How Corrupt Was Cambodia's Election? | NowThis World

How Corrupt Was Cambodia's Election? | NowThis World

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  1. Hi everyone! Versha here. I'm curious what you guys think of this latest election, and how free or fair it really was, and whether mass protests could have an effect in Cambodia.

  2. I would love to see Hun Sen fall, but most of us have one fear if he were to – he’s been running our country for so long that he is the only one with experience in doing so. If others were to be voted in, we’re scared that their lack of experience could drop us lower than we already are. What we need would be a mass protest with people who are publicly informed about this. We’ll just have to wait for the next election.

  3. Dictator is the law of the land!!! Justice in Cambodia is a joke! Hun Sen chiseled his opposition away , Mr kem sokah and Mr Sam Ransey were his oppositions .

  4. I am Cambodian and never has realized the corruption in our small country. We have dealt with so much trouble…first losing lots land to our neighbors, then dealing with corrupted rulers…after that we have Khmer Rouge and get after that we get useless kings and…this. What has cambodia done to get so much trouble?

  5. Just returned from Cambodia. People are so friendly there and wonderful country with khmer empire history. Amazing site as Angkor wat. This Hun Sen guy is like mafia dictator. I hope for democracy in Cambodia one day. Power to the people.

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  7. I hate America too, because they said they have security for the world,and now Cambodia is corruption, did they help something?

  8. Good leaders who care about his country and people will be branded a corrupt director by the west, western News and media will properganda lies about them by instigating hatred unrest and chaotic among the people against their own government

  9. This one time when the vote results was being shown live on TV
    Another party was winning by a lot of votes
    But it was cut
    Then when it got back
    The other party’s vote just suddenly gone down

  10. Hun Sen​ is​ Monster of Cambodia he always killed his own people please ICC international bring him go jail he very bed of the world

  11. what do you mean Election what I lived in Cambodian right now that is no Election it just something to show not a real one and also I met one of hen sen aunt or something because my grandpa of connet

  12. I'm a cambodian. Everything seems to be fine and improving from year to year here… As far as I know the lives of most people here has improved a lot. I'm pretty happy with the stability and economic growth that the country has right now.
    I'm just saying what I'm going through everyday.

  13. Political corruption, dirty politics in Cambodia. Put opposition party in jail. Unfair election. Cambodia is totalitarian state.

  14. its on its way to being north korea without the nukes, I really want to visit but i don't want to give that goverment any of my money since it's not helping the people.

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