How Impeachment Fear Has Made President Donald Trump Worse | The Last Word | MSNBC

How Impeachment Fear Has Made President Donald Trump Worse | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “How Impeachment Fear Has Made President Donald Trump Worse | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. media has destroyed United States of America so if media knows how to over take our leadership and White House your guidance is guilty just like North Korea

  2. Fofff DT foff..sick of this.. please give us a president who is honest trustworthy and can speak African sentence… One who knows the Constitution and honor it and bring the United States together

  3. You think the fear of Impeachment made Trump worse? You just wait until he escapes conviction and understands he then has absolutely no effective restraint on his actions any longer, no matter how blatantly criminal. Surely at least some of the GoP senators must realise that if they don't vote to convict they will be unleashing a monster who will destroy the country and its institutions on a whim.

  4. Trumpydoodle's thinking mind?? Isn't that a slam dunk oxymoron? (emphasis on the 'moron' part). Prefrontal cortex?? You're kidding, aren't you?


  6. the 73 year old grandpa…..running a country…..not dealing with a whole deck of cards…..not very smart……trouble maker ……

  7. The psychotic USA is FURIOUS at one President who hasn't started a single war, who pulled his soldiers out of countries America has nothing to do in, who attempted to tackle overwhelming political corruption in Washington, who had the audacity to propose even-headed talks with one and only country in a world that can wipe out the entire continent of North America! I wonder if any of the highly intellectual and sophisticated liberals, and/or their children/IVY-League college students currently freaking out over Trump's "betrayal" of the Kurds, r willing to ACTUALLY serve as COMBATANTS in the US Army to "support the cause of freedom" in the Middle East, Ukraine, or Asia.. :)) Any volunteers? Or will u just – AGAIN! – leave it to the poor "minorities" u all, OHHH – SO care about?

  8. He’s going to be “one angry man, all the way” until death. Once he’s finally out of the White House, he will continue to be a cancer to this country, as long as he has a twitter account, or fox can exploit him for ratings. Prison and asset seizure are the only cures for this plague, and beware Junior, who is no going to simply shut up and start doing real philanthropic work. The entire family will plague us as long as deplorables have inter webs.

  9. I really believe that he wants out. Everything he has done in the last few days points to it. It's almost like he's saying, "I'll do what it takes to give you no option other than to remove me." No-one can be so dumb as not to understand when they are out of their depth. He did 'win' the Presidency, so he has some innate intelligence. Put him, and the world, out of his misery. Impeach him before he nukes Iran.

  10. When is that going to start???? Trump a president !!! Never has happened and never will !!!! Trump does not do complex does not even know what it means.

  11. An empty drum always sounds louder than the full one. Equate that to Trump then when you hear this trash speaks it is exactly that – empty, no substance, full of b.s, lies and whining. Your choice to listen or simply fast forward. Let see how fast the Democrats can impeach this!

  12. Hello.

    The letter.
    He okd the thanksgiving djnner.
    He was iderating that due to the backlash (unforseen to him) not tk masacre them like they talked about. Hes telling him to be easy. Dont go drastic.
    Its a letter because when he spoke with the thanksgiving dinner he told him if you get a lettr its important.
    He told him he would call him to let him know to jold off on the end of it.

    Good luck.

  13. I wonder how long it will take for the Yanks to figure out Trump is in over his head and out of control..and was before he even ran for office. A blameless blunder…awesome.

  14. He is just in denial that he is an absolutely horrible potus. A very lonely person trying to buy friends with faux riches. Sad

  15. The Child President.
    A child he was, and a child he stayed – A spoiled child his father made.
    Is the country great? There's much debate – But little love and so much hate…

    A darkened heart and his God is trade.

  16. @twitter needs to be taken down for allowing @realdonaldtrump to continue to use their platform to propagate hatred, racism, invite violence, attack individuals who oppose him, intimidate potential witnesses. Their business license should be suspended permanently.

