How FAST AND FURIOUS Created Modern Car Culture | Donut Media

How FAST AND FURIOUS Created Modern Car Culture | Donut Media

25 thoughts on “How FAST AND FURIOUS Created Modern Car Culture | Donut Media

  1. I saw it in theaters as a very young child I'm currently 22 so I was 5 years old thanks Mom much love ❤️🕊️

  2. Your full of shit,
    The real tuners if influenced by anything Filmanimation) was the series initial "D" . period.
    It was technical had a fantastic story about a naturally talented driver who had absolutely no interest in cars and the gradual development of the story as he becomes obsessed with racing and car tuning and modification.
    Fast and the furious original was just DUMB FUN<, sexy guys and girls meet sexy cars. the technical side was typical Hollywoods lack of attention to research anything factual.
    The reason Tokyo drift tanked was all the pirate sites were in full swing by that time, whereupon the previous two F&Fs you had to go see it in the cinema.
    I felt like I got my monies worth because I had been tuning and modding a 94 TT Supra for years before F&F 1 came out, and to see that gaudy orange supra on the big screen blew my petrol headed mind… not to mention all the slack-jawed pointers, gave me that cool feeling driving out of the car park of that packed cinema.. good times…(great car) I still miss it..

  3. First of all the best is 2fast2furious … change my mind

    And the best car is the Buick gnx periodttt

  4. Only thing that bothers me is that they trash iconic cars. They don't make new ones of those anymore

  5. Tokyo Drift is nice, but are you sure the movies made modern car culture and not the games ? For me and most people i know it was the GAMES that where interesting, the movies where a little to cringe.

  6. My favorite cars in the series

    The rx7 veilside fortune, Brian's supra, the two r34's, and jesse's jetta

  7. Thank you fast and furious for showing me the mazda rx7 and making me the car guy i am today

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