30 thoughts on “How 'Dude Perfect' Pulls Off Epic Trick Shots | Nightline | ABC News

  1. 2:20, what do you mean, that is not a jumbo jet. That is a 737. If you want to go jumbo, that would be the 747 or a380. If you want to act like you know something about planes, here is my tip: actually learn and know stuff about planes and not just act like you do when you really don't

  2. The first time I heard about Dude Perfect, I remember seeing my brother watching one of their videos and gaping at the screen. It didn't take very long for the rest of us to get hooked. It really is an awesome family friendly channel, and you can tell they work really hard on it. Hope they never grow up! 😂🤣

  3. But they must have added a channel link of dude perfect

    Instead they have added their own social media links

  4. The irony in the fact that Coby talking about them being competitive

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