was a boomtown back in the 60s but after reunification the city's businesses couldn't compete thousands of jobs were cut young people left old people stayed politicians didn't know how to respond for decades the city shrank entire housing blocks stand empty no one knows what the future holds via plan yet we're planning now up to 2025 we hope of course that we can turn things around van up Franken Eisen Newton Scott has also struggled with people leaving the city for better opportunities elsewhere 50,000 people used to live in Eisen Hooten Scott today it's not even 30 thousand buildings stand empty along the outskirts of the city those who can't find a job in the city have no choice but to search elsewhere older residents remain behind who wants to live in a city that has so little to offer when I've been gone for a while and come back sometimes I count the number of people who are under 50 or 60 and there aren't that many for all its losses aizen Newton Scott has been able to attract a number of new businesses to the city that something Speight can only dream about just like before everything revolves around the old petrochemicals company PCK still not even pck is secure nor is friendship the rush Spa is the Russian word for friendship and that's the name of the oil pipeline that runs from Siberia through Ukraine to Sh wait no wonder people here are closely following the Ukraine conflict EU sanctions against Russia hang like a sword of Damocles over the city and that's not the only problem in fact like it's impossible we have really big disadvantages compared to for example North rhine-westphalia because we don't have any other industrial clients almost inhabit trade doesn't have enough industrial opportunity and it lacks proper educational facilities a large sport and cultural center aren't enough to keep people from leaving the city it's dead quiet in the town centre young people have left in droves for bigger cities in the West a sculpture on the riverbank mirrors the city's troubled hopes for the future younger generation the girls they don't want to become bakers or sales clerks or hairdressers they want to study they want to do things like IT they want more than this city has to offer two different cities on two different paths but they share the same problem German politicians have failed to ensure a sustainable future for the city's residents if the old industrial plants have to close it will mean the end for both street and Eisen Hooten Scott

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  1. // I Worked With A German Diesel Engineer And He Said' They Should Rebuild The Wall And Make It Ten Metres Higher To Stop The East Europeans Coming Into Germany " !!

  2. The ice cream vendor's stall only gets crowded on hot days. I've interestingly heard that it's better to eat ice cream on cold days, as it contains sugar, warming a person up. And, at least elsewhere, thus more sales of ice cream on cold days. I also would only want to eat ice cream on cold days.

  3. Some reckon that Germany made a mistake by unifying too quickly. Perhaps it should have waited about 3 years.

  4. West Germany took all eastern industry and just closed it. And now they say "it's because of socialism".

  5. And now the gov't is moving in 1000's of muslims who have no intention of ever working and will just drain all they can for themselves..

  6. It is depressed and vacant because communism crippled the east citizens and neglected to modernize industry because of a lack of a free market economy to drive innovation and development. To say the wall should never have come down as some morons below have stated, would only mean the east berliners would be suffering and jobless at a more extreme rate today. West had a head start and is what east berlin should have been had the cancer of communism never split the city.

  7. Germany is a beautiful nation but the fall of the DDR came too quickly and suddenly. There was no proper transition, and I hate to see the homeland of my grandmother and grandfather fall apart like this. It may be controversial to say this, but I think the fall of the Eastern Bloc really hurt the world in the long term.

  8. The GDR government industrial managers refused to buy the steel mills rolling mills. They didn't put any money in research and development.

  9. The DDR should never have been annexed by the West. Now, the plants are in the hands of private owners who exploit the workers for profit. To hell with Capitalism.

  10. Can't read all of you who are defending DDR, communism was like fascism with small differences, and after years people forget about Stasi, tortures, bread queues, jus same in Romania now, an all old generation whants to Ceaucesu back! MADNESS!!! Do you want Honecker and Stasi back? You are bunch of Muppets!!!

  11. "…but what's missing are the jobs". You can say that again. Capitalism and the so-called "democracy" sound good on paper, but when it comes to truly important things like jobs and job security, it simply cannot deliver. The so-called "communism" (which was socialism really in the Soviet times) had no problem employing every single adult, and the pay (contrary to popular believe in the west) was quite good. Both economic systems have their pros and cons, but the Soviet era socialism was undoubtedly more humane and fair than the western-style capitalism of today where a human life isn't worth anything at all.

  12. German reunification is just 5 years old when Hanks voices one of the most famous fictional character

  13. A lot better than living in downtown Los Angeles streets that you might be murdered at any time! Why east Germans complain about the DDR? Their western brethens just wont let you get rich but keep enslaving you and laughing!

  14. Maybe Tom Hanks could start a studio or some type of high tech business related to movies in the city. He seems to have a fondness for the area. I have heard him speak  good things about his time in Germany.

  15. This town looks like Russian Midwest so much. Not only the streets are the same they even dress and cut their hair it the same manner.

  16. Simple, East Germany sets the lowest tax rate in the country and businesses will move there. Won't take long until revenue starts flowing in

  17. No different than anyplace else where people can freely move around. If people can move, they'll do it, and they'll leave behind the boring or depressed areas. This only does NOT happen where governments control movement and don't allow it.

  18. So what you're saying is that we need more IT jobs? No thanks. We need less of people tied to their computers and cell phones. Get outside, do some real labor, and don't check your email every hour! That is a great employee.

  19. i'd love to live in a beautiful and quiet city like that, then again i'm over 60 maybe it could specialize in retirement

  20. Oh well, the German nation generally is hard working. Look at how quickly they built themselves up after the two world wars. So, can apply to the former East Germany also.
    Look to those times in their past for inspiration.

  21. Don't get me wrong I love my German brothers and sisters but damn you are DUMB! You keep voting for the same people but different parties (Die link, SPD, KPD, Greens) who were your former dictators in the East German government who keep enacting and pushing the exact same policies that keep failing! How many times do you have to walk into the same wall before you decide to chose a different path?! I mean really Germany has contributed to the world some of the best minds but when it comes to politics it just doesnt click!

  22. east germany now is better than any eastern block countries! ukrain, belaruse, bulgaria, romania are worse than east germany

  23. This is what happens in every country after all. Young ambitious generations moving to the more developed part of the country to pursue their dreams. Maybe one day they will be back to their native cities..

  24. its clear to see schwedt is a typical east german city, they way its built up, you can clearly see its a city that was borned in the DDR/USSR

  25. Demolish everything in Germany quite stealing our ideas from eastern Europe and the middle east,neef and milk comes from their go their if you like that.

  26. most of the steel alimium to germany comes across asia countries like india,china,iran…they r sometimes allied much more with iran middleeastern and asian countries than US…nd sometimes along with US when the times are worse LOL so the US UK and rest western countries..!!..wish WW2 WW1 would have not happened

  27. Oh, how nice.  Not all of us have that opportunity to visit the different parts of the World, good or bad.

  28. The narrators final sentence says it all: "German politicians have failed to provide a sustainable future for the city"

    Hello?? This is not communist times. You cannot rely on the state to "provide" you with a future. This is exactly what is wrong with modern continental europe. Why not start your own business, create the wealth? Looks like the government has done more than enough in terms of public infrastructure and amenities. Get off your asses and do something and stop looking for handouts. 

  29. I wouldn't mind living in a city like Eisenhuttenstadt.It's looks really nice and quiet.If they built a new Univercity that would start bringing back the young generation

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