  17. The Official Excuse: "If I was really robbing this bank 🏦, with this gun 🔫, this demand note 📝 and this money bag 💰, filled with stolen cash 💸, would I be stupid 😕 enough to do it in broad day light ☀️, on camera 🎥 and in-front of dozens of witnesses💃🚶👫🚶🏃? I do this all the time, get over it! 😠". OK. You're free to go 👮 ….

  18. Just great! This man claims Trump does not.. take time to think and make decisions! Year right..
    That's why he started a major war with Iran!

  19. Trump is the Eye of a political tornado Storm. When Trump have left his Presidential Office. Everyone can sigh and take a deep breath. Because The Eye of the Political Tornado Storm will have gone out into the. Sea. Hooray Hooray Hooray.!

  20. If democrats want impeachment why isn't Congress in session? Why hasn't House voted on it? Answer: Its all a sham. They know the Senate will never convict and that the longer they keep it in the headlines, the more (they think) voters will believe it.

  21. What's all this BS. Most already know Donald Trump is insane.

  22. His supporters are one in the same! This is what gives me pause! Too know this fool have a lot of clones in regards to his mindset. We are victims.

  23. Fear? The only thing to fear, is…. an actual impeachment trial where witnesses are subpoenaed and the democrat hoax is exposed.

  24. GOP senators would be signing their own political death warrant if they ever voted to convict Trump!!!
    The size of Trump's crowds THREE YEARS after the election – thousands more outside who can't get in – must terrify the Dems/libs/progressives!!! These are the people that are not counted in the 'polls'!!! I have been alive for every president since Truman – remember every one since Eisenhower – and I have never seen anything like this!!! BEC. TRUMP HAS STRUCK A NERVE WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

  25. It is the constant, increasing erosion of his cortical cortex that is causing his fear, the fear that he has suffered from the time that he evaded the draft, fearing being shot in the face by Vietnamese forces.

  26. Does anyone really watch msnbc, and the bigger question who still believes anything they say, I mean they have lied for 3+ years? Get a clue.

  27. Or when he called the Whistle Blower and his informants to be committing Treason when he was the one who was engaging in Treason.

  28. Hahaha …impeachment is not making Trump worse. Trump is just being more honest about what he thinks about his Criminal Opposition and there's a reason behind it. It's not impeachment. For the past 2 years Trump has been replacing all the Criminal Obama appointed Judges and replacing them with Honest men loyal to our Constitution. Trump is already unsealing those 90,000 indictments with Epstein being the first to get arrested. Trump has also been building his Military Tribunals for all the traitors and he's finished.
    Remember Lindsey Graham's extended questioning of Brett Kavanaugh on Military Tribunals?
    MSNBC knows about this ….they're just refusing to report it. They're spinning lies about what's really going on because they know their viewers are uninformed meatheads. ….cheers!!!


  29. Tony Schwartz thinks he knows Trump so well but sounds like rubbish to me. I see a billionaire that could care less what anybody thinks about him because he's on top and the top is a very lonely place. People you thought were your friends will stab you in the back. Ask Julius Caesar if you have any doubts. Trump has been a victim from every bias news station except FOX. Some people just can't handle defeat and will do anything possible to overthrow the people's choice. Sad we don't have the freedom to vote and decide anymore! This is embarring what the media is doing to this President!

  30. Obviously Trump will win next year by an historical landslide. Liberalism is a mental disorder, everyone knows that.

  31. Now we’re going to the formula; harass the president from day one, then use his response to harassment as an excuse to harass further.

    Conservative principles are one half of the political spectrum. You may hold a vice grip on journalism, entertainment, and education, as well as government bureaucracy, but it doesn’t nullify the values of at least 30% of American citizens.

    I’m going to love watching the left’s response when it’s there election winner subjected to perpetual attack.

  32. This is why he's going guns a blazing and doing Putin's work! He knows he may not be around much so he has to get Europe for Putin!!

