24 thoughts on “How Fake News Grows in a Post-Fact World | Ali Velshi | TEDxQueensU

  1. One of my all time favorite Ted talks. When I was in High school, formal debate was considered a core competency skill and therefore successful participation in live debates was mandatory. I am fairly certain that there is not a single extroversion trait to be found in my gene pool, possibly crowded out by the very strong genetic propensity for Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder. Active participation in public debate was nothing short of torture for me and I am sure I would have avoided it at any cost had I had that option.
    I don't know when Public Debate was officially removed from the list of core competencies required to earn a high school diploma but I believe that doing so was a grave mistake and we are already witnessing the first negative consequences.
    Social platforms have expanded the opportunity to participate in meaningful, public debate for nearly every human alive, while search engines have made it possible to gather mountains of information on any subject, limited only by the individual's internet research skill set.
    Logic says we should be the most enlightened, least gullible population in recorded history.
    Why then, do we seem to be actively trying to "devolve" by rejecting well-established fact and generations of accumulated knowledge in favor of base level tribalism, willful ignorance, and a brutal "might makes right" moral code?
    Fear? Laziness? Stress and Sensory overload? Magnetic pole reversal? CIA mass mind control? Corporate scumbaggery?
    I can't shake off an uneasy feeling that our continued existence on this planet may depend on our determining who or what is responsible for the dramatic decline of personal integrity and basic human kindness and eliminating the source.

  2. I understand where he’s coming from but I cannot just put that much trust in mainstream media. There’s too much bias everywhere. Plus, people with money and agenda are going to be targeting the biggest fish. On top of that, the sensationalism sells more and it’s just a smarter business move to sensationalize news so it’s hard to get anything straight forward. And that doesn’t even cover owners of these news companies saying their journalists aren’t investigators. I find it hard to trust any news source nowadays big or small and it’s feeling more and more dangerous every day I look at headlines.

  3. Hey Ali Velshi… Hands Up, Don't Shoot!!! ((And all the other ones were lies too… INTENTIONAL LIES… done by YOUR CNN)) You and your CNN comrades should be thrown in prison for yelling fire in a crowded theater. You've destroyed the trust. You no longer deserve to be listened to.

  4. Propaganda techniques used ; name calling, card stacking, glittering generalities, and preception of authority. CNN must be satire. Check your facts again ( Oh, that's right, you work for CNN and MSNbc ) no need too.

  5. This is nothing but a political speech. Typical CNN stuff. Notice he disparaged Republican president, used him as an example and he calls himself a journalist. This should be pretty evident. To anyone. He proclaims himself a professional journalist yeah he comes across as a tabloid writer.

  6. Stop right there. I'm a journalist and I question my sources sources which can lead to uncovering lies and mistakes and trust me Gannett makes many!

  7. I came here as research for a school discussion about Critical Thinking, and a find this…He tells people to use "fact checking" site and yet there are items that are fact checked that are a waste of time and money. When the President uses an every day exaggeration and someone fact checks it to show that the President is "lying" and this gets reported by Main Stream Media news outlets then to me that is fake news. Look at when Trump had the Clemson Tigers football team to the White house, where he jokingly claimed that the hamburgers were stacked "a mile high" and the Washington Post had someone fact check this common exaggeration.

  8. You can’t be a journalist and be bias too, this guy is exceptionally bias, they didn’t hold Obama accountable! Or Hillary accountable ! And still don’t!

  9. Nice try.
    I'm not buying what this apologist is selling. Trying to coax the recently AWAKENED media savvy American populace back into the fold.
    Way way waaaaay too many instances of "journalists" who insidiously allow their personal prejudices to creep and infiltrate their supposed journalistic "integrity".
    The Mass Media is in a panic because the gig is up. They've (News media) have been unmasked as willing collective participants in the dissemination of highly biased "information"…

  10. Utter BS! This is an attempt to disguise all information as news. All major publications are owned by a handful of creeps who choose what info to publish and who's entitled to an opinion to present that info. If you read your news from ten different countries their media bosses will make their own selection of what's relevant and what should be delivered to the public on that day. In reality, the entire sites like RT or CNN are being dismissed by those who are loud enough as fake news sources. The topic is deep and not very simple. Don't believe the fast-talking baldie who looks like a crooked lawyer if you are searching for the truth even if he is standing on that red carpet.

  11. Isn't it incredible, this spokesman for the establishment media finds it insulting that someone requests his 'source' for a news report. As a teacher I always welcomed students who made such a request. Perhaps he believes that journalists should provide news without sources, that is, news that their media bosses want produced.

  12. While if you understand his background, his position here is pretty obvious. But one thing I admit I did laugh at was when he described the methodology of only needing two independent sources or one "highly placed" source as rigorous. I'd call that a very low bar to give authority to. I just don't see that being enough corroboration to convince anyone outside of a university setting.

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