How Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Mirrors President Trump | NYT News

How Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Mirrors President Trump | NYT News

This is Jair Bolsonaro,
Brazil’s newly elected president. The far-right ruler
has a reputation for controversial statements,
including his embrace of the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil for 20 years. He’s been compared
to President Trump for his willingness
to stir things up. “I would bring
back waterboarding, and I’d bring back a hell of a
lot worse than waterboarding.” Bolsonaro took office in January
after being in Congress since 1991. He’s been in the
fringe far right for most of his
political career and was known more for
outrageous statements than political achievements. In one infamous
episode in 2003, he had an argument with a
fellow congresswoman who accused him
of promoting violence. Over the years, he’s had a long list
of other divisive remarks. In 2017, as he was toying with a presidential run, he managed to take
aim at several groups in one statement alone. In 2018, Bolsonaro won
the presidential elections by vowing to crack down on crime. Since taking office, he has
made it easier to own guns, has given police a
green light to respond more violently to suspects. And he’s made calls
to open up the Amazon to more economic development. Bolsonaro and Trump
also share an interest in China, which is Brazil’s
major trading partner. And that’s a problem for
the Trump administration. It’s trying to curb Chinese
influence in the region. But in Bolsonaro,
Trump may find a fellow world leader who’s just
as outspoken as he is.

100 thoughts on “How Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Mirrors President Trump | NYT News

  1. The best president Brasil has ever had. He will change Brazil to a far better place. The world will see this happening, especially the Brazilian people. #AvantePresidente

  2. "… minorities have to bow to the majority…" Bolsonaro will end up regreting those words; they're about to become a minority.

  3. He is hideous and disgusting! Brazilians should be ashamed for having elected a demon like him.

  4. Quanta bobagem no BRASIL não existe nem direita real que dirá extrema direita, coisa de tablóide comunista.
    How much nonsense in BRAZIL does not exist nor the real right that will say extreme right, thing of communist tabloid

  5. I'm Brazilian. I am ashamed of that because of the people who elected Jair Bolsonaro. Please remember that most of our country did NOT vote for him in the election. Those who did are either ignorant, irresponsible or evil, but they don't know that.

  6. Brazilian people are very grateful to Glen Greenwauld to bringh the true about the last president' s election process


  8. Quanta manipulação cara, tenho é pena das pessoas com mente fraca que irão assistir vídeos como esse, e simplesmente acreditar, sem questionar nada.

  9. Far right???? No! supported dictatorship??? What dictatorship? The one that created the Electoral free time 30 years ago? The "Dictatorship" that granted amnesty for terrorists and Bank robbers like ex President Dilma Roussef? There was no DICTATORSHIP in Brazil in the 60´s! The far left wanted to implement a dictatorship here but failed!

  10. Why would someone want a president who is literally taking away 20% of the world's oxygen and this is causing more than 10,000 fires in the Amazon btw the amazon provides 20% of the atmospheres oxygen.

  11. I feel like I can’t trust anything the left wing media says about anyone who has non leftist views. I don’t even trust their subtitles.

  12. Yes, someone who Drump loves almost as much as his oldest daughter. Won't be long before he has him sitting on his lap too. So much love… yuk!!!

  13. That was actually precise. He is like that indeed. I voted for him, not because I like him, but because I dind't wanted the working party to rule again (20 years were enought). Our economy is damaged enought. Time for a more liberal and pro-capitalistic approach.

  14. Bolsonaro got a few % of support by his rethoric. Unsufficient to get elected as a president, may I say. So how do he got there? Easy: After 16 years of Worker's Party(PT) government and many corruption scandals, brazilian people was seeking for a change. With the % of votes spread in 13 candidates, the two first was Bolsonaro and Worker's Party(PT). That was the second turn and the rejection of PT gave Bolsonaro his place.

  15. lol Mr. Bolsonaro’s motto is “Brazil Above Everything, God Above Everyone.” This combination of a belief in national sovereignty and recognition of the proper role of God has the "atheist left" absolutely terrified. #AmazonHoax designed – That´s it.

  16. So overall NYT has something to the jair because…china influence? WTF!?
    From over 10 000 km? Russia is even closer…(Alaska)

  17. This video is a liar. I am Brazilian and there is a lot of misleading information. They are doing a disservice to society.

  18. You guys are putting cut lines! why don't you put everything in? who sees thinks that president Bolsonaro is the villain …

  19. As a Brazilian, u didn't show everything that is happening, you're trying to show a "monster" and he's not, he is better than the others, he is trying to help our country, I didn't vote on him, but, I know that he is doing his best to help us! Just show everything next time, if u have courage of course.

  20. Cut the throught of a 15 beautiful girl with a knife and that congresswoman ( that IS today FAMOUS by beeing "nonsense, was defending that!!) Please, be careful and CORRECT as journalists !! In Brasil, Journalists do an Oath to TRUE !! Behave properly and FIND THE REAL TRUTH FOR GOD SAKE !!

  21. Bolsonaro was elected by the Brazilian people and this proves that many things the newspapers say about him are lies. I am Brazilian and would vote for him again. As for former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva I just have to say that he is a corrupt man who stole Brazil

    Bolsonaro foi eleito pelo povo brasileiro e isso prova que muitas coisas que os jornais dizem sobre ele são mentiras. Eu sou brasileiro e votaria nele novamente. Quanto ao ex-presidente Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, só tenho que dizer que ele é um homem corrupto que roubou o Brasil

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