  33. Tony Schwartz. Too bad on him. History will look at him, and say: ''Tsk!''. He did co write Art of the Deal? – only to learn the 'secret's to becoming rich'. It didn't work out for him. What you know and who you know. Just thinking of himself. Resentful. That's how he sees Trump. But Trump could not be as successful as he is, if he were just another selfish politician. True or False? Trump worries about his family and his country. Schwartz on the other hand, is a total sell-out – selling-out on Trump for publicity, selling out on his nation for a profit…like Biden and son.

  34. Trump says," Oh, Tony Schwartz just did some small writing for us. He wasn't very good." I'm a real expert when it comes to writing books. Tony's just a no-name."

  35. I hope I'm not the only one who's noticed that Donnie's prefrontal cortex is smaller than normal. He hides that with a shock of dyed blonde comb-over.

  36. this wretched man…he will use a scorched earth policy and burn us all. a sociopathic freak playing dictator. disgusting.

  37. Will someone tell me something president Trump has done that other presidents before him haven’t also done?But be warned it can’t be lying ,cheating ,manipulating or stealing. Because ALL that’s been going on since the office began. All of you who said you’d move away if he won the election have no say in it because your still here. And the ONLY reason he is being attacked is because there’s no one with a chance of beating him in a fair election. So like cowards who can’t win the fight they run and tell on you to stop the fight from happening. GROW UP PEOPLE and join the real Americans who support the President whoever he is. From my point of view the only ones complaining are the ones who don’t want to work. Get a job and shut up.

  38. I have been saying this for awhile now. And it will only become worse until someone intervenes. I do believe that his history of physical aggression coupled with increasing stress of this situation, means that he could lose all self-control and flat out punch someone. We could see a president prosecuted for assault.

  39. What worries me the most? Comments in the Fox News channel. My god it’s horrible. They turn on anyone on the air that talks even objectively about Trump. It’s a twilight zone type experience. I used to see people like me, making counter arguments. There is no one now. Logic has left the building

  40. Its difficult to have a precident fighting so much …..I mean if the people don't want you a a public figure than quit …..make a great example ….make america great again!!

  41. Yes so right. When I don't think well, I become a multi billionaire and on the side I win the presidency. It's great when I don't think well. How moronic.

    Slowly members of the GOP are finally starting to desert this cowardly criminal, bumbling betrayer, narcissistic nightmare, of a pathetic presidency.
    That's a serious problem as when people disregard the constitution and instead believe that loyalty to a person is more important than loyalty to the constitution then they are no longer patriots but members of a cult of personality.

  43. 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  44. Please bore me… Just shut the F up and do the job as expected or at least somewhere close if it is even possible…. #Prove_You_Have_A_Clue_and Could_Buy a Vowel!

  45. "Gotten worse'?! He's always been reactive… yeah, we know this.
    Amendment 25 – use it to require a thorough psychological examination. He hs literally, unilaterally responsible for the Turkish invasion of the Kurds – on the turn of a dime, people were dying (and Americans are still on the ground, w/o a clear disengagement plan in place)
    Read The Washington Post's article for 10/18/19:
    National Security

    American civilians who fought in Syrian Kurdish units against ISIS watch a dream unravel

  46. First Russian Hoax, Then Mueller Hoax then Ukraine Hoax and Now Impeachment Hoax😀😀 He will so easily Win the 2020 election as the Democrats Have No One but Socialist Clowns that are Running. This MSDNC is another Joke as when we watch this it is for entertainment NOT News as they have No Journalists just Activists as Fake news main street media is STILL working around the clock to convince the American voters that Trump Bad and Beto odork or POCAHONTAS is Good BUT we American voters KNOW the media is dumber than we thought they are and Trump will I have the biggest victory in the history of US presidential elections in 2020 mark this post

  47. If he becomes more unhinged, he'll commit even more crimes until even the most heartless Republican is forced to take action.

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