48 thoughts on “How Indian Politics Works (I think)

  1. You might not realize it or maybe doing it deliberately but why are you referring to those states as 'cow belt ' states . Where did you get the idea of cowbelt ?

  2. what is your problem Mr JJ if you are not Indian you don't know about India how dare you say about India. BJP has done very much development in India and Congress has done nothing and if you know the the name given by the British .Hindustan – the country of Hindus that's why you can't say about Hinduism and about india. Hinduism does not make terror dare you say about the Hinduism if I say bad about your religion and your country will you feel good

  3. Mr JJ who told you about the caste system stupid that wasn't true because now it's not actually there it does not exist now. it was there before like 200-400 years before.

  4. Modi allures majority due to the Gujarat model. The glamorised, rich and middle class's haven is what pro Modi ones visioned. His supporters seem less concerned about religious ideals. Though, for the non supporters, this is why they won't go with him. There was a clear rift between the basic reasoning. Hence the opposition failed to convince the majority, including many muslims. The xenophobia certainly evolved as it did around the world, but the opposition already lost that touch with supporters. Now, they're confused about being a pro hindu or attacking the rss held bjp. Really bad opposition. And that's most frightening.

  5. Good video
    10:48 in maharashtra the other party is shiv sena but they were allies with bjp in the 2019 election

  6. Once again you proved how linguistically and culturally mediocre you are (or at least act). You make no efforts to look up how to pronounce foreign words correctly and look down on that which you don’t know, like the Tamil and Telugu (which are well-known groups which I’m surprised you haven’t heard about).
    Your videos could be good but your United-Statesian-centric views kinda ruin it.

  7. Lebanon, Switzerland, South Africa, and Belgium would probably be interesting for you to research and make a video about

  8. I'm Sikh ,I voted for modi and he is not extremist. Indira Gandhi was who killed thousands of Sikhs, childern, women and young man to gain power in 1984 …Congress is all about extremism.

  9. Being an Indian i can say that it’s sometimes really grinding to understand our politics …Intricate India. It was a good effort JJ… it was precise and objective. would like to know more about your understanding concerning India.

  10. Very good video. I liked it. Pretty much accurate but not all. For a non Indian it is a difficult topic but you did it really good.

  11. Update : Modi won with a greater majority than last time. BJP had 282 seats in 2014, and 303 in 2019. The alliance NDA won 351 seats in total.

  12. Indian Nationalism is getting crazier and fanatic day by day. Way too dramatic like Bollywood. People are being blinded and major issues are overlooked .. Social and econonic issues are put on the back seat.. Many are concerned and people who speak up are criticized..

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