25 thoughts on “How Fox News opinion hosts contradicted their own journalist

  1. Fox news is a joke ! They are the fakest, most bullshit channel ever. They invented Fake News, they define the term! Lol

  2. Yea all you sheep who call fox a mouthpiece. You on have 50 who do the same for dems. Boo hoo. So they confirmed that 2 un named sources said. Is that proof. How many times has the post retracted

  3. I really don't know how they can call themselves a News Network . A News Network should report the news not try and make up there own . It's so one sided Iv never heard them say anything positive about Obama or the Democrats and Iv never heard them say anything wrong about Trump or the Republicans . Why don't they just call themselves the Pro Trump fake news network .

  4. Well compare fox fails to cnn and msnbc
    I would rather choose fox than those fake news
    But thats my opinion

  5. I can say that CNN can definitely be biased in the basis of arguements, but at least they keep true to their arguments and actually back arguments with quotes, evudence, etc. It is disgusting to watch hours of Trump propaganda on Fox News, but people need to remember to take things with a grain of salt rather than pick one definitive side. Learn to take in and look through both spectrums.

  6. We teach our kids not to lies. White folks, You will witness the destruction of trump lies. You white folks 30% are to blame for the destroying of USA. Commander in chief job is to protect the country not lies to destroy the country.

  7. The Washington Post Attacks FoxNews? Will they play by retractions? If so, The WP just got KO’d.

  8. All cameras are on trump, especially at his rallies, and capture the event live, while trump the clown points directly at the cameras and uses his famous fake news cry, LMAO!! Fox news should be the Gold Medal winner, though trump would never admit that what is recorded live on camera, is what it is!!!!!!!

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