30 thoughts on “How Iran's election could make history

  1. There is a royal family and kingdom for 2500 years in iran
    our bloods combined with a Shah ( king)
    We could not act like westerns
    We need a Shah
    Leaders are Shahs , elected by people votes
    President is head minister, chooses by people

  2. This is probably ignorant but from how the political system seems, what makes Iran a dictatorship? I can't see it.

  3. This channel is propaganda. The leader is not a dictator.
    He is elected by elected people exacly the same Happens in the west like a vice president, PM and Mutch more. Get youre facts right instead of trying to mislead people.

  4. usa should invade iran n free iranians from islamist dictatorship regime
    Reestablish islamfree persia again

  5. usa should invade iran n free iranians from islamist dictatorship regime
    Reestablish islamfree persia again

  6. usa should invade iran n free iranians from islamist dictatorship regime
    Reestablish islamfree persia again

  7. You forgot to tell about the Guardian Council. They are chosen by the supreme leader, and all the candidates of all the elections should be qualified by them in advance. As they are appointed by the supreme leader, they always choose the candidates in a way that at the end of the day, the majority of expert council would be in favour of supreme leather. So I think the Iran’s situation won’t change a lot.

  8. Nooo it's totally wrong actually we don't choose the president too. We just can elect for candidates that our leader has chosen. Government is totally dictatorship… they are the worst to people

  9. So next time will be in 2024.
    And I wonder if the voting system is single transferable vote.
    A mathematical explanation of their different voting systems would be nice

  10. You forgot to mention the guardian council where half the cabinet is handpicked by the Supreme leader and they choose who get to run for president, parliament and assembly of experts. In other words Khamenei in practice choose who will monitor him. So the little democratic element that you see in the system has no actual value. It's a pure dictatorship designed to look like some kind of semi democracy which it is not. I know this, I am an Iranian myself.

  11. As a Iranian I can tell you that it is more of a dictatorship than a democracy because the assembly of experts are all religious, American haters and conservatives and the president has no real powers so the only way for Iran to become democracy is by a new revolution.

  12. except it is a little bit more complicated! The candidates for that assembly of experts election has to go through a filtering committee! 50% of that filtering committee is appointed by who? you guessed it! The supreme leader! see the issue?!
    That's why Assembly of Experts is not doing its far more important job right now which is keeping the supreme leader in-check!

  13. Why always the crule Imperialist Democracy a unit of state system,why so??? Why every state should be democratic. We believes in our own values which the West not likes and we choose the most educated, pious, justiciable, courageous person as leader, these values are just not possible bcz majority of head of states are corrupt, luscious,worldly,miyopic,Imperialist-slaves, self-centered strunded in billions of scandals

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